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  1. oh yea let's get banned altogether, saves a lot of time and efforts and annoyance. AND shows how censorship works most effectively 🙈🤭😁
  2. haha watch it, thin ice there 🤣
  3. was about to state the same, there is good reason why you shall be clear of your goals. because it would otherwise be misleading and therefore potentially invalid or simply a lie.
  4. ey you... catses! stop being so off topic and hurting or your posts will be deleted!
  5. this is your definition of on/off topic, mine is quite different: one does not need to answer the question, as long as they're discussing around the initial topic it is a discussion on the subject, therefore on topic. Your last sentence... isn't that exactly what a discussion is about? If I don't want a response, why would I ask?
  6. you cannot transfer copyrights, you can only license them.
  7. and we're not even talking intellecual property when copy-pasting stuff without permission or references 🤣
  8. why do you call legitimate questions inappropriate or off topic? you're being highly subjective here. if there is ongoing research, then be open about it. no need to give names or other details, of course. but you will always be better off with being honest from the start. if there's no reason for such a question, then the question itself infringes this forum's T&Cs. If laid out as strictly as in other cases that is 😂 Deletion of posts or topics shall be the last resort for any forum admin, there are other ways like warnings to calm people down as can be seen on other forum
  9. hopefully it's not covid... what are you referring to?
  10. you've spelt euthanasia wrong 😉
  11. sure you may look, it's not about old vs new, the principle of a forum is discussions. if we cannot have that because stuff gets deleted, even though perfectly on topic, then we're in deeper trouble. Because it means there is a layer underneath that steers opinions. The real death rattle is called CREDIBILITY on here.
  12. I was on topic (Londinium thread), don't panic
  13. That is too easy, but Andy has your truth. I came back to ask a few questions in a topic that is now closed, perfectly on topic but (apparently to some) going a bit too much against the grain, or DaveC. Which wasn't the case. No politics or whatever of that off-topic nonsense. I'm opting out of this madness no doubt, hopefully I will be missed by a handful of people who respected my opinion and welcomed my presence.
  14. Wrong, Patrick. I've simply clicked on something because there was a pop-up. No idea what that was. When there's been a breach on my end, please explain where and what the infringement was. I was giving on topic advice and asked two questions.
  15. It's saddening to see harmless posts getting deleted without democratic reasoning behind it. This place used to be a forum, which by default is meant to spark discussions. When we experience interference by overactive moderation it needs at least to be balanced, equal and fair. None of which appears to the case on here any more. It shall never the objective of moderation to protect individual interests or mere commercial aspects. Running a forum to install business propaganda would be the death of independence. Deleting this very thread would show how far we've come with this.
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