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  1. @Wisey, Sorry mate, the 7" does in fact hold just short of 500g - the rest goes in the hopper. My apologies.
  2. @Wisey, The 7" holds just short of a Kilo, the rest goes in the grinder hopper. The 4" holds 250 of filter ground coffee. Both ceramic.
  3. @shaunlawler, If you bought from BB, then how about these :- https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/d-ancap-verona-style-espresso-cup-and-saucer-the-roasteryatbellabarista-logo.html Also do Latte & Cappuccino cups, saucers as well.
  4. I have a couple of Bialetti Express's that I use every now and then, makes a nice change from espresso.
  5. hubcap


    Ahh I see, thanks for the clarification
  6. Try taking off the rubber seal on the lid and reversing it, worked for me (on the ceramics).
  7. The idea is to let the gasses out, it's got to go somewhere so it will lift the lid somewhat. I tend to give the lid a small twist, seems to keep it on better.
  8. The medium holds just short of a Kilo, the rest goes in the grinder hopper. BB have the large plastic in stock (according to the website) but as I said before I have been warned off them also @Apr1985 has as well I believe.
  9. @Wisey, No worries mate, I'm at the age where I live in total confusion anyway. I'll finish by stating :- As far as I'm concerned I only have the ceramic and I am very happy with them.
  10. hubcap


    I get the bone and veggie joke. I dont get the original post or the aa reply by dfk41
  11. I think we are mostly talking about the ceramic and metal ones which are either small and medium, I have been warned off the plastic ones but cannot remember why.
  12. BB have both the 4" and & 7" in stock mate. As far as I know these are the only 2 sizes available.
  13. I now have 3 ceramic Airscapes, One large for my favourite beans and 2 small for experimenting with different beans from different roasters. Always on the lookout for a tasty brew.
  14. hubcap


    Am I missing something here ?
  15. Thanks for the clarification @DavecUK, nice to know I got something right
  16. Hi @DavecUK, Not quite understanding this last paragraph mate (maybe me being thick). Never put a fresh what in ? I always empty the supply pitcher but do not wait till the filter drains, I just tip out the remaining water and refil. Do I need to drain the filter ? what are you topping up ? I know TDS is not the be all and end all but just for the record my tap water hovers around 300 and after RO its 23 !
  17. If the link does not work - just type the address into whatever your using.
  18. @Dave double bean, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3053292 Or just type it into the address bar !
  19. Surely the Moka Pot is no where near an Espresso, not even trying to be one imo.
  20. The valves were about £12 for 6 (Amazon) I didn't keep the canisters for long enough to change a valve (I did change when I sold them) I much prefer the Airscape Ceramic as they do a better job (imo) and look cool as well.
  21. @grumble I take it you mean the Gator ? Yes it's got a valve for expelling the gasses But it does not expel the air in the canister
  22. Just buy Airscape ............ I've tried the gator but moved them on as you can't expel the air in the canister.
  23. @Jfitzky, Nice one mate, they both look good and do the same job. @Valkyrie88, @gingemonster, mine cost a hell of alot more but that was my impatience and rushing into a purchase, always been a fault with me tbh. But, hey ho - you can't take it with you As for, does it work ? yes, surprisingly well actually.
  24. Seems to be happening alot lately, maybe the sellers are so desparate to sell they decide not to stick to the rules.
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