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  1. Reduces chlorine by 99% and here is what is says on the website about other benefits: [h=1]Not just filtered water, our WaterBars dispense triple filtered and UV purified water[/h] [*=center] [h=1]5 steps to unlimited pure water with a Virgin Pure WaterBar[/h] 1[h=4]Removes the bad stuff and reduces chlorine by 99%[/h]By the time tap water reaches your home it’s been disinfected with Chlorine, before passing through old metal pipes where rust, dirt, and debris can be collected. Most forms of filtered water remove some of these substances but our WaterBars remove all the bad stuff, here’s how: A mesh water filter at the inlet pipe traps big bits of dirt Smaller impurities like rust and sand are removed by a sediment filter An activated carbon water filter adsorbs organic matter and contaminants The chilled filtered water is zapped by a UV purifier keeping it free from bacteria Whilst the boiling water is treated to prevent scale (those yucky white flakes). https://virginpure.com/our-waterbars/ The way you guys are talking about it I'm wasting my time. I hope note.
  2. I have had my Gaggia now for about a year and overall very happy with the purchase. I use it twice per day usually. I have been maintaining every 3 months. However, I recently acquired a Virgin Pure water filter ( https://virginpure.com/water-filter-how-it-works/). This removes limescale, etc. Is it appropriate to now maintain it every 6 months? Due to the water filter. Thanks in advance...
  3. I have now been up and running with my grinder and gaggia classic from earlier this year. Now I am looking to get a bit more into the coffee beans. It seems the premium time for beans is upto 3 weeks from roasting. Also ideally seasonal beans (I had some brazil beans recently which were roasted in July and they didn't quiet taste right). So would I be right in saying the easiest and most realistic way to do this would be through subscription sites? Can anyone make specific recommendations or is it just a case of trying out a few? By chance are there any discount codes? If so private message me. Here is a decent list to start from and I am open to suggestions. As I say I am looking for seasonal beans open to trying out many different types. https://coffeeblog.co.uk/coffee-subscription-directory/
  4. I live in London-are there people on this forum in London that do services for a reasonable fee? DIY is not my thing.
  5. Just bought my first ever coffee machine. Went for the Gaggia classic and after reading on this forum went for a pre-2015 model. Anyway I bought this off ebay and just checked and it was made October 1996. I payed £69. Seems to be in good working order-is it worth significantly more than I paid or is that about right?
  6. I just checked and it is October 1996 model. I gather that I have struck gold for the £69 I paid for it? I
  7. I picked-up my second-hand ebay purchased Gaggia classic yesterday. I have just used it for the first-time and I am asking a total novice question here-when the machine is pouring the espresso do you have to switch it off to stop the flow? I just assumed it would automatically stop for you. I am finding that it doesn't at all so I am just wondering if it is all proportioned correctly i.e. water to coffee ratio. Or am I doing something wrong? Can't really get much under machine aside from 2 x espresso shot glasses. On occasion I am also noticing a 3rd pipe to the left is firing out backwash. Am I correct in assuming that it's stuff I shouldn't be drinking? 99% sure I am correct there. Finally here is my machine in the photo-any idea of how old it might be? It looks a few years old and that generally seems to be considered a good thing on here as long as it is working properly. My plan is next weekend to try and take it apart and service it as best I can (I'm not a great DIY person though I will try my best).
  8. Very new to this forum and got my first ever coffee grinder yesterday. I am looking to use it for espresso so will not be adjusting it once I am satisfied with the grind. I have a few questions and would appreciate suggestions: 1) I am noticing that the 'chute' (see 2nd picture) which the grinded coffee exits still has a small amount left which I cannot reach (perhaps not visible in this photo). Is this a design flaw or am I doing something wrong? It is slightly annoying since there is a plastic fitting preventing reaching this. 2) Am I right in thinking I need 7 grams of beans to grind for one shot of espresso? 3) Do people tend to just put in a whole bag of beans into the machine or do they do it one drink at a time (see 1st picture)? I am doing one drink at a time. 4) Is putting the whole beans in the fridge prior to grinding in any way beneficial? Or is it just a myth I heard a few years back...? 5) I have to press the button 3-4 times to complete a grind of 7 grams-is this normal? The instructions say something about being able to adjust the length that it grinds for though I have followed these instructions and cannot find the part they are talking about to adjust this....not sure if it is for another model or something. Thanks in advance and apologies for the newbie questions though hopefull, in time, I can help other people answer similar questions.
  9. Have you considered double-walled glass cups? Look very nice.
  10. I am interested in home barista training. Please pm me of any dates you may have planned.
  11. I saw this £75 https://www.redletterdays.co.uk/experience/ref/mocha/signature-coffee-master-class?nst=0&_$ja=tsid:%7ccid:914682383%7cagid:48663890874%7ctid:pla-351096394011%7ccrid:217928356698%7cnw:g%7crnd:11926585799902751750%7cdvc:c%7cadp:1o1&gclid=CjwKCAiA15vTBRAHEiwA7Snfc2uLvw29dJCbez6eG87owqlCkZyl5Nwd_dkCSWri51lUROitLOGxUxoC1OEQAvD_BwE What do others think? I am new to this so maybe it would serve the purpose of giving an introduction and a bit of 'hands-on' experience.
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