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  1. oh noes, really sorry to hear that dude! hope she's on the mend on day four [emoji1695]
  2. I'd pull it a tad longer (like 1:2.5) and really slow. mostly taking the Sigri to my old LaPav so dosage is different (13g in, aiming for 30g out which is difficult enough on a Europiccola) - long low pressure pre-infusion and a very gentle pull (up to 50s). @coffeechap did quite some magic with Sigri in the past, perhaps he can recall his recipe? [emoji56]
  3. thank you guys! straight 1:2 ratio works very well with Vöcklabrand, we're currently down to 16g in on ZM/Minima (35s) and 16.5g in on MXP/Rocket Evo2 (30s bloom w/ valve open, then 30s shot). Both at 6bar [emoji56]
  4. Hasi

    VB Kaffee beans

    haven't got them so far, but will go back and review [emoji205] orange and sugar cane are there, may they remind you of mango?
  5. Hasi

    VB Kaffee beans

    Mandarin? Green tea? Dog?
  6. reasons they struggle are... . underpowered motor . often compensated by high RPM . smaller burrs offering less travel from pre-breaker to exit, therefore need to be more agressively cut Combining above with harder and less brittle light roasts... there you have it [emoji56]
  7. Congrats! ...pretty solid input you've got there, telling from deltaBT curve. What's your sampling rate and delta span settings now? Regarding crash&co. according to Scott Rao: you have a baked roast when you taste one, not necessarily when (you think) you've spotted one in your graph. I mean, there's obvious signs such as a real stall or decline in roasting temp, but especially around 1C start you need to develop a feeling for your machine whether or not you can trust readings. Because - and that's the dangerous part of high resolution logging - beans absorb quite a bit of heat prior to 1C to eventually release it suddenly upon bursting open. If one of these effects happen in direct adjacency of your thin and super sensitive probe, guess what you see on screen a second later? Thus, you should interpret readings relative to your settings and probes. For instance, if your sampling rate is 2s and your delta span is 6s, a delta of 0 means you had one or two negative values in your data set. But without knowing previous readings you cannot determine how much it'll point downwards 2s later. This is where the fancypants new idea of AUC comes in handy. But you wouldn't really need it visualised if you're paying attention [emoji56] Keep it coming mate!
  8. +1 for IMS - just be aware to grind finer compared to a standard basket.
  9. Hasi

    VB Kaffee beans

    Ha, there's progress! (Somehow didn't receive all notifications throughout the past days...) Fruity, citrus... yea it's there - would you agree to orange as one of the foremost flavours? You should be able to unlock a whole lot of a particular sweetness, setting a nice undertone... no more hints now!
  10. Hasi

    Niche Pimpin’

    @Nicknak work's calling!
  11. Amazon sponsored website behind link, first post, no introduction, let's keep an eye on [email protected] [emoji56]
  12. For heaven's sake 🤦‍♂️ Copied yours erroneously into my roasting list. My fault... I'm really sorry!! Stupid enough, label is correct as our whole process wouldn't allow for a mix-up (that I could think of). You can check underneath label right below zipper, batch number is also stamped onto bag itself. Hope you'll still enjoy them beans from other side of the world 😖
  13. The finest rainbow-glittery unicorn burr set for the Monoliths it shall be then!
  14. haha, great idea! In a flash of unselfishness, I'll suggest Ian to throw some coins my way for a noice non-Christmas non-blend... [emoji56][emoji23][emoji39]
  15. believe we've discussed this somewhere on here in a slightly different context (vacuum packing freshly roasted beans, must've been in home roaster section...), thing is you're right in assuming a lack of ambient pressure to drive staling process. It facilitates oils to surface and get exposed to oxidation. Obviously, that won't be much of a problem as long as they stay in a depressurised environment. Once opened, things might speed up dramatically. Think this holds especially true for darker roasts as more of their cellular structure has already become weak or brittle during the roast, resulting in less resistance to keep oils contained within. In general, it's best to pack directly after roasting, pushing all possible air out of bags (no vac). As a result of degassing (which means formation of CO2) bags would inflate slightly, creating their own protective environment. Airscape containers have received a lot of praise round here. They basically work without changing internal air pressure - by pushing a lid down to content fill level and locking it there.
  16. Hasi

    VB Kaffee beans

    erm, I did not mean what fruit you're usually been given... [emoji23]
  17. Hasi

    VB Kaffee beans

    what fruit do you get? [emoji56][emoji205]
  18. Ha! ... and I had great fun writing all these notes [emoji56]
  19. great stuff! Re ratios... I'm still experimental about taking the Monkey Puzzle to espresso, pulling 16in/38out with various grind settings. But looking fwd to everybody's recipes [emoji56]
  20. Question one is, why are there so few environmentally friendly forms of food packing? Question two is, how does a return system work in detail? Question three is, why would a roaster risk quality issues with either loose beans or insufficient oxygen barriers? We support bring-your-own-can approach for local prw-orders. Plus, we have plans to offer this kind of service (again, locally) at some point next year. Thinking it over, still quite crazy how much work and resources it takes from manufacturing tin cans, dishwasher and related consumables, delivering them to us... to washing/rinsing for a clean refill, storing for next use and sending out or having customers take them home. For seamless turnover it requires around 2.5x as many tins as you'll be able to sell from, which is madness in its own right... For the time being, one option is at least upcycling coffee bags like a customer of ours did, lately: [emoji56]
  21. Ha! Thank you for the flowers [emoji41] I've created the blend for a restaurant, there we've discovered the same easy to work with attitude [emoji56]
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