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  1. If you have a Waitrose near you they sell beans from Union with a roast date.
  2. Good luck for the trip back Hasi and great to meet you in person. Alles Gute!
  3. I used to dose 18.5g and just grind the amount I needed. Good luck with the machine!
  4. Many thanks to all involved- I had a great time and it was great to talk to like minded people.
  5. Glad to hear it's going well. I used to just weigh out 18.5g of beans and 'manually' grind until the hopper ran empty, rather than leaving beans to rest in the hopper. If you press and hold in the portafilter against the grinder button it will stop when you release it, which means you can shake down the coffee half way through and stop it from spilling out everywhere. That way I hardly spilled any. Although the grinder is insulated against heat from the thermocoil I did find that there was a degree of heat transference that made the beans go stale more quickly, which was why I only ever ground
  6. I now recall it was so long that my dad had to chisel part of the garage wall away for the front number plate to slot in, so that he could close the garage door!! A truly spectacular vehicle and loving all the photos!
  7. Sorry, meant to quote Dee's reply to my message- I will see you all on the lever day!
  8. Dumnorix


    You've come to a good place! What sort of coffee do you like?
  9. Good luck with the Barista Express- I owned one for a couple of years and got some pretty good coffee out of it. I am happy to share hints/ tips if that would help. There are so many good artisan roasters to choose from these days and I would see if there are any fairly local to you that you could visit- that was how I started and I got some good deals that way, as roasters give a better price if you travel to them and are generally happy to talk about their wares as passionate coffee people! Not sure how many are operating in the Highlands as a more remote area, but it's worth a bit of resear
  10. More time here definitely results in more spending! I am a Sage DB owner but have recently acquired a Profitec Pro 500 from Ebay- I realise a step down in one sense as it's a HX machine, but I was desperate to own an E61 machine and learn how to service/ maintain it. It's also been interesting pulling shots from both with the same beans and comparing the taste. When I get more time I will start a thread about this but am too busy at work at the moment.
  11. I think you could get a second hand Lido for £80-90- look them up. I have a Lido 2 which grinds pretty uniformly and is espresso capable, although I don't use it for that. They are quite bulky and the adjustment ring is a bit fiddly though. That said, I like mine!
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