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  1. Spent a couple of hours with David last week, ordered on Monday (Lelit PL62 Deluxe). Despatched on Tuesday and FedEx failed to deliver, absolutely nothing to do with BB, FedEx apologised and delivered on Wednesday. All in all excellent service from BB and David definately went the extra mile, free coffee was a pleasant surprise and much appreciated. Top shop with top people.
  2. Just received the Deluxe version myself, I must say tha David at Bella Barista definately went the extra mile for me (most enjoyable visit). Moving up from a Sage Duo Temp, and realised that there is alot of difference between the two (as expected). I understand the flushes are required due to it being an HX machine. The main accessories that I have are a decent pair of scales, distribution tool, Tamper (both Motta) and a naked portafilter. Getting some really nice espresso's at the moment but really need to up my grinder, which will be the next purchase.
  3. If you have the PL62 then this one matches the knobs but it does have Rocket branding on the bottom if I remember correctly https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/rocket-espresso-e61-bottomless-portafilter-handle-with-21gram-basket.html They also sell one that matches the PL62s but cannot remember which one it is, give them a call as they are really helpful.
  4. hubcap

    Sage Duo Temp Pro.

    Sage Duo Temp Pro 2 years old (roughly 10 cups per week) Great condition - apart from mark on facia where I attached a stop watch thingy, also marks mainly on the drip tray (as always). Regular maintenance and descaling adhered to. Used Britta filtered water and Sage cartridge filter. All accessories including Sage milk jug etc' in unmarked box. Extra's :- Motta tamper (£25) Motta distribution tool (£30) Generic calibrated tamper (£20) Naked portafilter (£65 off this forum) Portafilter funnel 3 x Sage descaling sachets. Would like £200 collected (Leicester
  5. Not sure if I can actually do this (please delete if unappropriate). I have a Duo Temp Pro + loads of accessories. Photo's etc' in the sales section.
  6. @AliC ^^ Also I would be interested if you could post.
  7. Surely they are compatible not originals ?
  8. That does seem to be the only option, thanks for the input.
  9. Just checking it wasn't for something like a Sage which uses a different thread to most. @ashcroc, ahh, it is for a Sage DTP actually, I thought they were all the same, typically Sage as usual then, thanks for the info mate.
  10. Standard 3/8 thread portafilter double spout but with a wider drop.
  11. @Inspector, yea it looks like you need their portafilter, pity really looks to be what I'm after.
  12. @coffeechap, just need a little bit wider between the spouts, the coffee falls on the lip of the cups that I use. If that makes sense.
  13. As above, is there such a thing ? if so, where from ? Regards hubcap.
  14. @Planter, Arrived safe and sound mate - very nice - many thanks for an easy transaction.
  15. With the Clip ? If so I'll take it.
  16. @Planter Is this still available mate ?
  17. Try to look past the decor (waiting for a council kitchen upgrade) Sage equipment, Lavazza cups etc', Motta accessories and a Gaggia knock box from my last outfit.
  18. Not sure if the DTP is the same but I took out the PF holder and use a funnel bought off Amazon As for a tamper :- Motta 53mm
  19. Happy with that, if you want to go to pm etc'.
  20. Do you mean - The buyer bears the risk of this. ?
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