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  1. for some they do, especially if they have to buy new for some reason!
  2. does the Pope shit in the woods? are you finally back from the purchase now?
  3. btw, I took this picture across the road of the warehouse one morning right before picking up our latest Panama coffee sacks. A bit of a weird kind of Secret Garden type of scene that was...
  4. they were Hou Lee Chinese factory
  5. no thanks, kids under 3 in da house
  6. oh noes, really sorry to hear that dude! hope she's on the mend on day four [emoji1695]
  7. I'd pull it a tad longer (like 1:2.5) and really slow. mostly taking the Sigri to my old LaPav so dosage is different (13g in, aiming for 30g out which is difficult enough on a Europiccola) - long low pressure pre-infusion and a very gentle pull (up to 50s). @coffeechap did quite some magic with Sigri in the past, perhaps he can recall his recipe? [emoji56]
  8. thank you guys! straight 1:2 ratio works very well with Vöcklabrand, we're currently down to 16g in on ZM/Minima (35s) and 16.5g in on MXP/Rocket Evo2 (30s bloom w/ valve open, then 30s shot). Both at 6bar [emoji56]
  9. Hasi

    VB Kaffee beans

    haven't got them so far, but will go back and review [emoji205] orange and sugar cane are there, may they remind you of mango?
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