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  1. I’m the owner of the used Niche for £650 that went on eBay the same day as the last batch going on sale. I also managed to snag one of the new batch and by the time I’d got that it was too late to cancel my bid, so I’ll have two of them shortly! It’s not a huge issue, I’ll be able to get my money back because I have a friend who is dying to get one and for what it’s worth I absolutely love it!
  2. For the time being it certainly looks that way. I’m sure around August/September time last year they were available on the website for a good few weeks? Surely there will come a point soon where they scale up and start to produce more. I guess it’s a delicate balancing act, you can’t scale up too much unless you’re going to be shifting huge numbers of units or starting to sell other products.
  3. I am sure there are quite a few people buying only to sell later on eBay... Given that several have gone fairly recently for 800+ I’d say that’s a fair bet. Bummer really, but what can you do when demand is seriously outweighing supply?
  4. Absolute p**s take......
  5. I’ve bought up 6 bags of this myself. Best coffee I’ve had in the longest time.
  6. I tried buying some from Acme. My order sat dormant for several weeks, I then had to spend another week chasing a refund, I think they’re pretty much running with close to no staff.
  7. Thanks for this Rob, this is all really really useful stuff to me. On the process I followed, I have simplified a little. I did waste around 6-8 shots gradually making my grind coarser and dosing less. The idea of noting origin is an interesting one, I'll definitely do this from now on in this instance I switched from Colombia to a blend, but it's definitely something I will do from now on. Funnily enough I'm finding the blend to be more enjoyable, it's just a bummer I've wasted so much of it getting it dialled in!! Thank you very much for your help sir.
  8. So I’m using a Lelit Mara and a Eureka Mignon. As for process, I kept everything the same from my previous coffee. I was using 20g of coffee and getting around 40g espresso in about 30 seconds. I changed nothing and literally nothing was extracted after about 15 seconds and the puck felt very spongey when I discarded it. I ground coarser and again nothing was extracted. I had to go coarser still and use about 2g less coffee and I’m now getting about 2:1 ratio from 18g coffee in about 32-34 seconds. It does taste pretty good again, but I don’t think it’s perfect. Now when you say based on
  9. I’m going to start ordering a kilo at a time I think. I wasted probably a good 150g of beans yesterday and I only had 500g in total, doesn’t leave much to actually enjoy.
  10. I’ve just gone from one Gardelli coffee which I had perfectly dialled in and tasting great to their espresso blend and I’ve had to drastically change both my grind size (way coarser) and dose a couple of grams less to get good results. My issue, still being something of a novice, is that I’ve wasted an awful lot of coffee in the process, probably a good 6-8 shots worth. Gardelli ain’t cheap! I’m just glad I wasn’t switching the other way round since the coffee I’ve just finished was €20+ a bag. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there something I should be doing differently when changin
  11. Hexagram

    Knock Feldgrind

    Shoot me a PM bud.
  12. Hexagram

    Knock Feldgrind

    I’ve had one of these just sat around not doing an awful lot for a little while. Rather than leave it sitting around I’m happy to let it go for 50 quid. I’ve had it from new for a couple of years but it’s not really had much use at all. Pics to follow tomorrow.
  13. Has anyone tried that really steep stuff from Gardelli? I have some of their La Cristalina at the moment and it’s fantastic, but they’ve got stuff at €200 per 250g!!
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