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  1. aww that gas assembly looks ace! Love your lively tech descriptions btw [emoji6][emoji1303] Polishing paste is somewhat abrasive, so if you don't have a good polishing wheel/machine and neat cloth you'll likely scratch stuff buffing it up. It's always a good idea to polish outdoors or with a strong light source - some imperfections such as slight brushed effects or swirl marks wouldn't come to notice otherwise. Also, buffing up large surfaces is tiring as you need to apply a certain steady pressure - now that we've learned how much time you have on your hands, you can take it very slowly [emoji56]
  2. @Mik3 150 would be a pretty good deal, especially considering what's still left in bundle. What are you saving up for, instead?
  3. could be a good alternative to the Minima, also a space saver! Hardly ever using service boiler anyway... Let's see about pricing first, then decide for a lever machine 😂😂😂
  4. mine as well, it sits with local water cooperative [emoji1787][emoji1303]
  5. haha, must've been them dusty towels playing tricks on @Drewster
  6. tried to figure out them dusty towels... they look dusty enough to me [emoji56]
  7. maybe but the bottle aside for a moment and go practise? [emoji1787]
  8. you'd better be off with a time machine in that case.
  9. haha, yea it's a weird yet pretty unique thing. And it actually spurts. Woman already complained as it does make a slight bubbling noise. She wouldn't be happy with listening to it all the time [emoji56] Will take a closer look when it's cooled down a bit, maybe nozzle or valve needs a quick descale.
  10. Ha! My first try, grinder settings unchanged from previous machine - and look at that! 16g in 40g out in I-forgot-to-take-time-for-i-got-so-excited... Very drinkable in fact [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  11. much better, plumber friend had one in stock! now off to seeing my Alex! [emoji41]
  12. Hasi

    Classic pump

    they're like 25 quid new, readily available at most parts suppliers [emoji6]
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