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  1. @MihirG, I wouldn't hold my breath mate, The thread is 3 years old and the op has already said he no longer has a Mignon or the prototype. His replies were few and far between mate - apparently a very busy boy !
  2. @MihirG, You will be lucky to get a reply - he's too busy mate
  3. I have an Osmio so I use RO water in the kettle.
  4. Funnel arrived and fits perfectly, needed to glue the lid on though (which I knew about) Available on eBay from k1ller50
  5. I bought an Asso Jack when I had more money than sense. Turned out to be a very good item. No longer need to tamp.
  6. Just done this mod to get the Delonghi to grind coarser (opposite to this video). I have 2 grinders, Eureka Specialita for espresso and the Delonghi for pour over due to my lazyness in not bothering to dial in between espresso and pour over. Now perfect for pour over as it did not grind coarse enough. The video shows how to mod for a finer grind but just go opposite for coarser setting.
  7. I have a Eureka Specialita for my espresso and a cheap delonghi for pour over, can't be bothered to dial in every time I switch brews. I've just done the delonghi hack to grind coarser, which is the opposite to this video :-
  8. Just ordered the funnel & lid off eBay £14.35 Will update when it arrives.
  9. A tiny spot of blu tack stops mine from moving. Have also contacted a printer on ebay, I will update when I receive a reply.
  10. Can anyone recommend a printing firm for the single dosing funnel & lid ? I've tried makeitquick but the cost is really outrageous.
  11. @grumpyjag, I had the same thoughts as you concerning a second grinder for my moka pot, it's too fussy having to pretty much dial in after each change. I ended up buying a cheap and chearful Delonghi KG79 which is more than ok for the moka stuff. As for the 10 minute video, interesting but could have been alot less without the American waffle. All in all a great grinder - GLWS.
  12. Your're correct, It did not take long for the virus to arrive ! I'll get my coat
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