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  1. Hello As I like tinkering I'm thinking about buying broken but possibly reparable grinder. I have access to some tools so... If you have something useless to you please write. I live in Poland, I can pay thru paypal. All the best
  2. I think you are right, few hundred grams of cheap beans should be enough.
  3. Why? It is build from non acid-proof materials?
  4. Good job :-). Another idea - maybe, you can use hypodermic needles?
  5. Well it would be shame if you will really destroy it. Maybe try to open it and disconnet some cables or/and pipes. And than give to person who can use it. I hate wasting good things! All the best.
  6. +1, please look - service manual: https://www.espressoparts.com/espressoparts/content/ranciliosilviav3partssmall.png EDIT: Ok I just look to the site from the link. They sell boiler+heater for 211$.Maybe you can use different heater?
  7. Hello I'm new user from Poland. I usually drink cofee from moka pot, or espresso (in cafeteria). Few monts ago member of my familly give me broken espresso machine (don't laught please - Delonghi EC 155). He want throw it to the trash. Anyway I cleaned it,repaired and depreissiured baskets to have proper espresso. Now I only need buy burr grinder (I have only blade grinder). I was little shocked when I saw prices of that machines. Some are pricer that espresso machines! Probably I'll end with repairing something broken! Its great fun. All the best, Zbigniew
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