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  1. It appears to be the taller of the two Rhys but with the smaller capacity hopper. Its a very tempting offer but would dwarf everything on my coffee corner counter 🤔. J.
  2. Hello 'M'. A very kind offer, we are not aware of smaller pets having any problems, horses and cattle were taken care of almost immediately, we've not heard of any casualties up to now. Jon.
  3. This gives you some idea of the fluctuation in the current river level, you note the brief rise due to the rain in the last 24/36 hours.... the smaller rise and falls relate to the tides as the river is tidal. This graph shows the lead up to the disastrous flooding from Friday into Saturday morning. Thanks again for the interest, all power is restored and the remaining evidence is now is the growing piles of furniture, carpets and domestic appliances starting to appear in affected residents gardens. Jon.
  4. Our Daughter will probably be able to get through to our village now but she's not taking any chances with the pets....... Jon.
  5. Morning, Yes we are ok just 16 houses to restore power to which the PowerGrid people said would be today. The rain has been heavy last night and then eased off, raining now but not overly heavy. Still one road in and out, the lad around here like around you 'M' is flat, so we have 1000's of acre's currently looking like a mass of lakes with only a few trees and high hedge tops showing where the fields are. Jon.
  6. My heads on other things at the moment, but accept my interest if ken 6602 declines ... Jon.
  7. I'm glad I waited in for my Coffee Compass delivery the Thursday before the flood.... 😉. Jon.
  8. We're OK Thank You and it will take a fair amount of rain again before we suffer on the same magnitude. Also the activity currently in the village is phenomenal, Army, police, rescue, .... lets not be Horse Bolted Stable Door Shut ... the council have brought more sandbags than people know what to do with and driving round with a road sweeper, to late to early, watching the priming of people to speak to the plethora of media attendance everywhere reports of a child dragged into a community centre with no shoes to wear took the biscuit, I don't want to down play the devastation it is horrendous, there are two areas of people that are both complicit both in the past and this debacle. Government to give the council money, no way I wouldn't trust them with my bike. Power companies are doing their best under the wet conditions to restore power, bless them, army have sandbagged around a sub station as the fire people pump water away to give access to work on it. Rumour mongers are abound, one just in the last 30 minutes was devastating if not for the fact the person was very much alive as I'd been with them, council wants everyone out, will they be responsible, NO, we have a certain section of the community in the borough who will attempt to thrive on empty properties. the police are prominent on every road into the village although only one is passable, just. I feel extremely sad for those around that have suffered the ingress of water, but there are those taking advantage of this situation even at this early stage preparing to make an insurance claim, little wonder our premiums increase..... I'm ranting Jon.
  9. At best we've seen two of these little tinkers since the high water, we are currently guessing where they are bedding down and its not an wet area , thought they would hibernated by now ?. Jon.
  10. This cul-de-sac photo I took in the last 30 mins, the level here is now down by about 2·5/3 ft, gives you some idea of the impact .... I mentioned sightseers in 4 x 4's going through the floods to fast causing waves, damaging walls and fences, here is a guy going through what is now the deepest at speed and spraying water, no damage here as the water is now well down, but Saturday, Sunday into Monday was crazy .... Jon.
  11. I found it puzzling that they were coming round giving everyone water, how could I refuse an ASHBECK . What is not appreciated is, land does not normally all slope to one area and as such as the water is pumped away there are vast lakes remaining and bird life is quick to take advantage, noticed even some accumulated driftwood in a ditch was covered in Hedge Sparrows. A real annoyance is the damaged walls and fences purely from sightseers in 4 x 4's going through the floods and their bow waves knocking single skin garden walls over along with panelled fencing, even up and over garage doors buckled. Jon.
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