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  1. Methinks I'll come back tomorrow when hopefully it'll part resemble what I was used to ... Jon.
  2. I feel a a bit out of it having to ask what is Members + 1234 & 1234 posts what is the significance ?. Jon.
  3. At the moment it appears, unless I'm missing something, whether a member is a supporter, super supporter that encourages people to join and help finance a great site. Still currently trying to get my head round it !!. Jon.
  4. Is this the direction it has gone ?, to make it more phone friendly. Jon.
  5. Evening, trying to get my head around the new format and is this post historical or current, I would welcome a sample if still available, Thank You. Jon.
  6. What's happened to the Forum format, I appear to have it in an almost full screen broadsheet format, is there a problem or do I need to adjust to a new visual presentation that initially on the whole seems hard work, was there an issue with the original layout ?. Jon.
  7. You've had some Xmas crackers left over. Jon.
  8. Your entitled, it matches the handles .. almost .. very good.... Jon.
  9. Hello S... My involvement was to give you a wake up call for @brokentechie making an enquiry, how I have multi posting on your thread I can only put down to some issues the site has had of late.. Jon. @Sefroniauk
  10. You'll know when your on the yellow brick road and once there its a bit of fine tuning and finding a bean that suits your pallet and those who share the driving . Jon.
  11. Well that machine looks like a very early Commodore Green screen computer monitor with knobs and levers.... Jon.
  12. Yes that was the one, Mildreds postie shows in the Lounge index as posted 3 hours ago, but when I go to it I get 'Hardyboaters' response two days ago page 1169. and that's the nearest I can get .... with the greatest of respect 'M'... Jon.
  13. Something aint right, earlier today I did receive an Email regard a thread I'd responded to, but the nearest I got to it was, it was two days ago and all these posts on this thread since my last one, I have not received any notification, this will curtail participation if people have to constantly check on a post ?. Jon.
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