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  1. View Advert Niche Zero White UK Niche Zero White UK, Brand new boxed, selling as bought another grinder while waiting for delivery, available to collect from Merseyside or willing to post at additional cost Advertiser mtjones55 Date 06/09/21 Price £550 Category £100 - £600  

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    Niche Zero White UK, Brand new boxed, selling as bought another grinder while waiting for delivery, available to collect from Merseyside or willing to post at additional cost


    St Helens

  3. it will handle roast of 300g M2 pro worked out at £1350 plus £270 import duty, i bought it direct from manufacturer on alibaba
  4. Hi Jord, the roaster does come with the touch screen to monitor the roast and control the settings, you have control of the Heat, Drum rotation and exhaust fan from this touch screen, the pro version also has a bluetooth and cable connection to a computer running artisan, with control of these settings directly from artisan, i have inserted a screenshot of my second attempt to roast below, roasted beans looked great but coffee was a little bitter
  5. I have purchased a Kaleido Sniper M2 Pro roaster, i have had a couple of attempts to roast some Rocko mountain from coffee compass, i have connected this to artisan through its bluetooth connection, everything works fine, i am new to roasting so could do with some help, anybody got any tips? or local to myself in cheshire to give a lesson thanks Mark
  6. completed my order today, Thanks again Dave
  7. Dave, put me down for a white one please
  8. Happy to accept your offer of £900, you can collect anyday this week from my office in St Helens
  9. I dont have any of the original packaging, happy to consider offers.
  10. I am the second owner, the machine is in perfect working order, happy to show it working if your local
  11. Also includes the cup tray riser, picture below
  12. Not a change of heart. The machine is great, i have a Synchronika in my office and was using a Silvia with a PID at home, been drinking mostly milky drinks and this is a chore with the Silvia, being a single boiler, I was deciding whether to get another Synchronika or a Decent for my home and spotted the minima for sale local to me in the forum and couldn't resist, it is perfect for making milky drinks due to the double boilers. the E61 group requires no cam lubrication after cleaning, all in all its an excellent high quality machine. link below to blackcatcoffee for the specification https://www.blackcatcoffee.co.uk/products/acs-minima
  13. ACS Minima stainless steel, I bought it a couple of months ago from a forum member, and have used it daily for 1-2 shots. i have fitted an IMS shower screen and a Cafelat silicone gasket. the machine was originally bought in August last year from Caffe Italia, I've ordered a Decent Espresso machine, so have decided to sell. It comes with the original Twin and Single portafilters and baskets, pictures show what is included. I've only ever used Tesco Ashbeck water in it, I've done weekly backflushes. It is in perfect working condition. I'm looking for £1000 and would prefer collection from Cheshire
  14. This morning coffee went well, seemed a bit slow so upped my grind setting to 12, Grinds nice and fluffy with no clumping, weighed a couple of grinds and they were within .1 of a gram I'm still trying to figure how to dial in my grind with my Synchronika as i have the ECM flow control fitted, been opening flow control 1 1/4 turns to resemble standard flow rate while adjusting grind , then while pulling a shot opening the flow control a 1/4 of a turn till i see coffee on the bottom of the basket before opening another turn then closing gradually as shot pours
  15. Upon checking my Bella barista delivery, i also received a large bag of QC failed beans, and a bag of Gaslight espresso, again unexpected and very welcome, ground the QC beans and then a quick try with my beans of the week, Extract Coffee Dr Strangelove, grind setting around 10 seemed to be about right, ill have another go in the morning to confirm that
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