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  1. Hi all. Just taking my first steps in starting up a mobile coffee shops, will it work not sure but what have I to lose. If business is bad I will have summer sitting in deck chair next to my van. any advice would be warmly welcome.
  2. my brother had a mobile van selling fish he used a urn for hot water, council passed that so I'm going to do same you can pick them up cheap someone has given me one as try have got a new one.
  3. Hi All, I have just brought a Nissan Serena to start a mobile coffee van, I know its small but I think it will work even though everyone telling me its to small. I want to run it from inside the van I'm have e roof raised in the next couple of weeks. I'm after any lay out ideas and photos of how to kit out a small van. any help and ideas of storage counters will be very mush appreciate
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