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  1. Hasi

    Too much for me

    There you go, @DavecUK 😎 would that do the trick?
  2. Hasi

    Too much for me

    Didn’t @Rhys mention the possibility to customise activity streams... 🤔
  3. Please pack it in with the other things ...wanted to give these Decent jugs a try for the longest time - seems like a good opportunity!
  4. How about a 58x1.0mm steel tube and a cap? Maybe I should open a side business to my side business...
  5. btw, inserting quotes to an existing post is ACE!!! Just click the quote button and it appears where your cursor was 👌
  6. you better get your wallet out then...
  7. Ha! Great stuff mate, you won't regret it!! 🎶 ...and it's time for us to lever... 🎶
  8. awww...some! Thank you so much!! I'll wait 😎 Impatiently.
  9. also funny what a .45 does but that's another story...
  10. That's what I meant 🤦🏼‍♂️
  11. @Tait in quotes, names appear in black on a dark grey header bg
  12. +1 and it blends in with parts of our home interior, so me checking for updates might go completely unnoticed 😇
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