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  1. You're dead right there.. it could easily be construed .... 🤐 Jon.
  2. @Tait OK Thanks for the instructions IGM, checked your response on my phone (Not Tappatalk) and had no problem finding my way to altering my equipment list. BUT I don't have that same option on my laptop and try every which way and when, I cannot get to it, I can alter everything else but not the equipment section. Also why is that detail in such small font ?. Jon.
  3. Kodak 400 asa 35mm Brilliant 'M' 😎. Jon
  4. I'm not right bothered about embarrassing photo's .. but Hey Ho .. whatever turns you on 😚. How do I alter my profile as regards my equipment AND WHY is the detail in such a small font size ?. Jon.
  5. Not quite sure regard that consumption window Rob, but rest assured as we are away very shortly for a considerable length of time, I will certainly be putting it the test. People can try different beans forever and a day, but my transition to an espresso machine was to find a bean that satisfied my pallet and fortunately this particular bean suits my Dear Ladies blavour fuds albeit with a coating of micro foam, so to coin a phrase I'm a happy bunny. This may change in the future, but within about eighteen months we've found a bean we are really happy with. What can I say but to those still searching, it is out there and I trust you find it soon before writing off a bean and having to suffer or justify the whole contents of your purchase 😉. Jon
  6. Does the last image classify as a 'Gloup' or is it 'Gloop' 🤔. Jon.
  7. A coincidence that we bougjt the system years ago in Plymouth and got home at the time in the North East only to find we'd not got the filter holder. The shop kindly sent it on, that's when customer service was paramount. Jon.
  8. A totally much quieter grind which despite supposedly, if I read the comments correctly the beans are roasted to within an inch of their lives, does this make them harder, dryer, I don't think so, an interesting exercise would be to measure the current draw of the grinder with most of the lighter coloured beans in comparison with these dark oily beans. I do suspect it is the presence of the oil that is the reason. Jon.
  9. Its really a continuation from this thread, however the beans offered for an exchange are no longer available...... So I fed these dark oily 'Extra Dark Wild Ethiopian Highland Beans' from Coffee Compass into the grinder, immediate observation just how quiet the grinder was, lubricated by the oil. These beans were great fun and whilst many people have their own rituals prior and during extraction, my ritual was having to tap the grinder hopper as the beans congealed together, it was well worth that minor attention as the end result for us was perfect and looking forward to ordering another batch
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