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  1. Well its a long shot for me, if you live near the M25, timing, I'm at the mercy of ferries and the like ...... see what develops, but from Friday evening we're off the internet, however should things progress I can provide a mobile number. No interest and then two come at once ... jon.
  2. I will at some time late Saturday night be traversing the M25 car park ...... 😉. jon.
  3. Me back in again, not back in the UK yet, but how much with postage to DN7 or if anyone is travelling the M18 or M62 reasonably soon for transport. jon.
  4. Selective or should I say non selective MOD intervention, I had two comments removed from a 'For Sale' thread not to long ago and yet here several blatant comments remain whilst not in the best interest of the sale. jon.
  5. Are you part suggesting using colouring felt tip pens as well to create the skate board look. 😉. Jon.
  6. xpresso

    Supermarket Beans

    I can vouch for Coffee Compass Ethiopian Highland dark roast, a beautiful all round mouth flavour, a very dark bean and will likely have a great sheen to the beans, looking forward to re ordering when I get back to the UK. Take a bit of dialling in, just part of the fun. As a quick fix give ALDI's beans a try, No's 4 or 5 one of them is Italian, memory doesn't serve me well by the name, do a search and you will come across ALDI's being mentioned as a stop gap. Jon.
  7. Not far away from those 'J' , but I doubt you'd get much service out of them after a few times. Jon.
  8. Volvics answer and attempt to recycle plastic 8 ltr water containers. With self seal outlet. Multi positional shape, lays flat for use on a fridge or worktop shelf As the contents get used the top tapered facet allows it to stand at an angle. When its empty, simply press down on the container whilst pressing the valve to allow the air out, once compressed release valve and it stays compacted. Jon.
  9. And I'm still away, good luck with the sale.. Jon.
  10. Or more likely to remove the screen. 😉. Jon.
  11. Now why don't you add that to every bar towel supplied for the LR ZM ... 'CLASS' .. Jon.
  12. Same could be said for many of the responses in several threads. Jon.
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