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  1. Nice and simple routine. How about the dispersion screw or whatever it's called, is it worth taking it out and clean behind?
  2. I had both the Lusso and Pavoni. The Lusso is a spring lever and Pavoni is manual. Lusso has 45mm group while Pavoni has 49 or 51mm group. Lusso’s grouphead is very temp stable thanks to thermoshipon while Pavoni overheats easily. I like the shots better from the Lusso but would still recommend the Pavoni. You need to do multiple pulls with the Lusso to get decent volume in the cup. I think you need to figure out if you prefer a spring lever or manual lever. The Pavoni has the advantage that more people use it, so much easier to get help. Not many users with the Lusso. Pavoni has a very active group on Facebook.
  3. Shots looks very nice. How is cleanup? Do the arms stay up or do you need to hold them when inserting the basket?
  4. How much do these go for 2nd hand?
  5. Is it better in the cup than a Mazzer Major?
  6. Is this the same as the Vidastech thermometer, looks very similar? Does it protrude the same, more or less?
  7. Thank you, yes I did flush a lot at startup, following the manual. When you do the flushes after warmup, do you pay attention to the flash boiling or do you just flush a fixed amount like your espresso cup full of water each time? I do get water out from the central position(not plumbed in), so obviously something is wrong with my lever. Could this be a clue to why my shots are so nasty? Do you mean each ecm machine have different baskets? Don't the ecm baskets have a nominal value like the VST? I have one 15g and one 18g VST basket. Here is a picture of the mushroom before descaling it(did not take picture of the copper). The part that was peeled off is the thread where the red arrow is. Maybe not a big concern but made me worried since I descaled the boiler and HX with the same citric acid. I only descaled the mushroom and the other small parts for like 20 min. Is the thread and mushroom made of chrome?
  8. I bought a second hand Ecm Barista. It’s my first e61 machine and I have some wonderings about it. The machine is in new condition, the previous owner only used it 5 times and then it was in storage for a year. – When I first turned on the machine it took over 1 hour to reach 1.0 boiler pressure. First 2 days was like this but then 3rd day it reached 1.5 in 15-20 min. So there is no issue now but I still wonder what could have caused this. Could it be because of scale? – Coffee was very hot at 1.5 boiler pressure so I have lowered it to 1.1. What about the brew pressure, it shows a little over 10 with blind filter on. Is there a recommended brew pressure for this machine? I am not happy with the taste so wonder if I should lower it to maybe 9 or 9.5? – I removed the mushroom to check the scale and it was fairly clean. After descaling the mushroom and other small parts with citric acid the mushroom nut threads exposed copper, is this OK? It was so nice and new before I put it in citric acid, should I maybe not have used citric acid? I also descaled the boiler and HX with citric acid. – I tried various flushing routines but so far no luck. All the shots taste either bitter or astringent. Taste wise not even close to my previous small lever machines. Is there a recommended flush routine for ecm Barista while I’m waiting for a thermometer to arrive. – Should there come water when lever is in middle position? – What is the nominal value of the single and double basket? Any input much appreciated.
  9. That works. Thanks a lot Minesbeer!
  10. I get the red sign with "Adblock Plus detected" even I don't have Adblock Plus. I have uBlock Origin but have whitelisted the site but still get this red sign every time I open a thread in a new tab. Is there anyway I can avoid this warning sign? Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm already convinced about the ease of use with Niche and more interested in the taste. I'm tempted to buy this grinder but hesitate because of absence of fork. I removed the fork from my Major and have been grinding into a cup for a while and I don't like it but if I could see some photos of fluffy grinds from the niche and be convinced taste wise I might buy it anyway.
  12. Has anyone compared the Niche vs a Mazzer Major? Would be interested to know how it compares taste wise. Also could we please see some photos of the fluffy grind.
  13. Yes, I have also always heard this one recommended but don't get it why the tube doesn't state it's food grade. The seller is Amazon I doubt they know but I will try to email molykote instead. Thanks for the links!
  14. Thanks but should it not be stated on the tube that it is food grade or have a NSF stamp? I'm confused. Look at the below 2 versions. Mine is the one without NSF stamped.
  15. I bought a tube of 100g Molykote from Dow Corning. I assumed this was food grade but question if it really is since no where on the tube or the original box does it state it's food grade? Should it not have NSF written somewhere? This was not cheap so I hope i have the right stuff.
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