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  1. @grumpyjag,

    I had the same thoughts as you concerning a second grinder for my moka pot, it's too fussy having to pretty much dial in after each change.

    I ended up buying a cheap and chearful Delonghi KG79 which is more than ok for the moka stuff.

    As for the 10 minute video, interesting but could have been alot less without the American waffle.

    All in all a great grinder - GLWS.

  2. 18 hours ago, dutchy101 said:

    I've ordered  few bits from China recently. You'd be surprised how quickly it can arrive 

    Your're correct, It did not take long for the virus to arrive !

    I'll get my coat ;)

  3. I bought this Moccamaster in June From Belle Barista (£179.00)

    It is the polished silver version of the new select range

    I have half a box of filter papers so thats how many times I have used it.

    Excellent condition, boxed with manual etc'

    Also can include a stainless steel filter paper holder.

    Pretty sure the warranty can be transfered.

    Would like £100.00 collected in Leicester or buyer to arrange a courier.



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