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    Totally agree on the customer service and I went with them based on your thoughts on how they dealt with it tbh. I was initially going to go with Caffe Italia, but thankfully I checked on here before going any further than sending them an email. Before settling on Coff-Hey I saw your post. Hopefully your machine will be fine and you get a gift as well - how exciting!
  2. Thomps557


    I placed an order for a Mignon Specialita and less then 48 hours later it arrived. Good comms from the sales staff, rather than automated emails. Nicely packaged. Very happy.
  3. Thanks, I'll drop BB an email to find out when more stock are available. Thanks for the responses.
  4. So pleased to have seen this! I've emailed them this weekend to ask about a potential purchase. Are there any recommended retailers for Rancilio Sylvia machines in the UK? I've checked out Bella Barista and they don't have any in stock what they do have is just outside of my budget. Also looking for a grinder.
  5. No, I've not done that. You think something like this would work OK? https://www.amazon.co.uk/MagiDeal-Coffee-Pressurized-Breville-Delonghi/dp/B01JRH3DMS
  6. Thanks - grinder seems the way to go. I've never made any modifications or tinkered with with my machines at all - I'd be worried that I'd make anything wrong worse, tbh. I'll continue the research in the older posts on the SJ.
  7. I will look into these, thank you. I'm always a little hesitant buying stuff 2nd, but will have a scout about. Thanks for responding
  8. Hi, I hope everyone is doing OK. I'm looking to upgrade my equipment and was hoping for a bit of advice from more experienced folk. I have a Delonghi Dedica machine and grinder and, to be honest, I'm not unhappy with the machines themselves, but know I could brewing better espresso. My Budget is about 450-600. I've seen a Rancilio Silvio E machine and Rocky grinder combo offer for 615, and I quite fancy the espresso machine, but unsure about the grinder. I think the machine would definitely be better (steam wand/portafilter) than the Dedica (same goes for Gaggia Classic), but not sure I can justify the grinder. I'd be happy to just upgrade the espresso machine alone, but the Ginder's portafilter holder is only 51mm which is annoying. My main drink is flat white/espresso. The dedica set up is the most I've spent so far, so would be interested to hear opinions. many thanks, Steve
  9. I only take a small flask, black. It's made about 7ish and gone by about an hour and a half after I get to work (say 10:30am), and that's me for the day really. I'll have a green tea or something in the afternoon.
  10. French press-ed at home and stuck in a flask. To much faff on in the works kitchen. Might try an Aeropress this year
  11. I am generally a fan of darker roasts, but as I delve a little more into specialty coffee lighter roasts seem to becoming a bit 'trendier' - I'm working my way through a few of the Assembly Roast coffees at the minute. I will check out Baytown, but any recommendations on darker roasts would be most welcome. I generally drink espresso/flat white in the house and filter at work.
  12. That's great - thanks! I have seen Mill City on YT and thought it was quite interesting - I will bear Ronsil in mind, Cheers both
  13. Just looking into it at the minute, Dave. Considering investing in one of the Hottop models.
  14. Sunderland - There are a couple. They do barista/brewing courses, but not roast. The don't advertise they do, anyway.
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