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  1. Winner! Have you had Chocolate Point before? Makes amazing milk drinks
  2. This from Rave: https://ravecoffee.co.uk/products/kenya-ndaroini As an espresso you can taste the blackcurrant and then it's super chocolatey in a flat white with oat milk. very nice!
  3. Came in the other day from Black Cat. Not sure what to go for first - got to be the Christmas blend I guess?!
  4. Thanks for the tag - looks like i missed it as i've not been on here for a week or so properly - damn!
  5. Couldn’t wait to start drinking before the photo! Ethiopia from Black Cat Coffee. Great blueberry notes and I’m finding having milk tames the floral notes a bit.
  6. Griffo

    Cool packaging

    I’m moving house soon and will have enough space to have a coffee corner in the kitchen and want to make some “artwork” out of coffee packaging. Which roasters have the coolest looking bags? Thanks :D
  7. More from Black Cat. Still chasing that blueberry note that was so pronounced in their Rwanda 🤤
  8. Happy to help if you still need someone. Recently purchased
  9. Absolutely spot on with this. I’m currently having my first flat white with Chocolate Point and after having drank mostly Signature Blend over the past few years it’s pretty similar.
  10. Couple of black cat’s offerings. Not had these before
  11. Rave's Rwanda Baho 'Disaster Relief'. Got it thinking it would be like @Black Cat Coffee Rwanda.... it's not like it. Nice, though! Plus £2 of every bag is donated. https://ravecoffee.co.uk/products/rwanda-baho-disaster-relie
  12. Awesome - I’ll give that a go. Great value indeed! Had a cappuccino using these today - VERY nice!
  13. Some decaf beans from James Gourmet. Never had anything from them and seen a few people on here recommending them. Will try some of their “normal” beans at some point too no doubt.
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