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  1. I did not install any water treatment apart from my hone's water softener (I leave in an area of ultra hard water). I did install some pipes and faucets to allow me to easily do an acid flush from a container. My plan is to do preventive descaling once a month. I can just close a faucet to cut water supply and open another faucet connected to a short hose that I dip in a bucket with a citric acid solution. It takes me a couple of minutes to fill the tanks with acid bath, then I let it rest for an hour and flush clean water through the boiler and HX to rinse the acid solution. I hope with this I'll keep it scale-free and enjoy good tasting espresso. Matias
  2. I just did the same upgrade: from a Gaggia Classic to a used M21 Junior. I bought it second hand from a former restaurant owner and paid 150 EUR. However, mine had been stored for about two years and, while all the parts worked, it was only after completely disassembling, descaling, cleaning, lubricating, etc. that I got it to work. I'm super happy with it. I did not need to buy any parts (apart from gaskets, shower diffuser, and other consumables). within a couple of weeks of morning espressos for two I have it quite dialed in. This is really a high quality machine. Go for it! Matias
  3. Actually, being so close to Italy, you'd think it should be very good. However, as soon as you cross the border, everything changes. Fortunately, I found a good roaster in Cannes, about 30 mins by car from home, after the only roaster in Antibes went out of business a coupke of years ago. I'm now hunting for a used commercial machine. Seems like I may get a functioning VFA Elite Express for very cheap. Fingers crossed!
  4. Thanks. The seller is not answering my questions. But I may get lucky with a single group VFA express elite. Best regards, Matias
  5. Can someone help me identify this machine? Any info appreciated. Thanks in advance, Matias
  6. As the title says. Can I buy any brand's 58 mm portafilter to use with the Gaggia Classic? Thanks in advance, Matias
  7. That's a great suggestion about the whisk. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone. New member from the south of France here. Cheers!
  9. Hello, New member here. i am Chilean but currently live in Antibes, France. I have a Gaggia Classic and a proper grinder (I don't remember the brand right now). Cheers!
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