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  1. I can live with that, I'll pm you mate.
  2. I've took these tonight, I'll try again tomorrow in daylight. too many reflections.
  3. @thawhat I have one to let go, bought it from Italy €130, no marks on the black top etc' but slight surface marks on the metal as expected, no dinks or gouges. £75 delivered. Photos available if interested.
  4. I'm afraid we are up against a certain section of the community who do not give a shit about anybody else. There will always be the foil hat brigade who think they know better, I've always been a bit of a hippy but I know whats right and wrong. Mother nature is missing a trick here, she could purge the earth of the idiots but she is unfortunately taking the wrong ones. Roll on the vaccine so we can get back to a more normal life (hopefully).
  5. Hi Dav, I have changed the gasket (for original) and I will check this again. I use Osmio water so descaling is not an option. Many thanks for your thoughts, appreciated.
  6. I've used Bialetti's for a few years now with no problems, but recently it has started to spurt (fnarr fnarr) straight away. I use the hot water method, tbh my taste buds are shot so it makes no difference to the taste, just weird that it has started to happen. Venus 6 cup version.
  7. It's really not that hard to do mate. The results are well worth the small effort.
  8. Good Call Mate - wondering if they will fit the Venus 6 cup (Stainless Bialetti) ? I'll make some enquiries.
  9. Has to be bought elsewhere The infamous Caffeitalia has them for £13.20 Your choice wether you use them.
  10. I would imagine its just design related. Unless anyone knows differently.
  11. @RobbieTheTruth, I used the aluminium type for a start but swopped to the Bialetti Venus stainless version. As above, I put a aeropress filter on top of the coffee, which stops any sludge coming through. I much prefer the stainless version tbh.
  12. I use something similar for the kettle and the jug, very useful bit of kit, well worth the price.
  13. hubcap

    Any Gamers?

    Only game I play is Elite Dangerous on Xbox One X. I doubt that I will upgrade, unless the new one offers more for Elite (which I doubt). Played Elite since Speccy and C64 days but can't be arsed to upgrade my PC to the specs required, hence the Xbox.
  14. hubcap

    Motta milk jug

    Sorry mate, already sold to @Techno
  15. hubcap

    Motta milk jug

    Hi @Techno, I have a 500ml CL75 Motta. No dinks but a surface scratch which is barely noticable (photos if required). £17 delivered.
  16. @MihirG, I wouldn't hold my breath mate, The thread is 3 years old and the op has already said he no longer has a Mignon or the prototype. His replies were few and far between mate - apparently a very busy boy !
  17. @MihirG, You will be lucky to get a reply - he's too busy mate
  18. I have an Osmio so I use RO water in the kettle.
  19. Funnel arrived and fits perfectly, needed to glue the lid on though (which I knew about) Available on eBay from k1ller50
  20. I bought an Asso Jack when I had more money than sense. Turned out to be a very good item. No longer need to tamp.
  21. Just done this mod to get the Delonghi to grind coarser (opposite to this video). I have 2 grinders, Eureka Specialita for espresso and the Delonghi for pour over due to my lazyness in not bothering to dial in between espresso and pour over. Now perfect for pour over as it did not grind coarse enough. The video shows how to mod for a finer grind but just go opposite for coarser setting.
  22. I have a Eureka Specialita for my espresso and a cheap delonghi for pour over, can't be bothered to dial in every time I switch brews. I've just done the delonghi hack to grind coarser, which is the opposite to this video :-
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