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  1. Here’s one that you can answer. Did YOU ‘think’ the post about pests was about flys or forum members?
  2. I reported his post. Didn’t get a response. He then warned me. You as a mod should have took down his post, if you were being fair. You know it’s true and you are aware what he was doing. The fact that you are continuing this is embarrassing you both. Delete both threads and have a fresh start tomorrow.
  3. I asked him 7 hours ago. He couldn’t answer it honestly so he ignored it.
  4. Honour, integrity
  5. Let’s have some honesty
  6. Do you believe it to be true?
  7. About time he was charged advertising rates
  8. Yes the vintage ones whistle. The newer ones are almost silent.
  9. Pretty sure we’ve had this conversation before but what on earth are you on about. A Pavoni is the quietest machine on the market
  10. I hate the fact that comments are being deleted that aren’t in anyway offensive. By all means lock the thread if you absolutely have to but don’t delete things you don’t want to read.
  11. When niche, Lelit etc send you a machine to test or help develop and you write about it on here it’s to the benefit of the members of the forum while help snow ball sales for the producer. If a member makes a product like a tamper and then sells it to another member who adds it to what did the postie bring you, which ultimately leads to them making more I guess that’s advertising too? Threads bring in people, people drive traffic, banner advertisers what traffic. None of them have complained. Just do the right thing, apologise, backtrack and hold your hands up and we move on. Alternatively- w
  12. KTD

    LSOL Announcements

    Forum only just started to move on from the ongoings of last year, despite the possible logic I can’t help thinking this decision will bury it.
  13. If you got a fully serviced nice condition one for £350 you’d have gotten a good deal. I think on here they’d be £400 and on eBay perhaps £500. It’s not to say they’re not worth it though as there’s not much competition at that price.
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