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  1. And is it best to go back to Sage (out of warranty now) or to an independent repairer (recommendations - I'm in Brighton)?
  2. My Sage DB has just developed this issue. I'm afraid I don't have the techie skills to consider attempting the above though!!
  3. wanderdown


    I am in London on Saturday. Is there anywhere to view a range of grinders in the flesh? I am not planning to upgrade next year so am willing to invest straight off - budget is flexible for something special, but definitely sub £1000. Bella Barista is a bit far from Brighton (and no-one seems to recommend anywhere down this way!).
  4. Thanks for the heads-up. Unfortunately life got in the way of the virtual world and the Ceado had already gone.
  5. The Ceado is a bit out of my price range. The Atom could be worth a bit more research - any idea where you can actually see a physical specimen (in London, say)? The Niche seems the best candidate but can I wait until June? Will it be on general sale in June or just available for people who have already backed the project?
  6. Well, height is an issue. The DB fits neatly on the kitchen work surface under the wall cupboards. Max height for a grinder is 470mm but that leaves no access for re-filling and means having to move it in and out. If it is not too wide, say up to 400 mm then I might be able to avoid all the toing and froing. I generally do 1 or 2 espressos at a time, so don't need to grind whole packets in one go. I mentioned the cost of the Sage grinder as a starting point but am prepared to pay more. I've just come across the Niche thread - maybe that would be a good candidate (if I can put up with the Krups till June!!).
  7. OP here () - so you would't recommend your Mignon?
  8. Pharmacie looks worth a visit and it's not far away. Small Batch I know - wasn't keen on one of their Christmas specials. Red Roaster has undergone a complete re-vamp and is no longer just a coffee specialist. It is a café by day and a restaurant by night. The roaster (it was red, yes!) itself seems to have disappeared and so has the blackboard with the list of beans on offer. I have tried Drury's in Richardson Road, Hove, but only pre-DB for F/P or filter - ok, but nothing special.
  9. People on here seem to consider second-hand a good route so maybe that's a good idea. By the way, are there well-known outlets where you can view / compare decent brands?
  10. I'm just outside Brighton - any suggestions for bean purchasing?
  11. Well, the Sage grinder is £175 to 200 but people seem to have reservations. I should be able to afford more if it's worth it (taking in to account the law of diminishing returns).
  12. Just before Xmas I jumped in with both feet and got myself a Sage DB. Then discovered this forum. Obviously, it would have been better the other way round but I have the feeling I'd still be reading up on all the various sub-forums and not be able to make a decision! I'm now researching a new grinder, any suggestions?
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