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  1. Hasi

    IOM TT Races

    TT must be is the last resort for real racers in our high tech high security world... but oh those many sad stories of lost sons. Dunno whether I could ever bear the suspense of watching these daredevils 😬 Once again, thanks so much for sharing all this, @MildredM!
  2. Now I've moved ye olde LaPav and Niche combo to my workplace. I'm constantly rotating equipment to improve technique by using it throughout the day 😇
  3. Furthermore, TT seems out of sync on different occasions. Browsing my history in TT, I've seen this a couple times: Some threads are wrongly linked: clicking on an old (pre-switch) notification of a new post in Muppetry thread in TT takes me to the Coffee and Alcohol thread instead (which I didn't even know existed, so thanks for pointing out! 😂).
  4. Where have my subscriptions gone? 😕 Forums, threads, people I follow or Friends in the old world - I seem to have lost all connexions. It's so quiet now...
  5. Ha! Looks like you need that help in the very first place 😬😇
  6. BWT (or similar) mains filter and you're done. It's not only the plastic waste at your doorstep, it's also the whole logistics aspects that totally kills bottled water in my eyes. They build bottling plants at the springs, they maintain roads that lorries take to deliver pallets of water bottles (oh, those are being wrapped up in plastic as well) to warehouses (built to occupy space that would never be needed if tap water would be better in certain areas). Some bottled water even gets loaded in container ships for export, just look where it's from or where you can buy certain brands! By now, most springs the world over have been bought up by major food corporations such as Nestle, Coca Cola and their likes in a strategic attempt to fincane their (otherwise maybe not so bright) future. Look at the back label for further details... Your move.
  7. Ha! The steaks are high [emoji56]
  8. Ha, my mom always tells that one! No offence meant though [emoji23]
  9. Hasi

    V60 4-6 method

    Less money in your pocket
  10. Ha! No beardy mobile hipster coffee no mo'! For the next six months... Looking fwd to them cover shots!!
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