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  1. Yes the vintage ones whistle. The newer ones are almost silent.
  2. Pretty sure we’ve had this conversation before but what on earth are you on about. A Pavoni is the quietest machine on the market
  3. If you got a fully serviced nice condition one for £350 you’d have gotten a good deal. I think on here they’d be £400 and on eBay perhaps £500. It’s not to say they’re not worth it though as there’s not much competition at that price.
  4. KTD

    New Liz

    I use a tapas dish to catch the drips once I hit weight too! Saves cleaning the drip tray all the time. Looks good and while expensive it’s definitely one of the more sensible setups available
  5. Looking good! Well done
  6. Maybe you could get frank at Titus to do the needle valve mod to the paddle.
  7. Any reason the water tank is round? Seems to be a waste of space and therefore more awkward filling? Unless that space houses something else
  8. Nice vid jake, some strange choices but clearly a capable machine if not the best at the price point. That drip tray flex is a bit of an odd one, I’d be surprised if that wasn’t fixed, lots of manufacturers seem to have left the drip tray as an afterthought over the years. How much space is wasted in the water tank area? Round pegs for straight holes! Or is there something else down there?
  9. First use I found them dodgy maybe even first couple, however they seemed to settle down and have been good since.
  10. For £400 you’ll get a gaggia classic and a eureka mignon secondhand, it’s a great starter setup and there’s loads of people on the forum who can help you with parts/problems/upgrades. Well looked after or reconditioned Classics come up on here fairly often. My advise is get some saved searches on eBay and keep your eye on machines and grinders that are local to you, if they are not shipping prices are normally better. Hand grinders are definitely an option, they too come up secondhand once people upgrade.
  11. Seen very similar before that we’re not genuine. By all means collect it and pay them then but I would be wary of bidding.
  12. I too am allergic to something am blocked up year round, lost my sense of smell a year ago(not covid) hasn’t come back at all. Can taste fine though but there are times certain coffees don’t work for me when I know I’ve found them fine before. Try oxymetazoline for a few hours of clear airways it’s a godsend. Been waiting 9 months for an ent appointment and still just on the waiting list.
  13. Trying to get good results with skimmed milk, few too many bubbles but the photo came out nice
  14. Just a quick one, having also spent lots of time in Italy, the espresso you’ll get from a Gaggia classic and Mignon will be better. You’ll be drinking coffee of a much higher standard than that served in Italian cafes. I’ve followed this thread from the start but unsure what the issue is now, are you still balancing faff(bingo!) And cost?
  15. Anyone want a game of faff bingo, down a shot of espresso every time someone says it
  16. KTD


    This is all Hoffman’s fault, you won’t catch me listening to a word he says. What do you think? Is it Hoffman’s fault? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for listening and have a great day
  17. KTD

    Ceado E92

    You’ve got yourself a great grinder there.
  18. Of course you can compare them. Compare them on price, ease of fixing, heat up times, size. People have different needs, if baffo wants to spend £1250 then yes the minima is probably best bang for buck but I’m not sure he does.
  19. Key word is now. You may carry on learning as you have since you bought your first machine.
  20. What would you buy if you had £350 in your pocket?
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