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  1. dunno but they're readily available everywhere. Maybe Evans supplies them with their once-and-for-all coolant [emoji23] Funny enough, I've been opening and closing this guy at least four times, alsways treaded uper section of thread with some silicone grease so it wouldn't get stuck. Maybe the materials didn't like one another [emoji15]
  2. Ha! Would've been my guess as well - in fact the brass one was the original equipment! Plastic ones only came on aftermarket radiators [emoji44]
  3. live update: ...much better!
  4. Stupid is as stupid does Next steps: - stitch up a yellow warning towel saying "FASTEN PORTAFILTER AT ALL TIMES" - an orange carpet mat with a thick line on it an the wording "MIND THE SPRING LEVER" and - a red cupboard door sticker that reads "KEEP CALM AND CLEAN CUPBOARDS"
  5. That's how they treated these things down at the factory... Have fun with her, now that it looks like a what-else-could-ever-go-wrong-from-here project!
  6. Doing just that later today! Haha, but Joey ruins stuff by applying brute Northern force. In my case that plug just collapsed when I looked at it... Oh and on my test drive (which was supposed to be my commute...) I discovered the float assembly in one of the carbs apparently got stuck and fuel would overflow like mad. Luckily at Stromberg/Zenith they've thought of such a failure and have designed their carbs to feature a drain pipe connector. Pipe feeds all the way to bottom of the engine so kinda hard to see - but one could hear the gush, loud and clear! 😓 Carbs certainly disapproved being turned upside down when cleaning the underside of intake manifold... anyhow, I turned around and went to work in a proper 3-pot 1.0l turbo tin can.
  7. To refill engine coolant one must unscrew a big bolt-like plastic cap on top of the radiator. Been there, done that so what's the deal? Head came off and thread got stuck, that's the deal. wtf! Had to use a metal dowel, WD40 and pipe wrench to get it all out [emoji51] now I don't have a cap other than the thread and dowel combo [emoji23] oh boy...
  8. and putting in everything I've got... Hopefully this will stop her dripping for good...! Now waiting 24h for the sealant to harden, then refilling coolant and seeing what's happening!
  9. buffing Miss Sophies internals...
  10. K-type sits in this exact position because the hole was there. Simples! [emoji23] Dave might give you the long version, can't properly recall it... I removed the probe and plugged the hole with a screw. Re Vienna, drop in at https://www.tasteit.at/ located in the Inner City, Wollzeile. They can surely give you up to date directions where to get decent coffee... not too easy in good old Kaffeehaus town.
  11. dislike dislike!! but you know what? We all need to start somewhere. In case you are that mighty strong ADHS Northener type you'll have to accept the you-break-it-you-buy-it-spares rule. [emoji23]
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