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  1. Recieved an email last week telling me it is time to change the filters ?

    Bought in December so no warnings yet.

    Might be a sales ploy to buy the filters which were offered in the email :-

    Dear alan,

    The following components of your system Osmio Zero Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filters Pack are due for replacement:

    Osmio Zero Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filters Pack

    If you do not already have spares, you can buy online here


    2 hours ago, matted said:

    some editing has gone on

    response by dk41 was along the lines of no and that probably rules out that segment of the market - but in dk stylee a bit more :)

    Ahh I see, thanks for the clarification


    46 minutes ago, Instant no more ! said:

    Think about BONE !

    I get the bone and veggie joke.

    I dont get the original post or the aa reply by dfk41

  2. 55 minutes ago, DavecUK said:

    No you don't need to drain any filters, just tip out the water before refilling.

    One person was putting in the refilled supply pitcher, closing lid and when it filtered a bit and dropped by 0.5 litre or more topping it right up...which is not good to do.

    Thanks for the clarification @DavecUK, nice to know I got something right ;)

  3. 50 minutes ago, DavecUK said:

    Aaand...ALWAYS completely empty the supply pitcher before refilling NEVER put a fresh one in, watch the level drop as the tank fills a bit, then top it up another 500ml to 1 litre. failure to do this is the difference between a filter life of 1 year and 3 or 4 months.


    Hi @DavecUK,

    Not quite understanding this last paragraph mate (maybe me being thick).

    Never put a fresh what in ?

    I always empty the supply pitcher but do not wait till the filter drains, I just tip out the remaining water and refil. Do I need to drain the filter ?

    what are you topping up ?


    I know TDS is not the be all and end all but just for the record my tap water hovers around 300 and after RO its 23 !


  4. 13 minutes ago, Wisey said:


    thanks, I’ve seen you sold some gators previously..how long did the valve things last/how much were replacements? 

    atleast with airscape/atom they don’t need replacing 

    The valves were about £12 for 6 (Amazon) I didn't keep the canisters for long enough to change a valve (I did change when I sold them)

    I much prefer the Airscape Ceramic as they do a better job (imo) and look cool as well.

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