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  1. oh yes [emoji51][emoji51][emoji51] excitement! panic!! 10mins ago, fired up the machine and delivered some stuff, now parking car away... some grind and water hardness adjustments, then at 1ish (our time) should be good to go.
  2. cheers guys!! stressful fun that... Tomorrow we'll start to see whether it was worth it [emoji85][emoji23][emoji56]
  3. haha, nah - all done and well! Attaching the other ones, I found time to document the process a bit more. Second layer. Fleece lining. Done! [emoji56]
  4. Alright, here's a little walk through those coffee sack inlays: I laid the frame flat on supports to have access/visibility from all sides. With one sack cut open, I figured out centre as far as possible... ha, these stamps and weave orientation don't match up at all, of course. So happy times guessing anything! Finally brought myself to tack one [emoji23] Walk in the park from there, one lap is only only 3m which made it roughly 250 shots. Next thing [photo missing] I folded in the backside of the bag to generate a second layer - just in case some white would peek through from underneath. Applied three layers of 1cm fleece lining cut to ever smaller sizes. This should create at least a little more of a bulge once back wall comes on again! Sneak peek from underside, alignment looks a bit off but what the heck... [emoji56] Will finish off first thing tomorrow morning [emoji42][emoji42][emoji42] done for the day...
  5. well then... [emoji23] Dave there's work to do! I'm in for the fun of it, btw happily sold my Niche in due course [emoji56]
  6. also you couldn't afford 125 chopped Mythi within two weeks mate [emoji23] please cancel your order before it's too late!!
  7. Final assembly... let's get started! and a little detail before the sacks take their space [emoji41] tried to tweak phone camera to represent true tone [emoji51] erm, sort of worked out [emoji56]
  8. Ha! Yea give it a try [emoji41][emoji106][emoji2532] If there's already coffee on it, further unintentional stains wouldn't matter too much me thinks [emoji56]
  9. wouldn't do any harm - I've used only coffee to stain the wood... in total three double shots plus water. Now that it's dried it looks really really nice. A subtle milky coffee tone. Hope I'm able to take some halfway accurate pictures later today!
  10. For anyone attempting similar, it took me 3 Americanos... [emoji56] now resting...
  11. took it a tiny bit too far, whoops [emoji2960] [emoji1787] well then, while we're at it... on with the staining!
  12. Hasi

    Brexit inspired coffee

    [emoji23] great stuff, said the spectator. Can anyone recommend a good popcorn blend to go with all this hilarity? And don't tell me now to use everything the Niche spits out...
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