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  1. 5 hours ago, newdent said:

    Haha, well as long as you enjoy the coffee you're making then why f**k about indeed! You just need to get rid of the initial weighing step to be totally free from the faff! 😀


    I tried to get serious about it all, but after all these years my taste buds are shot to hell.

    After all, it's just a cup of coffee ;) (even thinking about moving the machine and grinder on).

  2. AZ here, never felt it and no side affects, apart from a slight soreness around the injected site, lasted till the next day.

    I'm either very lucky or have a high threshold for drugs thanks to my 1960's experimenting ;) 

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  3. I've gone the opposite way, from ceramic to plastic.

    Only reason being the plastic has a bigger exit hole (ooo ar matron)

    I'm getting a quicker pour over and less clogging.

  4. tbh I try not to overthink this, fill up, use & fill up again.

    If the machines flow started to slow down or machines maintenance light appears - change filter etc'

    I agree it's not for everyone but the fact that I get no scale (machine worst enemy) far out weighs any other consideration.

    Also the plastic waste from bottled water I was throwing away also was another reason.

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  5. @Bullit121,

    I think your filter change after 6 months could be way out, it depends on your tap water and how much you use.

    The average filter change is 12 months, as was mine, I only changed mine because the machine told me too.

    Never looked back since I bought this, no plastic waste and no kettle, apart from a gooseneck for pour over.

    I have never had to descale my Lelit and the kettle has absolutely no scale.

    If it went tits up tomorrow I would not hesitate buying another, if it could not be fixed.

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  6. Yet again, first class service from BB

    Bought a new Eureka Filtro grinder and a couple of dark hoppers (one for my Specialita) on Wednesday.

    Unfortunately the hopper lids were cracked, quick phone call to David who sorted it.

    New lids arrived today with no problems.

    Excellent service as always.

  7. I have a Delonghi KG79 grinder for sale.

    Ideal for pour over, filter etc' not so good for espresso unless modified (easy to do).

    Bought last August in very good condition, no scratches (dust on photos)

    Boxed with manual.

    £30 including delivery - f&f paypal



    grinder 1 De Longhi KG79.png

    grinder 2.png

  8. @DavecUK,

    Yes you did mention extracting - sorry.

    You mention "not too close", so my initial idea of sticking a fan to the casing is perhaps not a good idea.

    I'll have to figure out some kind of fan mounting away from the machine.

    Thanks for a great review, which I obviously missed parts of.

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