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  1. Digital Coffee Sensor Thermometer and adapter for E61 Groupheads – Pro Version As above in as new condition - cost €100 £50 delivered or £45 collected (LE5) https://coffee-sensor.com/product/digital-coffee-sensor-thermometer-and-adapter-for-e61-groupheads-pro-version/
  2. hubcap

    Mara X

    +1 for the Rocket version (BB) handle matches as well.
  3. I'm afraid I might not be much help here :- 10 seconds or so, but I dont bother now as it wastes too much water, i just do a 2-3 second flush. My taste buds are not what they were so I cannot taste any difference due to temperature etc'. So as I stated I might take it off. It might end up in the sales section
  4. @gr4z, @DDoe, I agree with you about not looking too good. Also bear in mind that I rarely use it now, so I am thinking of removing it.
  5. @-Tristan-, No need to thank me, your welcome.
  6. @paullamey, I bought one from the supplier and found it ok but I ended up returning it and upgrading to the Pro version. Personally if you do decide to buy I would go direct as Tudor is a very nice guy to deal with and his after sales is very good. https://coffee-sensor.com/product/digital-coffee-sensor-thermometer-and-adapter-for-e61-groupheads-pro-version/
  7. In what way did it "violate the guidelines" I was reminding you that the warranty was transferrable and it might be an idea to mention it as it could help with the sale.
  8. I mentioned this earlier but for whatever reason it's not showing :- @-Tristan-, It might be worth mentioning that John Lewis warranties are fully transferable.
  9. Not actually Corona, but funny as f**k :-
  10. hubcap

    Mara X

    @holybean, +1 for the Rocket version, the handle matches the black plastic and chrome as well.
  11. Agree with Dave's guide, also have mine on a smart plug and it's great to turn it on remotely from where ever you are. I used bottled water for the first month, but moved onto the Osmio, not looked back since. (your picture corrected)
  12. hubcap

    Mara X

    I have the chrome version to match my Lelit Mara, very pleased with it. Would love to see one of your reviews for it.
  13. I went to the first oldies hour at Sainsbury's this morning, never had so much fun. It was like a scene from the walking dead. Managed to get some bread and milk, then they opened the doors for the "scum" and it was absolute chaos. When will we ever learn.................
  14. I've now changed my mind - the op @RossP has been on the forum and can't be arsed to answer, so forget it.
  15. @RossP, I would be interested but I'll not hold my breath as you started this two and a half years ago. I would think you have lost your original buyers by now.
  16. Why post this ^^ ? if you are interested - make an offer, if not why ^^ ? As for anyone that is interested - I for one can recommend this grinder, no problems with mine and at the price @HowardSmith is offering, go for it.
  17. You can buy the wooden upgrade (approx £85), not sure about the other knobs though. As far as I know there is no difference apart from cosmetic.
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