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  1. I let this drop down the for sale pages for a while because I wasn't sure if I really wanted to pat with it. I've finally decided I am being silly to have two grinders on the go so dropping the price to £1000. Inserting some more pictures as the forum move seems to have lost the originals.
  2. It is pretty much a one man band. You can't expect him to have the sort of sophisticated e-commerce queuing system that big companies have. Next time use PayPal, that worked for me in the last round when I got a Conical. I also make plenty of purchases from the States on my credit card but you can see how such large value transactions might arouse suspicion. Hopefully he will implement an easier and fairer system. At the moment the system is made worse by people opening multiple browser windows and frantically refreshing all of them - that just makes more traffic. One day I would love a Max to go alongside my MC3 but I'd happily pay a small deposit and then sit on a waiting list for a couple of years. Pros and cons to every system though.
  3. That sounds like a great solution, and as 1/4" I assume that would fit the LR? Any idea where can I get one?
  4. Ta da! Lots more hammer strikes got the job done. It took about 2-3 minutes of constant striking but finally it moved. Nothing obviously wrong with it but despite cleaning it still leaks. Such a simple part that it is hard to believe it can go wrong.
  5. i will try more sharp raps rather than big hits and see how I go. Reiss is most insistent that this will work. Thanks to everyone for your input. I will report back tomorrow
  6. I have ordered a half moon ring spanner which I am hoping will give me a better angle to hit it. I had waited for it to cool right down but might give it a go warm if I still get no joy with the new spanner. Reiss has said no sockets, it needs a sharp hit with a hammer on a spanner rather than leverage to avoid distorting the boiler
  7. My Londinium R has an issue with the anti-vac valve not sealing. Reiss has advised to remove it to see what the issue is. He has said to loosen by hitting the 17mm spanner with a hammer. I have given it a go as hard as I dare with no joy. Reiss has said to hit it harder. I don’t suppose their are any experienced forum folk in the Oxford area who would be able to give me a hand? I just got this lovely machine and I don’t want to break it!
  8. That was quick! It is yours. PM me to make payment and pick up arrangements.
  10. So I was a lucky winner at last weekend's forum lever day and now have a Londinium R so I am putting up my Rocket R58 for sale. This lovely machine was bought from Bella Barista in August 2018 so plenty of the 2 year warranty available. I have only fed it Volvic or water from a BWT Bestmax filter. I have cleaned a lubricated it only a monthly basis so everything is in excellent clean working order. The bodywork is all in excellent condition. As you can see in the pictures below there is the usual wear and tear on the drip tray and cup warmer from cups. There are also some slight marks in the underside of the group from removing the shower screen. Nothing you can see normally and no impact on performance. Selling with double spouted, single spouted and naked portafilter. Comes with all original accessories and manual, so cleaning brush, tamper and blind basket. It comes fitted with a Cafelat silicone group gasket. Given that I was a forum event winner it feels rude to ask too much for it, so offering at a cracking price of £1250. I am based in Oxford and would really like to arrange pick up as I don't really want to risk shipping it. It will come in the original packaging though. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40219[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]40220[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]40221[/ATTACH]
  11. @MildredM have you played with the settings on the preinfusion unit yet? Since my lucky win at the weekend I've just set the offset to -1 from -1.4 and changed the pump setting to 500ms. I have left the pressure at 3 for the moment whilst I get the hang of it. I have some darker roasted beans to try at the moment so I might see what dropping to 2 does. Once I've worked through my current Dog & Hat subscription I'll order some lighter roast beans and see what raising the pressure does.
  12. I didn't want to be seen as gloating . Still getting the kitchen organised so the LR gets pride of place, but here is a photo of where this lovely machine now lives: [ATTACH=CONFIG]40171[/ATTACH] So easy and fun to use. I'm already a lever convert!
  13. Thanks, I am very lucky! It was very generous of Reiss to give it away and I cannot believe I was the winner. I am so excited to start enjoying this machine. A great event and nice nice to meet so many coffee geeks
  14. A silicone gasket is definitely the answer. They allow a good seal at a range of angles as they are softer so you would probably be able to get it straight. Just make sure to get the same thickness as the current one. Please do post some more details on your experience. I am dying to know more about the real world performance of this machine.
  15. Too right it is - I really want to keep it so I have a flat and a conical but my better half has put her foot down and said she does not want to live in a coffee shop!
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