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  1. where did you apply sunscreen to? the monitor?
  2. [emoji23] Derek and Stephen! Although, with a very dark roasted bean, it'll be an Ashley in its own right. To your liking - that's what counts! There's still quite some confusion as to correct naming policy. Coffee shops often offer differing recipes, the interwebz is full of differing views and there appears to be no common bottom line... even true for the most basic drinks... is a flat white a cappuccino? Some say hell no, some say sure thing, some wouldn't even know, so who cares?!
  3. Hasi

    New Posts?

    try the dark roast mode, you'll always see [Unread content] below the top right buttons. No additional clicks necessary!
  4. Hasi

    New Posts?

    What theme are you using? Because there appear different menu items in the different themes (for them alternatives being beta versions, still)
  5. oh I can kill it for you... (it's paPavoni btw)
  6. is that so? no bragging intended, however, we have over a hundred. Didn't stop me from bringing my own equipment
  7. aah, well let's focus on a quick-and-easy win in the first place! one more dark roast theme oddity: when pasting text (e.g. a hyperlink) it'll also turn white and cannot be read in the editor. In premium roast theme, I'm missing those buttons in top right corner (most importantly to me, the notifications bell). Other than that it's really nice so far! Also, text looks more like light grey to me than white. Good and clear! thx @Tait
  8. I didn't get any strange ads as well, seems to be browser specific! Using DuckDuckGo privacy browser on my Android (current build) and Firefox 60.1.0esr on my Win10 workstation in the office. Apple users appear to get more of targeted other stuff... (there's an option in iOS to disable targeted ads, or reset your ad ID. Maybe give this a try: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202074)
  9. if you buy an EK they'll be gone!
  10. just having fun with the new forum software 😁👍🏻
  11. I'm not into wood turning, so won't pick your bone to begin with! 😂 but thanks for the offer...
  12. fully intentional - that's where the fun starts
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