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  1. Gatty

    Question re Next Q

    Being super slow (and only just tucking into October's beans) but very happy with paying a little extra for an Xmas Special
  2. Resting mine a bit longer but from the strawberries and cream I got when I opened the bag to check out the cup my early guess is either Guji Ethiopian or Rwandan - will update when I've actually tasted it!
  3. The moment you realise it's FBS' last LSOL though... [emoji30]
  4. Really pleased to see these guys get featured on LSOL! Met the team at a cupping a while back and they are fantastic. Excited to try what comes through the post box in a week or so!
  5. Oh wow loving this one from brew number one. Guessed Ethiopian Natural from the smell on opening the bag this morning, and going to stick with first impressions after my first Kalita. Edit: Getting strawberry, juicy funk and a good tanginess at the finish off this. If I can get similar on espresso I'll be a very happy man. Juicy Banger Status Confirmed.
  6. Ordered another couple of bags of this LSOL this morning and based off FBS tip I caved and also put a bag of the Kenyan into the basket
  7. Favourite coffee of the year so far - judging by how much I like it and some strawberry coming through today and yesterday I'm going to say Ethiopian Natural. Thanks Steampunk, FBS and Daren!
  8. Great roaster, have been to their cafe lots and loved it but have never brewed their beans at home - sounds like we're in for a treat!
  9. 1. FBS (500g) 2. Daren (500g) 3. Rdl81 500g replace my lsol 4. MediumRoastSteam, 250g, replace LSOL, omniroast 5. mcrmfc (250g) 6. Deeez Nuuutz - 500g to replace LSOL 7. Kman10, 500g (as request post above) 8. Salty, 500g - to replace LSOL 9. Systemic Kid 500grms - to replace LSOL 10. working dog 250g to replace LSOL 11. dan1502 500g possibly as well as LSOL depending on the ongoing quality and needs to be good for espresso too. 12. Potolom 250g 13. Flying_vee 250g to replace existing lsol 14. Gerrard Burrard 250g in addition to LSOL 15. Jaffro (500g replacement for usual LSOL) 16. PPapa (just like Dan: 500g possibly as well as LSOL depending on the ongoing quality and needs to be good for espresso too) 17. Jon_Foster (either 250 running alongside current sub or 500 to replace it) 18. iulianato (500g) 19. Gatty (500g to replace current LSOL)
  10. Probably better to get a red card than the package being left with my neighbour - he always seems to leave my packages sitting in his radiator so get handed a toasty package of beans when I rescue them from him!
  11. Came home to a great surprise as haven't been getting tapatalk notifications - so glad LSOL is back!!!
  12. I use these as well, good app and have worked perfecrtly so far. The HS110 is the same but with the ability to tell you the kWh that has run through it that day/week/month which I found I interesting for calculating the cost of running the machine. I found it in Sainsbury's for cheaper than the HS100 online.
  13. That Malkonig towel is amazing!
  14. Amazing thank you Mildred! Taken blurry eyed this morning before any coffee - photos don't do them justice. Almost worth buying more gear so I can order more...
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