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  1. My question to other decaf users is whether you're disappointed with Columbian coffees. All the Columbians I've had as far back as I can remember have been disappointing. I've had better results from Peru and Brazil recently. I particularly like the Tesco Brazil Finest ground coffee for my Mellitta pour-overs.
  2. I was disappointed with James Gourmet Columbian, which is unusual since I've had good coffees from them. Just not at the moment it seems. I've been using pour-over with Melitta and Kalita Wave recently and trying out some supermarket decafs. Waitrose have a Peru beans which is OK. Tesco have a ground Columbian and a ground Brazilian. Again OK, but nothing special. These are around £3.75 so a cheap experiment. Probably all better used with milk. I have yet to find a really good decaf for a pour-over without milk.
  3. and an adze, an angle grinder, an axe, 50 kg of explosives and a fire extinguisher.......
  4. I'm taking a rest from my Gaggia for the moment. So my answer would be what I'm using ATM. Mazzer Major grinder, cheap plastic Melitta dripper and some filter papers. And for almost instant milky coffee, £30 Lavazza A Modo Mio and some Dek Cremoso decaf capsules.
  5. Now that I've developed a better dribbling technique I can see that this is true enough. I get something like the same pour time and taste when the amounts and grind are the same for both Melitta and Kalita. Forums like this tend to like splitting hairs - it's more interesting to describe differences than similarities, especially in shootouts. But these two are indeed pretty close.
  6. I was surprised myself - it dribbles easily. The good things about the Bosch are 1) a wide and grippy rubber handle so you hold it securely 2) the balance is perfect when pouring, so you have good fine control MWJB is one of our experts here, and I take down notes from his posts. Always makes me think!
  7. Metal Kalita Wave 155. I'm with Step21 regarding the slow continuous dribble method. Seems logical to me that the grounds should be continuously wet during the brew. I know there are different ways of pouring and I haven't tried systematically comparing them, so open to correction. The time is definitely slower with the Kalita than with the Melitta, and you can see the filter holding back the extraction, however it does that. My Melitta is also much larger and so are the filters, so it's not a comparable design. I'm with Step21 in thinking the Kalita works better than the Aeropress on a casual try-out basis. There are lots of ways of experimenting with the AP and I'm not turning my back on it, but so far the Kalita 155 is looking like a very good choice for a single cup.
  8. This morning I did my first pour-over with the Kalita 155. It's much smaller than I thought, but perfect for a single cup. I didn't bother pre-soaking the white filter. My Bosch temperature controlled kettle turned out to be perfectly accurate at pouring - no gooseneck needed. I used a constant very slow pour, just topping up the slurry continuously. Results in the cup were better than my Aeropress, and I would say slightly better than the Melitta, though a similar taste. The coffee - medium coarse - goes through slower than the Melitta. So 20g/250g went through in 3m as opposed to less than 2m30 for the Melitta. I'm pretty happy with the Kalita 155. This may become my most-used method.
  9. Stories like this make you feel good!
  10. What about the Melitta unbleached brown ones? I have these but nothing to compare them with.
  11. I just brewed my first cup with a Melitta style dripper. £8 off eBay with a packet of filters. I'm truly surprised how good this is in the cup. And to think this was designed and patented in 1908. Astonishing.
  12. I'm pretty new to pour-over but I seem to get quite enough control with my regular Bosch temperature controlled kettle. I get a nice thin stream of water which is easy to aim. I was pleasantly surprised. Boils very quickly, has 70-80-90-100 settings and keep warm. I got the discounted turquoise TWK8632PGB STYLINE off eBay, made an offer and it was accepted. There seem to be plenty available still.
  13. First pour-over with the Melitta this morning. My Bosch temperature controlled kettle is surprisingly accurate at pouring - I don't feel the need for a gooseneck. Results in the cup were smoother and fuller than with my Aeropress and less sour. My experience with the Aeropress is in early days yet, though. Overall a good cup of coffee and I'm liking pour-over after a year or two of my Gaggia. I'm impressed - a £5 plastic cone and filter can produce great coffee. I have a Kalita 155 coming so I'll do a shootout when it arrives. I used 22g medium coarse coffee to 250g water at 96°. Plenty hot in the cup. I think it was a good day when my Gaggia stopped working! Haven't bothered to fix it and my backup Gaggia is staying in the cupboard for now.
  14. Making some progress here. My Aeropress brews were all a little bit sour, though they got better the more time elapsed. My grind is medium coarse. First pour with a Melitta cone and filter this morning. Almost no sourness. I'd say it was a better taste overall - smoother and more rounded. I used 22g medium coarse and 250g water at 96°. The coffee was more than hot enough in the cup. I'm pretty surprised how good this cheap £5 plastic cone turns out to be. The pour was very easy with my Bosch temperature controlled kettle. No need for a gooseneck - I could aim the water very accurately. Anyway, overall this kills instant coffee and pods, plus it's quick and easy. I'm not saying the Melitta is the ultimate answer, especially not on a coffee forum! I suspect I could be getting more subtle notes from the coffee than with the Melitta - maybe with a V60. But this is early days - my first pour-over. Beans were months old Waitrose Peru decaf, grinder Mazzer Major. I have some fresh Columbian decaf beans from James Gourmet to try next. Happy days!
  15. In my case - getting used to the Aeropress - I was clearly under-extracting so what I was getting was sour. I'm fixing this with a longer brew time. Still using a medium coarse grind, though, rather than the usual finer grands recommended for the Aeropress. I noticed competition winners were using coarser grinds. So I'm starting to identify "sour" more effectively.
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