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  1. Looks an expensive combination from a manufacturing point of view. J.
  2. My older brothers first bike was a RUDGE and mine was a Holdsworth......... Both second or more hand ...... for modern terms, pre-owned. J. J.
  3. That can be no further from the truth, you only need to peruse the forum to see the help afforded no matter which machine or method anyone owns or adopts. Its not like subscribing to a specific forum for a specific manufacturer, model and ranges within, that is available on here in another section, it does make it a little easier if you are having a problem with your Skermandiser MK3 and note another forum member with the same machine, you would trust his comments and relate as opposed to an owner of a Crackamonder MK1. It is totally optional but you are able to follow any memb
  4. As when people respond to a request for help or information, knowing what equipment they have makes a good start, also another forum member may want to glean, compare information for or regarding said equipment. J.
  5. Bloomin Heck, what's gone orf with this Forum, my chosen backdrop is now all bright instead of the dark Hession, profiles lost and Dave C departed, something nuclear happened ???. J.
  6. No 'LockDown' Mildred ...... AaaHHhh of course essential work and key workers otherwise everything would 'Grind' to a halt . J.
  7. The two hole tip is just right, plenty of time to pull your coffee and it all comes together about the same time, a four / five tip sounds way OTT to me, change your techniquie unless you are frothing a pint of milk ...... J.
  8. Tamper arrived Ross all good and well pleased. Cheers Jon.
  9. I'll take the calibrated tamper please. Let me know details. Jon.
  10. Beautiful, natural wood grain and the way its treated has a lot to offer, do you by chance have any calibrated tampers ?. Jon.
  11. The machine I initially chose after a lot of soul searching and reading, especially Dave UK's write up, sadly they stopped manufacturing it as I believe Dave UK's mods just took it to a different level. Very rarely seen available which tells you something of the customer satisfaction. Jon.
  12. Just in case you are susceptible to cramp and impatient to satisfy your taste buds, remove the grinder handle and use a battery drill 😉. jon.
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