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  1. inso

    Oomph coffee maker

    Ok sounds good. Send me a pm with details please and I will pay today after work. thanks
  2. inso

    Oomph coffee maker

    Is it £20 delivered?
  3. Hi, Just to give a quick update for the benefit of anyone that might face a similar problem. I followed the advise above and I ordered the shaft (gear) from pennine tea and coffee. At the same time, I contacted happydonkey and asked if they do repairs. I got a reply back that they don't do repairs but it might not be shaft and that it might be the motor. In particular, happy donkey said that if I can't hear any weird noise (which I didn't) it was probably the motor. The price was very good (around £30) so I decided to order that too. Worst case scenario, I will have a spare motor. After week I got both with the motor arriving first (happy donkey has awesome service btw). I changed the motor first and the grinder kept jamming. I got the shaft after that and I changed that too. The grinder works now. Since I opened the grinder, I decided to replace the motor, replace the burrs with the new that the grinder was sold with and also replace the shaft. The grinder works great right now! I also managed to dial it pretty fast so happy ending after all. Thanks for all the replies.
  4. Thanks for the reply ! I have contacted the seller. Can I check if the gear that might needs replacing is this https://www.espressounderground.co.uk/MC2_GRINDER_STAR_PN_IBEG9811_p/ibeg9811.htm or this https://www.espressounderground.co.uk/MC2_GRINDER_SHAFT_GEAR_PN_IBEG2330_p/ibeg2330.htm Thanks !
  5. Yes it’s still running thanks all for the replies! I will give another go tonight!
  6. So can I confirm that you bought this around 7 years ago and you have been using it since then on a pretty much daily basis?
  7. Thanks for the reply I am not changing the settings while the grinder works so no!
  8. Hi I bought a second hand MC2 and it arrived last night. The seller kindly sent me some beans too so I used them to check the grinder out. I started grinding for 20 secs or so and it jammed. I took out the hopped and removed the beans that I could remove and started again. Nothing happened. So I removed the plastic cover, took out the top burr cleaned everything (removed all beans) and it looked like it was working. It will now grind super coarse but if I try to go for a bit finer it will jam again and the burrs will stop. Any idea what's happening? Thanks
  9. Hello! I lieve in Scotland too:)
  10. I think this is sold anyway. Better for the seller to confirm of course but I know that since I bought it through eBay.
  11. I like this recipe from Masterchef Australia
  12. Hello and welcome:)
  13. Yes because I will want to buy something else within 1-2 months! I think it’s better to spend whatever I need to spend from the beginning...
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