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    Heavy DIY--Wood Work but also enjoy metal work, if you make a mistake just reweld & grind.
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  1. No 'LockDown' Mildred ...... AaaHHhh of course essential work and key workers otherwise everything would 'Grind' to a halt . J.
  2. The two hole tip is just right, plenty of time to pull your coffee and it all comes together about the same time, a four / five tip sounds way OTT to me, change your techniquie unless you are frothing a pint of milk ...... J.
  3. Tamper arrived Ross all good and well pleased. Cheers Jon.
  4. Terrific machine the Synchronika, never looked back since getting mine, totally reliable and faultless as was the deal with these people...... [email protected] Cost nothing to enquire, they're a small company and very competitive, speak to Paul. You don't list or hint in your profile where you are based, 'Coffee Team' are North compared to BB, with a typical Northern friendly service. Jon.
  5. I'll take the calibrated tamper please. Let me know details. Jon.
  6. Beautiful, natural wood grain and the way its treated has a lot to offer, do you by chance have any calibrated tampers ?. Jon.
  7. The machine I initially chose after a lot of soul searching and reading, especially Dave UK's write up, sadly they stopped manufacturing it as I believe Dave UK's mods just took it to a different level. Very rarely seen available which tells you something of the customer satisfaction. Jon.
  8. Just in case you are susceptible to cramp and impatient to satisfy your taste buds, remove the grinder handle and use a battery drill 😉. jon.
  9. Now you're just showing off... 😁😁😁 .... Jon.
  10. Awesome , mind boggling and a credit to the hard work and effort you've put into this machine.... Jon.
  11. My final chip in .... dun't forget to change your profile 😊... Jon.
  12. The thing is I actually thought I'd posted this way earlier in the thread and was mystified at its non appearance, when in fact I had failed to 'Submit'. But I totally agree with your sentiments regard DECENT, they were already well on the way when I started to take an interest and admired his approach, hands on and prepared to listen and share his experience of bringing his 'Child' to the market, hiccups on the way from suppliers, quality control, logistics, packaging, damaged in transit supports, his hands on ... all to be a credit to the team Decent and he deserves to do well
  13. Happy Birthday to You .. Happy Birthday to You ...... 😉😉😉. Enjoy the new toy ..... Jon.
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