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    Heavy DIY--Wood Work but also enjoy metal work, if you make a mistake just reweld & grind.
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  1. Same could be said for many of the responses in several threads. Jon.
  2. But you'll probably still purchase a towel at some point 😉. Jon.
  3. At last Ian, took its time, never anticipated it would take so long. Jon.
  4. An anticipated and fair reply, when you get the bit between the teeth .......... I'm not back in the UK until mid October. Good Luck with your search and venture. Jon.
  5. How soon do you need it and do you also need a grinder ?. Jon.
  6. Didn't he do well ...............😋 Jon.
  7. @IanP It would appear clarity is required as to whether this machine is still available ?. Jon.
  8. O'h my its a Pav, we'll battling for likes and posts ...... It is s Pav int it and not a chrome OSCAR.. 😂😂😂. JON.
  9. Are they / is it mains or battery powered 🤔. Jon.
  10. Ah .. you got Ian a fur scarf and his own cup .. how thoughtful. Jon.
  11. It goes without saying that selective 'Modding' is being heavily applied ....... not 😒. Jon.
  12. sounds like you got him new brakes .......... OR 'Breaks' even .....
  13. I have a long stand going spare. Jon.
  14. Surely you can upload more if you use the likes of IMGUR , its free to use. Best read this quickly as unrelated posts tend to get pulled, OR mine do 😕. Jon.
  15. Bloody Fuming Got a ticket for undertaking on the M6 !! Running late yesterday and so I opted to use the motorway instead of the A500. I joined just before they closed the slip road to allow a royal motorcade with Prince Charles and Camilla in heading to Cornwall... they were travelling along under police protection but so bloody slow.... They were doing 48 in lane three.. I waited and waited hoping they would move over. . Hoping they would speed up. But they didn't.. I got impatient and used lane 1 to pass them at 65 as they continued to do less than 50.. Stopped by lead police motorcade biker.. He told me off and wrote me a ticket.. I asked "why?" He said its because i saw you "pass the duchy on the left hand side.." No one born after 1973 will get this .....🤣🤣
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