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  1. Great this, starting to resemble a briar pipe...love it
  2. In between my usual blend purchases, I've been trying some of the SO offerings from compass to see if they persuade me to budge. So far I've tried some Columbian and Sumatran SOs, which whilst nice, haven't blown me away. Now I'm after a Brazilian.... Any thoughts? Anyone tried this premier cru from Ipanema? One of their more expensive offerings...(though still bloody cheap)
  3. Looks awesome How did you achieve the splice and finish? I still don't understand how you can turn squared pieces to round even after Joey showed me his blanks [emoji1787]
  4. That Aladdin's cave reminds me of coffeechap's [emoji1787]
  5. I haven't seen the new forum yet as I use Tapatalk. However I've noticed something odd happening with loads of repeat posts in the new posts section..... Not sure what's going on, I thought singeing was wrong with my phone or Tapatalk
  6. Rhinowares one is ok, but for the love of god don't put it in the dishwasher. The markings may well as be written with chalk.... Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  7. I own a specialita to go with my classic.... What do you want to know?
  8. https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcoffeeforums%2Eco%2Euk%2Fshowthread%2Ephp%3Ft%3D44584&share_tid=44584&share_fid=6813&share_type=t
  9. Might change my classic from 9 this weekend and give 6 a try... Luckily I already installed a permanent pressure guage [emoji41]
  10. Always something satisfying about a triangle with radiused corners
  11. Surely some Autobahn
  12. For redber, I can recommend their Sumatran Mandhelling
  13. I was wandering the wastes of the commonwealth in fallout 4 and i discovered someone designed an atomic powered espresso machine called the Sicilian. Looks ace, just the sort of thing @jimbojohn55 would restore. I love it's ridiculous size to produce the tiny amount of coffee, which I suppose is a dig at how real life machines are often enormous compared to the drinks they produce. Let's hope someone kick-starts it [emoji3]
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