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  1. So Burrs not the grinder ... A mad March Hare bargain.🤪. Jon.
  2. So, unless I have missed something D N'tz, what size is it ?. Jon.
  3. Or use Robin Hood Airport Doncaster.😉😉 jon.
  4. Yes, I'd go with that as well, especially if it has a returns policy. Jon.
  5. SS Solid State ... We had a similar failure with the PCB in our (Old hat-Outdated) washing machine and typically, yes you still get the board from some suppliers at £100 plus and damn it you can get a very basic new machine for not deal more, I could not locate any components in the UK and ended up buying from China in quantities of 10's, however even with postage the price was well under a tenner and we could afford to wait. De-soldering sucker, pointed nose pliers, fine tipped soldering iron and thin gauge fluxed solder are very handy, the pliers for gripping the component legs as a heat sink to prevent component damage I enjoyed the challenge 😏 more interesting and less tasking than a crossword.. Jon.
  6. The top picture component side, the lower two R/H legs of the upper SS relay look to have a bridge of solder across them ?. Jon.
  7. Without seeing the board, has it been a dry joint that's over heated and caused burning to the continuity of it ?. Jon.
  8. Could that be construed as abuse or just plain taking the water literally 😇. Jon.
  9. Is the neck wide enough as not to need a funnel 😏. Jon.
  10. AHhh Mldred is the best at giving advice in that vein ... 😍. Jon.
  11. I've heard coffee can do that to you sometimes.😄. Jon.
  12. Photos as in your other listing would speak volumes for someone to be interested. Jon.
  13. Try either of these from Coffee Compass, you'll maybe need to remove the grinder bean holder hopper open/closed flap to ensure a steady feed, not a popular bean with several people on here, but each to their own. Extra Dark Wild Ethiopian Highland OR French Breakfast Blend They tick the box for us. 😉. Jon.
  14. Yes, photo's and an idea where to collect from or postage ?. @Corvid Jon.
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