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  1. Sorry, tamper has been sold
  2. Yes, still available. I'll PM you about it.
  3. Hi, PMed you about arranging payment.
  4. No lid, it just screws onto the grinder.
  5. This is the v1 version of the Decent Espresso tamper that has a spring so tamp force is consistent. Fits 58mm baskets well. Replaced with a Kafatek one to match my grinder 😄. In excellent condition but note the very slight manufacturing defect on the upper edge of the tamper base which I have tried to show in the photo. £40 including UK postage.
  6. Grounds jar is used but in good condition. Came from a Lido 3 but says it fits all models of Lido grinders. £5 including UK postage
  7. This shower screen has only seen light use so the coating is in excellent condition. There is a slight dent in the side caused when removing it for cleaning but this doesn’t impact performance. £10 including UK postage.
  8. These burrs were swapped out of a Compak E8 when bought as I replaced them with Red Speed burrs. They are therefore brand new with only testing use at the factory. £15 including UK postage
  9. Accepted, thanks. Please move to sold.
  10. Jug has a sensor strip in the side that allows you to get the perfect temperature milk. In good condition, £15 including UK postage.
  11. I enjoy it all the more because of that 😀
  12. I had an E61 (Rocket R58) and am now the owner of a Londinium R and I wouldn't go back. Better tasting shots and the experience is so much more pleasurable.
  13. Is it just me or is this season's Rocko Mountain from Foundry a different beast? I get none of the orange notes and fruity flavours that it had previously.
  14. IMS E61 Nanoquartz coated 60mm shower screen with 200NT holes. Only used for a few months on my R58 before I sold that (and put the stock screen back on it). Selling in original box. No scratches and the coating is still good. Looking for £18 posted Royal Mail 2nd class.
  15. Great, thanks will PM you. Just about to post an IMS E61 coated 200NT shower screen if that tickles your fancy?
  16. Great, will PM you now.
  17. In excellent condition, no scratches. This is the 58mm standard size one. Full specs at https://www.orphanespresso.com/OE-Stainless-Steel-58mm-Dosing-Funnel_p_5707.html. £15 posted Royal Mail 2nd class.
  18. In excellent condition, £15 posted RM 2nd class.
  19. Great, will PM you about payment and address.
  20. Very little use, in excellent condition. Looking for £15 posted .
  21. RobW

    Decent Espresso Knockbox

    Wow that was quick! Sending you a PM now.
  22. Used Decent Espresso knockbox. Cost £60 new. This one has a few marks which you can make out in the photo from use. Looking for £20 including postage by Royal Mail 2nd class medium parcel.
  23. Great. I'll confirm about the time later today. I would expect something late morning. I think that more or less counts as sold, so let's take the arrangements for meeting and payment to PM. Thanks!
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