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  1. And I thought we had hard water here in Oxford at 15 degrees! You can plug those numbers into the scaling calculator pinned at the top of the forum, but those filtered numbers are pretty likely to cause scale. Your filter is not saving the machine 😢
  2. Don’t take what BWT tell you as gospel. I use the Bestmax filters (size V) and do not get anywhere near the stated capacity before the water hardness gets to levels that are scaling. Test regularly to monitor performance. To be honest I am questioning the value for money when the cartridges are ~£90 and I need 2-3 per year. Bottled water starts to look like the better option on cost if not environmentally.
  3. RobW

    Brewista Smart Scale II

    Great, thanks. PM me your address and we can sort out payment
  4. RobW

    Brewista Smart Scale II

    I’d take that plus postage at £3.95. Deal?
  5. This was part of my workplace coffee setup but I can't see myself doing anything other than remote working from now on so putting it up for sale. A couple of years of careful use so still in reasonable condition as you can see from the photos. Selling in original packaging. Price is £50 including UK postage.
  6. Slightly different game on an E61 machine but you should see some benefit from playing with brew temperature, try hotter for lighter roasted beans like these. Without line pressure you can’t do any meaningful preinfusion.
  7. I was disappointed if I am honest. Nothing like the orangey deliciousness of a couple of years ago. The beans looked like the lightest roast I have ever seen. They were hugely pungent on grinding, almost overpowering. I gave them 4.5-5 bar on the LR and no issues with inconsistent extraction.
  8. I follow the practice of some other forum members and have a second portafilter. It sits on top of the machine so is quite warm, but I switch them over whilst prepping the beans so they both get used about the same temperature. Has the bonus of being ready to go when the first shot is done. You have a built-in steAm cleaner on the machine. Purging the wand into the portafilter after use is quite effective at cleaning it and no temperature loss.
  9. Referred to as a “tropical mix” in our house 😀.
  10. RobW

    Londinium LR24

    You must live in a mansion then 😀. In our modest two bedroom terrace I quite often get woken by the clicking of the pstat. It is the one irritating thing about the LR. I just about manage to tune it out during the day but in the quiet of the morning it is quite loud all the way from downstairs in the kitchen to our bedroom. If Reiss ever does a new version with the same pressure transducer as the preinfusion he can take my money!
  11. If you are referring to the post I think you are then I read it differently. I took his comment to mean he wasn't considering such a concept. He was honest enough to say that the MC4 is only a marginal improvement on the MC3. I'm not sure there is much left on the table taste wise. After living with my Max for a couple of months it just makes me appreciate the MC3 even more. There is a definite taste difference between the two grinders, but one is not better than the other. I was expecting a big improvement in light roasts but I just have not seen that. The MC3 wins on practicality f
  12. Reiss told me to set the pump interval to 10ms, as low as possible in other words, to replicate the behaviour of line pressure. I think he took it off the app as he didn't think it should be a variable that people messed with. I have mine set at 10ms with no machine gun action. What do other people use? I'd also be interested in what the LR24s are coming set at. Do they have a different control unit inside? Can you see the setting?
  13. Missing Bean have their roastery and cafe on Magdalen Road off Iffley road. I prefer New Ground myself but lots to try at Missing Bean
  14. My issues were related to the grinder not the LR. My experience should in no way stop you getting an LR. People with other machines have had the same experience. On the grinder, suffice to say that Denis has been very helpful and my issues have been successfully resolved.
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