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  1. aww great to have you on board again mate! [emoji41]
  2. Decomposition of sucrose begins at temperatures around first crack (185-190C). Depending on degree of roast, a roaster may be able to preserve a good part of what was initially contained in a green bean. Which, of course, is relative to the plant itself, its growing conditions, harvest timing and subsequent processing methodology. Among other compounds, numerous other (complex) carbohydrate structures can be found in a green bean - starch/cellulose for instance. Then, there are or alcohols (esp. glycols) present. Some of these organic compounds are being re-formed into intermediate products, cracked and broken down during and after a roast (instable molecules during resting period, degassing being a by-product of this molecular disintegration). Extraction obviously plays a big role in unlocking, as well as enabling physical and chemical reactions to produce flavours. The outcome doesn't necessarily be a type of sugar to evoke sweetness. Aforementioned glycols do taste sweet, as do certain amino acids. Also, taste notes that remind us of sugary fruit (dried fruit, ripe berries, tropical fruit, etc.) or chocolate, caramel and so on are able to shift your perception a bit.
  3. it's been a while... that guy survived Thanksgiving, but not Mrs Hasi's breakfast thirst
  4. in the all-new online shop eh? [emoji23]
  5. haha, that joke's great! as you can see, the immense attention to coding accuracy ensures flawless operation [emoji1305] edit: oh that good old spam - unfortunately gone already, was brilliant!
  6. Hasi

    Forum Shop

    if that is a future scenario, I think it all depends on the ruling. In case it'll replace the for sale section, I believe people won't use it that much, anymore. If it's meant to be a marketplace for existing sponsors, great! but it's all pure speculation, maybe everything just stays as it is [emoji56]
  7. what's that racoon in the backdrop... [emoji23]
  8. don't worry, dude keeps a thing or two stored away - well sorted [emoji6]
  9. Hasi


    Ahahahaaa I know that feeling!! When my Rover broke down on M25, approaching Forum Lever Day, I got really stressed out as AA guys were busy, petrol station guy was pissed AF bacause we've been blocking his parking lot (threatening me to involve blues and twos), and all of a sudden a man shows up insisting to help me. I was like, wtf does this guy want now... turns out it was @RDC8 who I had planned to deliver a grinder to 🥴 🙈 🤣 think he could feel that ultimate awkwardness of the moment...
  10. cheers mate! had to look trice for the error, sneaky chap that [emoji56]
  11. rumour hasit that in group buys there's something ahem... maybe... ahem... of interest [emoji23]
  12. nooo not the plastic tamper please!! [emoji23] I dare you... don't [emoji23] otherwise I'll return five of them with them group buy beans! Thanks mate, appreciate shipping option [emoji41] let's move to PM!
  13. aww noice! will take at asking. how about shipping to my doorstep though?
  14. that's just such a lovely machine [emoji41] and all the care and attention and effort that went into it so far [emoji1303] stunning!!
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