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  1. IMS E61 Nanoquartz coated 60mm shower screen with 200NT holes. Only used for a few months on my R58 before I sold that (and put the stock screen back on it). Selling in original box. No scratches and the coating is still good. Looking for £18 posted Royal Mail 2nd class.
  2. Great, thanks will PM you. Just about to post an IMS E61 coated 200NT shower screen if that tickles your fancy?
  3. Great, will PM you now.
  4. In excellent condition, no scratches. This is the 58mm standard size one. Full specs at https://www.orphanespresso.com/OE-Stainless-Steel-58mm-Dosing-Funnel_p_5707.html. £15 posted Royal Mail 2nd class.
  5. In excellent condition, £15 posted RM 2nd class.
  6. Great, will PM you about payment and address.
  7. Very little use, in excellent condition. Looking for £15 posted .
  8. RobW

    Decent Espresso Knockbox

    Wow that was quick! Sending you a PM now.
  9. Used Decent Espresso knockbox. Cost £60 new. This one has a few marks which you can make out in the photo from use. Looking for £20 including postage by Royal Mail 2nd class medium parcel.
  10. Great. I'll confirm about the time later today. I would expect something late morning. I think that more or less counts as sold, so let's take the arrangements for meeting and payment to PM. Thanks!
  11. I work in Newbury, so if you wanted to meet during the day there that would work. I am passing Beaconsfield on Sunday, could probably meet you at the services on the M40 mid morning. Pretty much the same journey time as Slough. Happy to go with £800 for either of those options. If those don't work, I am still happy to post if you accept the risk or go for an appropriate service to cover the value. Let me know
  12. I have the original box and packaging and can post, but that would be at your risk, so the cost would be dependent on what service you wanted to use. There are some services around £20 but they do not offer much compensation if the grinder is damaged. If you add in decent compensation a tank of fuel would probably be cheaper but I am happy to go with whatever service you trust. Alternatively whereabouts are you based? Maybe we could sort out meeting halfway or something?
  13. If you are happy to collect from Oxford then I will accept that price.
  14. RobW

    Rocket R9 1

    On my R58 I was finding that I needed to fill the water tank daily (and that machine has a bigger tank than the R9 One). That was making 4-6 drinks and doing a flush after a shot to clean the screen. It did always seem to drip from the expansion outlet into the drip tray. I presume on the R9 One that will be routed back into the water tank which makes it slightly less thirsty?
  15. Mr Puff is in the house! Really effective at expelling any remaining coffee. As a side effect it makes for a noticeable reduction in noise, not that the MC3 was loud in the first place.
  16. Sorry @domoo3 - notifications don't seem to be working on the updated forum so just seen this when @xpresso mentioned me. The retention is pretty good. I use the first setting set to 2 seconds for purging and that is good. The red speed burrs are supposed to reduce retention from what I have read. If you are in Oxford then you are welcome to come around and try it out.
  17. I let this drop down the for sale pages for a while because I wasn't sure if I really wanted to pat with it. I've finally decided I am being silly to have two grinders on the go so dropping the price to £1000. Inserting some more pictures as the forum move seems to have lost the originals.
  18. It is pretty much a one man band. You can't expect him to have the sort of sophisticated e-commerce queuing system that big companies have. Next time use PayPal, that worked for me in the last round when I got a Conical. I also make plenty of purchases from the States on my credit card but you can see how such large value transactions might arouse suspicion. Hopefully he will implement an easier and fairer system. At the moment the system is made worse by people opening multiple browser windows and frantically refreshing all of them - that just makes more traffic. One day I would love a Max to go alongside my MC3 but I'd happily pay a small deposit and then sit on a waiting list for a couple of years. Pros and cons to every system though.
  19. That sounds like a great solution, and as 1/4" I assume that would fit the LR? Any idea where can I get one?
  20. Ta da! Lots more hammer strikes got the job done. It took about 2-3 minutes of constant striking but finally it moved. Nothing obviously wrong with it but despite cleaning it still leaks. Such a simple part that it is hard to believe it can go wrong.
  21. i will try more sharp raps rather than big hits and see how I go. Reiss is most insistent that this will work. Thanks to everyone for your input. I will report back tomorrow
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