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  1. I definitely had to tighten the grind after fitting the disc so I imagine that batch of Ranchero just needed a looser grind for whatever reason. Don't think it would be a result of the disc... but interesting to see what others think.
  2. I noticed mine had worked loose a couple of days ago, gave it a good nip when I retightened it and all OK so far. Hopefully I just hadn't tightened it enough when fitting the disc.
  3. That looks so good. What recipe did you use? Thank you! Linky:
  4. Korean Fried chicken. NGL it was amazing First pic after first fry, second pic after second fry (I know) and coating.
  5. Also stuck this in deals but thought I'd put it here too Hope that's ok mods...? https://manage.kmail-lists.com/subscriptions/web-view?a=LhAA5a&c=JZgdND&r=sFQR4Uq&m=KqtVUZ&k=68e43b5f8b7af651b328df049c8835a8
  6. https://manage.kmail-lists.com/subscriptions/web-view?a=LhAA5a&c=JZgdND&r=sFQR4Uq&m=KqtVUZ&k=68e43b5f8b7af651b328df049c8835a8
  7. I ordered the same, I've just got mine but not opened it yet as I'm thinking of selling it on... I'll let you know if I do though
  8. Not too bad (for me...)
  9. So I'm thinking this could be a Pacamara... I'll say El Salvador Pacamara, honey process!
  10. Mine on the way as well! Probably a bit redundant now I have the Osmio...
  11. Jon_Foster


    Many, many thanks to you and your family. I am always humbled by our doctors, nurses and nhs workers but at the moment humbled doesn't even get close. I really hope that people read and take heed of these words. Blows my mind and breaks my heart how people are trying to politicise this.
  12. Jon_Foster


    Hope everyone is well and keeping their spirits up, what a mad time. I have literally no experience in this field and wouldn't claim to but from what I've read I think it's important to bear in mind that at the moment the vast majority of deaths are over 60's (obviously lots of deaths under 60, the youngest being 19) but in France, Italy and the Nederlands (and I assume other countries whose records haven't been seen) people in intensive care are pretty much 50/50 over/under 60, thankfully with the intensive care the under 60s are nearly all surviving. Of course the issue is that many under 60s wouldn't survive without that intensive care and as hospitals become busier the numbers of deaths for under 60s will increase significantly. This is why it's so important to try and avoid an overload by self isolating and breaking the viruses network. Lots of countries have been managing the spread with mandatory isolation which is making a big difference but obviously can't completely stop it. The worry for me is if Italy looks like they do with mandatory self isolation what are we going to look like without it? I've been keeping up to date with the Coronavirus Reddit, lots of excellent information and articles from around the world. There was a fantastic AMA with Bill Gates a couple of nights ago, definitely worth a read. If you're interested in getting up to the date scientific information, without any bias or jingoism I'd say it's a great place to look (I'm sure there are also links to articles from newspapers with agendas but not difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff...) https://www.reddit.com/r/Coronavirus/ Sending solidarity and love to all 😊
  13. Opened these today, I've had some washed Rwandan for the last week or so which was best drunk as spro or filter but the smell of these Has bean's (see what I did there) screamed Flat White at me so I obliged. Really good, will have a better guess at to notes when I've had it as filter/spro but today it was boozy, sugary and chocolatey. Can't complain about that! Thanks as ever to @daren and @Hairy_Hogg for organising. PS hope everyone is doing ok and staying well
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