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  1. Re citric acid 1. try with warm/hot water 2. as mentioned already, use a bit more than a teaspoon 3. give it some time careful with aluminium parts (no matter what acid btw), do you know what materials your machine internals are made from?
  2. πŸ˜‚ If I went outside today (and the if is a very big, capitalised IF), I'd only get wet skin around here...
  3. Hasi

    Too much for me

    yea I've seen that, only has Default in it for the time being. Hope
  4. Love your header!! You look a bit pale though 😎

  5. pls give us a dark skin! 😎😎😎
  6. Hasi

    Too much for me

    +1 I'd very much welcome a dark skin at some point! Going to suggest this in the suggestions thread...
  7. you're intending to buy or nick them? 😁 Nice collection btw! ...and welcome!
  8. but: no likes, no quotes, no avatars, no folk that I follow, no old content notifications in TT so trying to getting used to the mobile Web UI...
  9. +1 all the way If you stick to one brand, there may be other accessories than batteries/chargers to share across different tools. Like guide rails. I have a blue router and circular hand saw that both go well with my guide. Which is a very handy thing btw, especially if space to stow away or put up a bench saw is an issue! One thing to keep in mind regarding cords: agility. In a usual workshop you'll have plenty of power plugs everywhere. Even these power cubes dangling from the ceiling and all that jazz. At home you might have to use an extension cable of suitable length* which creates quite some hassle if you need to move around your workpiece a lot. This is especially true for routers. The downside of cordless tools, on the other hand, is their price. Because I cannot copy the effect of dying batteries in blue Bosch stuff (Li-Ion and above) I'd highly recommend their 18V battery powered equipment. Always have one battery pack more than tools so you are fully charged when running low on one. My background? Building a wooden house plus interior with that blue stuff, none of which had ever let me down. If I could've had afforded it, maybe I would've gone with Festool. But they really charge silly money. *Never use powerful equipment with a cable drum that has not been fully unrolled! Unless you feel like burning down the house that is. At my local fire dept. we did a test not too long ago: a 500W work light plugged into a cable drum was enough to nicely broil 50m of rolled up cord after 15 minutes.
  10. Hasi

    IOM TT Races

    TT must be is the last resort for real racers in our high tech high security world... but oh those many sad stories of lost sons. Dunno whether I could ever bear the suspense of watching these daredevils 😬 Once again, thanks so much for sharing all this, @MildredM!
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