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  1. Another +1 for the stainless steel version - having used both.
  2. Mine does that, I'll wash its feet and manicure etc' It sits on a shiney knock box though - maybe the reason.
  3. I can live with that, I'll pm you mate.
  4. I've took these tonight, I'll try again tomorrow in daylight. too many reflections.
  5. @thawhat I have one to let go, bought it from Italy €130, no marks on the black top etc' but slight surface marks on the metal as expected, no dinks or gouges. £75 delivered. Photos available if interested.
  6. I'm afraid we are up against a certain section of the community who do not give a shit about anybody else. There will always be the foil hat brigade who think they know better, I've always been a bit of a hippy but I know whats right and wrong. Mother nature is missing a trick here, she could purge the earth of the idiots but she is unfortunately taking the wrong ones. Roll on the vaccine so we can get back to a more normal life (hopefully).
  7. Hi Dav, I have changed the gasket (for original) and I will check this again. I use Osmio water so descaling is not an option. Many thanks for your thoughts, appreciated.
  8. I've used Bialetti's for a few years now with no problems, but recently it has started to spurt (fnarr fnarr) straight away. I use the hot water method, tbh my taste buds are shot so it makes no difference to the taste, just weird that it has started to happen. Venus 6 cup version.
  9. It's really not that hard to do mate. The results are well worth the small effort.
  10. Good Call Mate - wondering if they will fit the Venus 6 cup (Stainless Bialetti) ? I'll make some enquiries.
  11. Has to be bought elsewhere The infamous Caffeitalia has them for £13.20 Your choice wether you use them.
  12. I would imagine its just design related. Unless anyone knows differently.
  13. @RobbieTheTruth, I used the aluminium type for a start but swopped to the Bialetti Venus stainless version. As above, I put a aeropress filter on top of the coffee, which stops any sludge coming through. I much prefer the stainless version tbh.
  14. I use something similar for the kettle and the jug, very useful bit of kit, well worth the price.
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