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  1. Just don't want to get in trouble - not sure what we're allowed to talk about these days. Apparently enjoying coffee together and sharing tasting notes is naughty - the yellow bag smells lovely though, getting whiffs of Lectarine and Pardomom Nuns
  2. I'll take two espresso cups/saucers if you still have them?
  3. @CooffeI've heard links are banned, but the company rhymes with Shmairngorm Boffee
  4. Postie dropped couple of bags of beans this morning! Beans from Cairngorm in Edinburgh. Here's to those slurping their Uganda Ibanda from the naughty step but unable to post due to #CFUKLOCKDOWN. This too shall pass.
  5. The discussion around beans - their appearance, smell, taste and brewing characteristics and collectively learning about origin as a result is a totally unique experience and part of what made LSOL so special - and no doubt seeing this was a draw to coffee roasters who love their craft and love coffee. The management seem much less interested in nurturing this community but instead trying to find profit from it. What a sorry state of affairs.
  6. Starting to wonder if any of Handforth Parish Council post on here...
  7. 😥 Such a loss to the forum, these monthly beans have been a source of great joy throughout COVID and previous years. LSOL has been an amazing community and has been massive in progresing how I think about and experience coffee. I've said in the past that LSOL is the best thing about CFUK. It won't be the same without it, and think CFUK have massively shot themselves in the foot over this. Also very disappointed with how it appears the management has dealt with Chris and Daren with an impossibly, unrealistic deadline and being unwilling to let them honour commitments made to the
  8. Mine arrived supper speedily (but am in Edinburgh). Finished my last Dog & Hat beans this morning so first 'spro of these today 17g-34g in 29secs... then wondered off to tend to the sourdough before remembering to drink it. Surprisingly delicious cold - plummy, red wine notes. First guess is Natural Rwandan but will maybe re-guess once I've tried it hot! Many thanks all!
  9. Gatty

    NFC shipping

    I ordered mine on the 16th and looks like it made it to the Edinburgh delivery office this morning - couldn't expect anything better than that with what's going on in the world at the moment. Looking forward to trying it out, potentially this afternoon. Many thanks for Niche for offering something like this at all, many companies would be happy to leave an improvement like this till their second product, and I'm more than happy with £8.50 in exchange for their time, their manufacturer and postage.
  10. Being super slow (and only just tucking into October's beans) but very happy with paying a little extra for an Xmas Special
  11. Resting mine a bit longer but from the strawberries and cream I got when I opened the bag to check out the cup my early guess is either Guji Ethiopian or Rwandan - will update when I've actually tasted it!
  12. The moment you realise it's FBS' last LSOL though... [emoji30]
  13. Really pleased to see these guys get featured on LSOL! Met the team at a cupping a while back and they are fantastic. Excited to try what comes through the post box in a week or so!
  14. Oh wow loving this one from brew number one. Guessed Ethiopian Natural from the smell on opening the bag this morning, and going to stick with first impressions after my first Kalita. Edit: Getting strawberry, juicy funk and a good tanginess at the finish off this. If I can get similar on espresso I'll be a very happy man. Juicy Banger Status Confirmed.
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