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  1. the good thing with manual levers is you can stop or reduce pressure instantly when something goes wrong! And trust me, things will go wrong when you start into brewing with your LaDiva
  2. AWWW congrats! Another LaPav resurrection http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/lapavoni_ep.htm correct, production month and year will be just where @MediumRoastSteam said, they used to stamp it onto underside of drip tray - later applying stickers (that might have come off btw). Apart from lever rod, chrome looks terrific! Maybe you can buff it up using Autosol or similar. You might want to strip the paint and get rid of/stabilise rust on the base, maybe have it sandblasted to avoid using chemicals. Will be interesting to see what condition piston, shower screen and surrounding gaskets are in. Prepare to get a service kit! A bottomless PF is deffo a good idea for two reasons: very limited space underneath spout(s) and a notorious preference for one sided pours on double spout. The latter I believe is just poor spout geometry. After all, capacity of both basket and group aren't overwhelming, so you will find yourself pouring single shots all the time, anyways. There is literally no point in splitting the little outcome
  3. sorry, busy times here - yea casting is what I meant earlier already. while desktop 3D printing can produce all sorts of composite materials (metal, wood, what not mixed with thermoplastics) these days, real metal may be laser sintered using very expensive machinery. Parts costs are ridiculous for such an application. Unless you're close friends with someone in R&D of an aerospace corporation it's highly unlikely you get that for cheaps ? You could also try applying rattle can metal to a smooth 3D print (stereo lithography, hardened, etch primed). Maybe you have a PVD coating company close by? That would be a nice alternative...
  4. @Batian if you need help with creating a replica, I can assist with my vector graphics skill set. And potentially a detailed 3D print for you to make a mould from, so you can pour a zinc copy and have it galvanised or something... haha a long way to go, but could end up perfectly!
  5. Great job P.! Something different and intriguing ??? did you pull shots yet? ?
  6. don't play with electricity gal, and I don't mean the fancy power tools you've been decorating that sofa with...
  7. How about something along these lines? http://www.madebyknock.com/store/p53/Aergrind.html With an aeropress you can do recipes that come very close to espresso, plus you'll get a decent grinder all within your budget... (not affiliated with Madebyknock, just googled it up for you)
  8. oooooo, someone's going gown shill road...
  9. nope, we do have low pressure under sink heat exchangers (electrically operated). You need special low pressure taps, directly plumbed in like so:
  10. Pascal's law has it that every metre of height difference accounts for about 0.1bar pressure (depending on masl and water temp to an extent). The values you are giving above could juuuust do the trick. If you're willing to take the plunge and get the expensive version... couldn't you send it back when it doesn't work? ? PS: this tank, is it an open construction or does it pressurise when heated?
  11. oh boy... ?? You don't want to filter it all, as in plumb in to mains cold?
  12. Nothing says luxury quite like the sleek polished chrome finish and mesmerising features... says it all ??
  13. whoops... ? I must torture them day in and out! ?
  14. I've got the smallest one, KSDF 125:
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