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  1. @ratty, I know you think you are being helpful but you are climbing all over a possible sale !
  2. Just upgraded to "The Jack" so my 58mm Motta Leveller is up for sale (also have a 58.4 tamper up as well in this section). £22.50 boxed including postage. (£40 for the pair)
  3. Yes mate, includes shipping (see ashcrocs post above)
  4. @Jayteepix, I have a black Motta 58.4 up for sale in this section £20.
  5. Hi @Jackabb, The basket is a 58mm 12-18g, not sure about Gaggia maybe someone else can confirm. Regards Alan. Edit - It is the B68 version and according to a thread on the Gaggia section they will fit.
  6. A few items no longer required :- Espro Toroid 600ml Pitcher £22.50 Motta 58.4 Tamper (Black) £20 IMS Comp Basket 24.5 £12 Yolococo 58mm Calibrated Tamper (30lbs) £12.50 All inc postage Will do the lot for £55 posted
  7. Bugger, I just bought this exact model a week before you posted this - a brilliant grinder at a bargain price.
  8. @E404, I have the Specialita and it's a brilliant grinder, very happy with it, but, like @KTD I could not recomend it for switching brewing methods. Just a repeat post really just to add to your decision.
  9. Many thanks Tim. I'll take it to messages
  10. Bought this recently from BB but have now upgraded my grinder so this is unusable. £20 delivered.
  11. Just to wade in on these comments. I had a very good relationship with my DTP, but I had a long term itch for something with an E61 group, hence the DTP sale. No problems with switching from brew to steam, by the time you popped the jug under the wand it was ready. I really had no valid reason to upgrade apart from the usual shinyitis/upgradius disease. I have just bought the Mignon Specialita (I need to find a cure for this shinyitis/upgradius disease) which I am enjoying immensely, hence the Sage Smart Grinder Pro in sales.
  12. Hi @mousebat, Yes mate collection from Leicester, if thats ok ?
  13. Sage Smart Grinder Pro In great condition, no scratches etc' Comes with extra hopper + lid, manual and all the extras. Unmarked box and packaging. £100 Collected.
  14. As per thread title - Sage Smart Grinder Pro advertised in sales.
  15. hubcap

    Sage Duo Temp Pro.

    Just found the receipt for this machine, it's only 11 months old (not 2 years) Reduced the price to £150 - collected)
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