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  1. Hi, thank you for the interest but this is all now sold and due for collection on the 12th. if anything changes I will update the thread, otherwise I’ll update to close it once the buyer and I are happy business is concluded.
  2. Morning Adam, Thank you, I'm happy to take this to PM for further arrangements. Cheers, Matt
  3. Thanks JLT, I can't see a way I can be prepared to courier unfortunately, through lack of insurance or cost it's not something I want to get into unfortunately.
  4. Hi Adam, Thank you for the offer, I will politely decline as I feel my current valuation offers good value for money. If I'm not able to sell as a complete set then I'll reconsider selling all items separately with pricing accordingly. Cheers, Matt
  5. Thank you for the offer but that price is not a consideration for me.
  6. Thank you for the reminder, I will ensure any offers etc are conducted in this thread. This was simply some questions.
  7. Morning Adam, I had and also thought I replied the same day but on checking it seems it was saved as a draft and not sent. Apologies, the reply should be with you now. cheers, matt.
  8. As promised, here is an off the cuff video, showing from bean to cup. Being hyper self critical, the grind was a tad too tight, the tamp slightly uneven and I just gave up half way through the pour! ?? hopefully it demonstrates the equipment working, even if my skills are not quite up to doing it justice at the minute! Better resolutions should be rendering shortly.
  9. Hi there. Just joined the site and doesn't seem to want to let me reply to your advert.

    If the other person doesn't buy it I'd be interested in purchasing the Appartamento etc.

    Many thanks,


    1. Muska



      I'm afraid I'm not sure why you're unable to post, perhaps it has to do with post count?

      I am just uploading a short video of it in action now.




    2. makinshaw


      Could be because I’ve not posted anything yet. Let me find out what I need to do! Sorry!

  10. Hi, that’s perfectly reasonable I should be able to do that for you tomorrow.
  11. With some regret, for sale is my complete Coffee Making setup. Having suffered some ill health since April of 2019 which I'm only just getting past, I come to the decision to move on my complete setup. Collection only please, from near Armitage, Staffordshire. Rocket Appartamento Copper side inserts I am the second owner, purchasing directly from the original. Bought originally from Bella Barista, the warranty expired 26/03/18. This machine is from 2016 and I bought it shortly before the warranty ran out. It works perfectly, I have kept it exceptionally clean at all tim
  12. Thank you for bringing this superb offer here, I have also ordered one
  13. Felt like I nailed the textured milk on this cappuccino, it was really smooth all the way down! but I started the heart a little too early and ended up dragging it the cup a bit. Mess around the edge is me trying to master the bottomless portafilter!
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