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  1. On 28/07/2019 at 13:44, maestroman said:

    Anyone make Hot Chocolate using a Sage Barista Touch or similar?

    I mix the hot chocolate into a paste (in the milk jug) then steam it like you would ordinary milk.

    Nice and frothy.

    Makes excellent Horlicks as well, same method.

    (Duo Temp Pro)

  2. Bought a Refurbished Gaggia Classic from Mark at gaggiamanualservice to upgrade from my De Longhi. Must say many thanks to Mark for a great service and a beauty of a machine.


    Also went abit crazy with a new grinder to replace my old Krups and a few accessories.

    Coffee Set Up.jpg

  3. Welcome! I didn't realise people drank coffee in the 60s, I thought it was all weird mind altering drugs and free love and whatnot! Looking forward to following your upgrade plans- do you have a grinder in mind too?


    Needed a coffee after all that free love Missy ;) (actually there was not a lot of it about in Leicester).

    At the moment I have a Krups grinder but looking at a Sage dose control pro for the future.

    I've just took delivery of a refurbished Gaggia Classic (2006), an upgrade from my De Longhi which will end up on Gumtree.

  4. My name is Alan (hubcap), I'm a coffee lover from the days of the early coffee bars in the 60's, in the past I have owned a Nespresso machine and currently have a De'Longhi ECC220.


    I have made up my mind to upgrade to the Gaggia Classic and found my way here.


    Looking forward to learning more and talking to like minded people.

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