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  1. As it's not legally binding I'll have 2. 1.Thecatlinux 2. Jimbojohn55 pft 3. VivaLaTank 4. Joey24 5. Jon Foster (2) 😂
  2. Hey people, I signed up to Tapatalk ages ago but I've never really used it, just found it easier to log on via my browser (probably just bc that's what I'm used to). I get intermittent emails telling me a post has been liked/replied to, etc, but I never really pay them any notice. Well last week I got some telling me the posts on the Wet Shaving thread had been liked, I figured it must have been an old thread as I couldn't remember interacting on it. Just looked and it's a new(ish) thread that I've never interacted with. So I'm guessing that there are spam tapatalk emails going around... Anyone else had these??
  3. Sounds like you're pretty much on the right track to me @Danz0r Think of sour as sharp; citrussy like a fruit, gives you the screwface... Bitter is more like a dark chocolate or a salad leaf like an endive or radichio. Like @MrShades says I think the whole temp surfing thing is weeing in the wind a bit tbh. I'd suggest trying to pull a longer ratio and see what that's like, try a 1:3 and a 1:2.5 and see what you think. Is it more or less sour? Sweeter? Also my understanding is that smaller baskets are notoriously tricky to master, I'd think about investing in an 18g VST and a bottomless filter (you were right man 😁) Finally, (and probably not what you want to hear...) a PID would be an excellent investment... knocks out another one of those variables 👍
  4. I only get the 500g sub and I'd say it's about 50/50 whether it's a 2x250 or 1x500. Maybe because 500g bags are less common than kilo ones?
  5. My Eagle has also landed 😁 I'd usually wait a couple more days but needs must...! On opening them you can tell they're not washed, could be a natural but I think it might be some sort of anaerobic or maceration process... Definitely got the funk! Initially it reminds me of a slightly tamer version of the Cartwheel Jesus Lemus Leon from last year... I'll give it a couple more days to settle as I'm mostly tasting the process at the mo (maybe that's just me!) It's really unusual but it's very sweet and bright, look forward to seeing how this develops. Thanks to @Hairy_Hogg and @Daren for organising, already looking forward to the next quarter!
  6. I finished my July LSOL yesterday morning... Freezer is empty 😬 Had a bag of Sweetshop delivered on Wednesday (roasted Tuesday) I usually like to rest this for at least a week so I'm twiddling my thumbs hoping for a delivery this morning.... If not, I'll be diving into the sweetshop and taking my chances 🤣 It's not often I leave myself dry but I'm being philosophical... Good to remind myself how much I miss it if it's not there!! 👍😆
  7. Jon_Foster

    This forum

    This forum has really helped me to get a better understanding of coffee, from the beans, to process, to brewing. It really is an incredible resource. I'm still very much learning but hopefully I'll use it for a long time to come to learn and share. I subscribe to LSOL and get fantastic beans delivered to my door every month, cheaper than I could get them elsewhere and often they're from a region I might not have discovered other wise. I would massively recommend it to others. It's awesome. I used to frequent the forum a lot more but over the last year or so it seems to have become a more divisive place, or I should say there are certain individuals obsessed with being divisive (always just for fun though!!) and I notice that a lot of lovely folks just don't post as much anymore. It's no biggie, I can still get excellent advice and info from the folks who always seem to be on hand to help (you know who you are) but if it was a pub it wouldn't be a place I'd really want to hang out anymore! I admit that over the last few months I've logged on a couple of times a week to see what the latest post designed to cause trouble will be... I'm never disappointed! There's always a new one banging on about Brexit or FOS or foreigners or something 😂 Anyway no skin off my nose but if you think there are people who just want to cause division and argue on here, you're not mad, that is absolutely 100% happening. It's no coincidence that it cranks up when things are challenging socially. It's clearly an outlet some people need, it's just a shame they're too selfish to realize how unpleasant it makes it for others.
  8. D'oh, totally missed it, I'd just looked as well... 😬 I'm blaming lockdown brain Thanks dude
  9. Hey @Hairy_Hogg Any idea when these are being roasted? Just doing a little bean management... Thanks man, hope you're well
  10. I've been mostly having this as V60, nice but finding it hard to pick out any specific notes. I'm getting a mild acidity which is giving me some orange. I got brown sugar and dark chocolate from a couple of flat whites I had but I found it a bit tricky to dial in... The milk definitely helped paper over my cracks 🤣 I'll take a punt at it being south American, maybe a washed Colombian, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was from somewhere a bit left field ... Like China or Myanmar or something... Thanks to @Daren and @Hairy_Hog for organising. Hope everyone is well 😊
  11. Nice one man, looking forward to them
  12. Hey @Hairy_Hogg looking forward to these, I haven't actually heard of Campbell and Syme before. Always nice to try someone new! Do you have a rough idea of when they'll be roasted? Just doing a bit of bean management... 😁 Cheers dude
  13. Hmmmm.... Bit of a punt but I'll say Brazilian natural
  14. Aah nice one, thanks dude Was about to say we had an Assembly LSOL recently but I just checked and it was March before last... Lockdown definitely getting to the ol grey matter
  15. Hey @Scotford Can I ask who AY are? I'm sure I'll kick myself but I'm drawing a blank... Cheers dude
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