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  1. Simonelli Oscar Photos Photos have been added guys. Use the Dropbox link above as I could not attach the photos directly due to file size. Reduced to £350 ono Many thanks, Josh
  2. Hi guys, Putting my Red Nuova Simonelli Oscar V1 up for sale as I'm looking to create some kitchen space and no longer have the room to store it. It has been a fantastic machine for me, produces an excellent espresso as these machines are known for, and has great modding potential for all of those who are interested in that area. I've kept the machine largely standard myself apart from adding an Anti Vac valve, installing a new pressurestat and also putting in a Caflelat silicone group head gasket. Have also changed the steam wand tip to a La Marzocco 4 hole tip for easier, better steam c
  3. JOeG

    Hi JoshW - I dont seem to be able to reply to your thread (maybe because I am a new member?)

    I am interested in buying the Mazzer Major for £200 if it's still available.


    I am in London and can pay extra towards postage.

  4. Reduced to £250. FYI, is anyone able to help me in identifying whether the Titanium Burrs are genuine OEM Mazzer? I had an enquiry from a potential buyer who was unsure whether they were genuine and as a result decided not to buy, however they were installed new when I originally purchased the grinder? I wasn't aware aftermarket Titanium Burrs were available? Thanks Josh
  5. Sorry I'm located in Hinckley, Leicestershire
  6. Hi guys, Clearing out some of my coffee bits that I no longer use. For sale is my Sage Duo Temp Pro, it's in great condition and has had light use before I upgraded to a Simonelli Oscar. Has all the usual bits included with the DTP such as the milk jug, portafilter, tamper, 4 baskets etc. Comes with the original box also, pictures to follow. Looking for £150, collection for now due to shipping costs. Thanks, Josh
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