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  1. Apologies for typos. Been a long day!
  2. Considered the Pro and posted in the wanted ads and was offered one. Like the gadget feeling and display but I wanted something different. They looked to similar. Also - the press shots of the DTP make it look great. In reality, the stainless is a tad wavy. Not an issue, just think that the photography has been tweaked etc. Still a great starter machine. I will be buying a gaggia Classic, stripping it, powder coating and doing a few mods as a project at some point also. You have to drive a Classic; not as forgiving etc., so DTP is the curve, Classic the project, Rocket the goal!!
  3. Gfunk03 Am sure there’ll be a coffee specialist/ roaster in that there Northern Ireland! I have a few stove top moka pots and a cup top filter - all needing of varying grinds. If honest, Mignon is the espresso grinder and I have supermarket shelf fodder for the time being if I use anything other than the DTP. Will possibly invest in a separate grinder at some point?! Overkill maybe, but a line of mad coloured Mignons would be fun. I live alone also and on demand is recommended. Just opened a new bag of beans and can’t wait til morning to grind n go!!
  4. gfunk03 - Mignon is great. It can throw a few grinds around but it’s nothing major. It’s quiet and has a tiny footprint so suitable for smallest counters. I drink espresso or long-Black/ Americano so no need to change grind. So far - have not really noticed a significant need to change settings between beans. The first pull is usually he test. If it delivers in under 8 seconds, tweak next grind to finer etc. You will also be able to tell from the wet puck. Any more than 1 knock and it’s finer! It’s trial and error but have to admit, the fine/ coarse issue is not a problem. I grind
  5. Just had a quick read through and thought I’d offer thoughts. Looked at various options; gaggia Classic/ Silvia being the main ones, although still dreaming of a Rocket Apartamento! Bought a DTP at Christmas. Then added a grinder a few weeks later. Used ‘ground for espresso’ coffee from HasBean for a week or so and pulled great coffee using the supplied pressurised basket. So - picked the grinder up; green Eureka Mignon. Spent a while researching and reading/ watching reviews. The difference with the extraction is amazing. HasBean offered to grind finer if needed - great serv
  6. That Cougar looks a bit special!! I quite fancy something 60s/ 70s to restore at some point. Fixie looks right! Something about singles over geared bikes. Clean and simple lines. Less cables and less fuss.
  7. Better late than never!! 09 Specialised Langster with a bit of paint and some pimping!!
  8. Picking my single up later. It’s a bit over pimped I fear! Custom paint - grey with stars; including the token gold leaf star on the down tube!! Pictures later - no laughing!!
  9. Would be great. Override the switch in order that the machine is on constantly; WiFi plug and hey presto - hey Siri, turn the coffee machine on. Think I mentioned this in a post a while ago asking if anyone could override. Asked around some of the engineers in the lab at work and will see if anyone ever came up with an idea next week.
  10. Mignon - great machine and very small footprint. It does clump when grinding but not an issue. Picked mine up a few weeks ago after too much research. I properly love the little thing!! There’s a few that have popped up at the right money in the for sale section. There was a bright yellow one a week or so ago. Was just a bit over your 150 but colour was stunning and it looked in mint condition. With the Bella Barista transferable warranty, you’re likely to get an as new unit with remaining ticket?
  11. Seconding the drop HasBean a mail post. I asked the question a few weeks ago but had delivered in the end. Am 10 minutes from their premises etc. Chris at HasBean is a star.
  12. Phollingswo - off to have a look at Worx! Deep section rims and amber wall tyres - Tis the law!! Looks damn fine!!
  13. Always wanted a KMX. We used to muck around on an RM125 many years ago and a Suzuki road bike that was sort of trial based. The RM was way too tall - Full floater setup and scary fast from memory. Never bought one as I would have lasted 5 minutes on the road, I test drove a TZR125 and realised my mind thought that power was either on or off but hitting the power band made me smile at the time! Always fancied an RGV too. .
  14. LukeT - you know you want to!! Buy bike. Ride bike. Find coffee shop. Watch them pour espresso - mentally criticise and ask for a long Black to confuse if non-savvy!! Tis a game!! . Look at first post. Pinarello runs slightly ovalised rings. Am convinced I’m not convinced but if Froome says they’re great I follow! NOT. They’re interesting and damn quick uphill.
  15. kdr152

    Sage duo

    My Portafilter seems to Lock to right also so expect ok. Also noticed the channels under - where coffee comes from - can be moved/ loose? No issue but did wonder. So - Mignon - ground about 1/2 kg of beans through yesterday. Used the chirping method - no beans in and wait til the burrs engage then dial back a bit. If honest, it was trial and error but now using 17.5g beans through the Mignon and pulling a double in about 26-28 seconds. Tastes good to me and tried finer - choked the machine, so think I’m on right lines. Mignon is a great thing. Using it on demand and not with timer
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