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  1. @jymbob don't worry, that's just the way @MildredM is usually going about these things. Dude came through the post - that's what matters the most. It's how Ian and her met back then...
  2. Hasi

    VB Kaffee beans

    aww that sounds great!! Now that @Junglebert has still to get into Monkey magic territory, everybody else please keep on guessing
  3. whoa, that's so nice Quick, get this big bucket and keep on posting - we all here need our daily fix!!!
  4. Awesome grinder, featured in my home setup as well - congrats mate!
  5. great grinder! Just sayin... [emoji56]
  6. for some they do, especially if they have to buy new for some reason!
  7. does the Pope shit in the woods? are you finally back from the purchase now?
  8. btw, I took this picture across the road of the warehouse one morning right before picking up our latest Panama coffee sacks. A bit of a weird kind of Secret Garden type of scene that was...
  9. they were Hou Lee Chinese factory
  10. no thanks, kids under 3 in da house
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