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  1. @Bica60s, (for further reference) John Lewis is transferable, I've done it myself mate. You need to contact them with the new owners details and they transfer the remaining warranty over.
  2. To save an ongoing argument @Bica60s, It might be an idea to state where you bought the machine and check if the warranty is transferable (John Lewis is for example).
  3. tbh It was not the offer, I was thinking more that a thank you for the heads up would have been nice. but I was in a bit of a mood at the time, so no worries, I'll retract my sad reaction. lol
  4. I was torn between the Rocket and the Specialita, I eventually went with the chrome Specialita (matches my machine) I upgraded from a Sage DTP and Sage grinder. As for the machine, again torn between the Rocket and Lelit Mara, went for the smaller footprint Lelit. No regrets on either and very happy with both.
  5. Many thanks Mildred, really nice towels and a super fast delivery :-
  6. I do both, twin spout and naked - best thing would be to measure your clearance and add the 20/24mm
  7. @DDoe, The Brewista scales are 24mm with the rubber mat on and 20mm without so it depends how much room you have between the bottom of the spout and your drip tray. Hope this helps.
  8. I was looking at the Acaia Pearl but eventually went with the Brewista Smart Scale v2, the main reason being the thickness of the scales. It's not a major difference but enough to consider dependant on your cup size and space between the group head and portafilter. No regrets and a few quid saved.
  9. Torn between these and the Coffee Gators. Any opinions?
  10. @paullamey, Sorry mate, I do not single dose so cannot answer your question. Maybe the above answer does.
  11. Ordered a sensor and looking forward to using it. Many thanks Tudor.
  12. @paullamey, Not the same setup that your thinking about but I thought I'd bring my purchases up to date. Really enjoying the Lelit, even more so now that I have upgraded my grinder to the Eureka Mignon Specialita, I do not regret the purchase in any way. If you can get to Wellingborough, a visit to BB is well worth it and would most probably put your mind at rest.
  13. @MWJB, checking the Severn Trent website for my poostcode, none of the above are listed, only :- PH = 7.25 Hardness Leve lHard Hardness Clark 14.93 Hardness French 21.32 Hardness German 11.94 Regards.
  14. Sorry to revive an old thread. I've just got hold of a TDS-3 meter and thought I would post my first results :- Tap water = 182 Tap water after BWT cartridge = 155 (quite suprised with that one, expected less). Ashbeck = 68 and just for kicks, Ashbeck out of Group = 75 Not sure what to make of these results but I found them interesting.
  15. Motta tamper sold. Just the pitcher left Reduced to £20 inc postage.
  16. Both sold with thanks.
  17. Thats correct @homer, I'll take it to pm mate.
  18. No worries, just to state the obvious - it is in the sale thread not wanted.
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