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    Mara X

    @Northern_Monkey, I doubt if it can be, nice if it doe's and I would swop it out asap, but as its one of the main selling points of the X it would stop potential upgraders (if there are any).
  2. hubcap

    Mara X

    I won't be upgrading, my deluxe doe's what I want, when I want. Wouldn't mind a quieter pump though
  3. No longer for sale (returned to Amazon)
  4. Have tried and found it's not for me, so I have for sale a complete Pour over kit. 2 weeks old, so as new condition :- Chemex 6 cup version 90 odd filter papers & heat cover Coffee Gator True Brew Gooseneck kettle (stove top). rrp total was £92 £75 Delivered in the UK
  5. @Mark70, Honestly cannot remember tbh, but I would imagine no 2 machines are the same anyway. I tend to stay with the same beans, so I don't alter mine, or I have had no need to so far.
  6. Pretty much the same set up as mine, except I went for the chrome Specialita. Not a bad idea to get some mesh or a towel on the drip tray and top to protect from scratches. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/35509-bar-towels/?tab=comments#comment-490139 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nifogo-Grilling-Reusable-Resistant-Barbecue/dp/B07F1DKCNB/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=plastic+cooking+mat&qid=1582191119&rnid=1642204031&s=kitchen&sr=1-12
  7. Having just got into the Chemex thingy, I bought the Coffee Gator True Brew (stove top) off Amazon. So far so good, just need to learn abit more about this method. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07NDXRLXM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Slowly getting there, but this one went wrong :-
  9. I have owned my Mara for over 6 months now, no regrets at all and so far so good. I would not hesitate to recommend a Lelit - also would not hesitate to recommend Bella Barista. I also requested a copy of DavecUK's guide, much better than the original manual.
  10. Must say thats a great saving, I paid the full whack for my white one and am extremely pleased with the unit, so you 6 should be really chuffed.
  11. Can be transfered to sold.
  12. @General-S-1, I never used the scoops and unforunately have no idea where they are - I will keep looking but cannot promise I will find them. I will except £20 delivered, if your still interested, we can go to pm.
  13. In an effort to move them on :- £22
  14. £25 for both delivered.
  15. As title, Moving my coffee Gator's on, they are the medium size 15cm x 12cm = 450 - 500 grams. Only marks are on the bottom as expected. Also have 6 new replaceable valves. No box etc' £30 delivered.
  16. Just received the Airscape, having seen how good they are prompted me to buy a second one. Great service as usual fromm BB and received the next day. Will now post an ad for my Coffee Gator's.
  17. Waiting on a slate grey small ceramic, nice code, takes care of the postage.
  18. I use a Jack, Spin, push and spin again - no marks, no need to tamp, perfect puck and extraction via a bottomless portafilter. I also became interested in the Jack via the Whole Latte Love video. Is it worth the asking price ? thats a matter of opinion - mine is, you cant take it with you and I like toys......
  19. hubcap

    Am I mad

    No mate, Different Dave, very nice guy to talk to.
  20. hubcap

    Am I mad

    @Mark70, Enjoy the trip, You could phone David and arrange when you will be arriving, after such a long trip it would be a shame to miss him. I'm confident you will have a great day.
  21. hubcap

    Am I mad

    @Mark70, I started with a Gaggia classic, then went Sage DTP, eventually called in to Bella Barista and ended up with the Lelit Mara and a chrome Mignon Specialita. Have not looked back and really enjoying them. Your problem might be that starting with the Lelit will have a big learning curve, but you will have fun learning.
  22. +1 for the Specialita. I have the chrome variant as above, a couple or 3 months in and finding it an excellent upgrade from the Sage I used to have.
  23. @Weymouth, I've been using a Brewista for over a year - no problems. +1 for Brewista Smart Scale II
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