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  1. Hasi

    Coffee car

    [emoji23]but let's stick to the rules and post here only if there's interest in buying [emoji51][emoji1591]
  2. Oh yes, that sounds like a project!
  3. you back in the game?! [emoji41][emoji41][emoji41] just don't trash her again will ya?
  4. [email protected] save your wrists for folk who's listening up [emoji56][emoji41]
  5. @MildredM to the rescue!
  6. [emoji23] ha, obviously you can trick your system. Question is how long it will be able to cope. I've been heavily into resistance training and natural nutrition optimisation methods, did read and test most of what's out there. Talked to a lot of professionals on both ends of the spectrum, be it bodybuilders or doctors and learned one or two things I'd rather avoid. Did workout and nutrition schedules for me and others, driving folk mad kinda like a personal trainer flying under the radar [emoji56] Calorie counting day in and out. Changed my life pretty much tbh. And I was quite big for some time, at 183cm/84kg/4.6% body fat. But it seems I can't keep up with the amount of time needed to maintain the status. So getting older I just find it fun to intersperse some of that experience... [emoji56][emoji56]
  7. I was warned to pay closer attention to details in here [email protected] fooled everybody by rebuilding the twin Pavonis... now there you have it. [emoji23]
  8. Measuring SDA (specific dynamic action) of foods is a delicate topic, as is everything that relates to human metabolism. Very little is known for a fact how it all comes together. Even less is known as to why results really vary so much from one individual to another. If I were to advocate a sure shot at burning calories: exercise more than you eat. Slim Fast Coffee wtf... [emoji23] Or take drinking a pint of ice cold water for instance: burns about 100kcal in stabilising your internal temp. But will it burn the correct calories for proper weight (aka. fat) loss? No, it will burn the best accessible ones that are freely floating in your blood vessels at the time. And these are usually Glucose molecules stemming from unavoidable carbohydrate intake (starch, fibre and all that jazz contained in vegetables) even if you're avoiding regular carbs. Any change in temperature sets out a threat to the sensitive balance of complex organic structures and therefore presents an emergency situation for your body. As will a temp rise provoke counter measures... but that takes us a bit far off [emoji23] Ha! One day I might publish my own study where I condense all my findings into some high-flying bullsh!t for others that have as little clue to wank off over. Yeehaw!
  9. The most disturbing word in there is "instant" - thank you for cropping the rest I usually question these studies as they're poorly designed, all too often. What makes you burn more calories? Just the ingredients, or rather an increased activity level?
  10. yea time to dust off the dirt...
  11. Love it!! Although, rather stick to your cellphone (or wipe the group clean next time) because we're seeing FINGERPRINTS!
  12. Luckily you didn't talk me into passing on mine at Lever Day (as had happened with a certain white milk jug... 🤣)
  13. Think we had some fun with it, but seriously now... This here community is full of grade A lunatic coffee enthusiasts. Folk are dedicating most of their time (and monies) to coffee, quite a few are active home roasters. Others work in coffee industry operating commercial machinery. While cranking a pot on a stove might be fun for some, it constitutes an age-old method one can learn about in rural museums. That is because back in 19th Century Europe, local grocers would supply green beans in areas too remote to deliver fresh coffee to. Or where people were so poor they couldn't afford to buy real coffee and had to roast acorns, nuts and stuff as a substitute. Nowadays, knowledge as well as technology have evolved to a point where small money can buy (used) home roasting equipment that does heat, agitate beans and partly even control a roast, automatically. Even when using aerospace grade or rocket science materials, a stirring pot will always stay... a pot. And therefore pretty much covering a small niche in places where people don't (yet) know better. Everybody needs to start somewhere, so projects like yours are a possible entry point for folk looking into starting out home roasting. Then again, as it has been said before, get your advertising request over to the mods or owners to be cleared. And, if I may add, 'coffee tastes great' isn't a valid argument at all. Taste differs, but in an attempt to standardise things, organisations like the SCAA/E have established vocabulary to describe coffees so that professionals working as tasters, cuppers, product developers or quality managers can make notes others would understand. While I could tell the world about our coffees they all taste great, hardly any on here would agree. The more experience you gain, the more refined your palate will become - enbling you to tell very subtle differences in different batches of the very same bean and roast profile. Last thing, you want to create the most even roast possible so that individual beans aren't roasted to another level than others. This is to prevent two cups from tasting differently or one having off-flavours like grassy, ashy, rubbery or other over/underroasted nuances. Looking at your beans, I see scorching, tipping, completely charred examples and a few unevenly coloured ones. Making a bold guess now, but I imagine to find all aforementioned off-flavours in the cup. Coffee roasting is a rather complex topic where many things can go wrong at most times before, during and after a roast. The more precision and control the better. Here, we're seeing a minimum of both.
  14. maybe I should save up for this one rather than the Loring I've been dreaming of so far...
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