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  1. to be fair, you were offered it on your wanted thread.
  2. hubcap

    Any bikers

    I started on (mostly off) a Lambretta LI150 moved onto a Tiger Cub, passed my test and got a Triumph Thunderbird. Got into the Jap stuff when I moved to Australia and went through the entire Suzuki 2 strokes and ended up on a Kettle (GT750 Water cooled) Came back to the UK and bought a Honda VF750 Custom then upped to a VF1100 Custom. Despatched for 3 years on an old boxer RT100 then became a riding instuctor on various bikes (VFR750 GS750 amonst them). Eventually cou7ld afford a Pan Euro 1100 and ended up on a Pan Euro 1300. All in all a great life with lots of fun al
  3. I'm afraid my taste buds are not up to noticing if the burrs are misaligned. I just clean now and then and grind away.
  4. Bugger, I've just received an early birthday present, it's a month early though and I was told not to open it till the day - wonder if I can get a warranty extension ?
  5. Slightly off topic and I apologise, Does Indiegogo accept paypal for the Niche ?
  6. hubcap

    Mara X

    If the Mara X is the same wand as the Mara PL62 Then I know this one fits :- Expobar Single Hole Steam Nozzle M8.5 + O'ring OEM Part No. 30370190 I would imagine the rest of the range would also fit.
  7. @gingemonster, I'll let you know if my print is any good or if I need to order with you
  8. Obviously not sure of the quality until it arrives but it cost £24.00 inc postage. 3 day wait so I'll post when it arrives.
  9. I've downloaded the file and ordered one from a printer based in the UK will keep you posted on how it turns out.
  10. hubcap

    Mara X

    Amazons new price seems to be in line with other retailers I think the £67 price stood when they had a load more in stock (a need to shed stock) I was lucky as I had a bit of spendo and needed some retail therapy. I have noticed that on alot of photos the steamer and boiler water knobs do not match, as mine do not.
  11. @gingemonster, I see in your future somepocket money If you decide to make a few more I would be interested in buying one from you.
  12. @Joescafe, Not that i'm interested in the machine (great looking box though) but I would love to know why you have penciled over the info near the barcode ?
  13. hubcap

    Mara X

    I don't, surely the resistance is the basket, not the portafilter itself.
  14. I bought a new Lelit version.
  15. Maybe something for the future but at the moment i'm happy (except you have now planted the seed )
  16. I bought it last summer from BB paired it with the Specialita and have not looked back since. I started with bottled water but got caught up in the Osmio feeding frenzy. All in all I am very happy with all of my bits of kit, the wood just finishes it off. I would obviously like the Mara X but it's the same with most things, once you buy something it's updated within days (are you listening Samsung).
  17. Took the plunge and upgraded to the wood kit Looks and feels better.
  18. hubcap

    Mara X

    Not Mara X but the PL62 deluxe variant :- I'm with Dave on this subject I switch mine on in the morning and it stays on till evening Cannot see the point in not doing that.
  19. hubcap

    Mara X

    I have one for sale if you want @Zoltan
  20. If the original owner contacts John Lewis and offers the new owners name etc' they will transfer the warranty for you both. I have done this in the past concerning Sage.
  21. @Foren, No problems here with my Specialita. Also I have not heard anyone complain about Burr alignment issues.
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