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  1. Not posted a pic for a while. Not great but I'm improving!! (Low bar tbf...😂🤣😂)
  2. I'm in! Don't have any roasters very locally, so I'll have to pick something up from that there London.
  3. Merry Christmas people, hope you're having a good one
  4. Mine just landed, no avoiding that label was there?? I'm a happy camper, thanks again for organising @Hairy_Hogg @Daren
  5. Jon_Foster


    Just ordered the Santa Teresa for my bro for Christmas! Thanks again @catpuccino @the_partisan
  6. Thanks dude, really appreciate the hard work!! ?
  7. It's a bit too tricky for me to get onboard this month but I'd definitely be up for it in the future.
  8. All ordered @jaffro I'll PM you my deets and to get your address
  9. Hey @jaffro I'm going to pull the trigger on one of these later, what do you reckon...? Fancy a little treat for Chrimbo!?
  10. Kenyan Muiri AA from Drop as V60. Mmmmmm, all the juice! 15g/250ml, 2:4 on Feldgrind, Volvic at 94: 125ml in in the first 10 seconds, second 125ml at 1 minute 10, within 10 seconds as the first pour. Dry bed at 2 minutes. Leave for 20 before drinking.
  11. ??? Hope to hear back soon!! No probs, thanks anyway I remember that, he asked for recommendations for silly expensive beans and I gave him the heads up on those, think they were from Caravan if I remember correctly. I absolutely love Gesha, and particularly Gesha from Panama, I don't think it's any better than other types of bean just different. Unfortunately it's ridiculously expensive so if you want it that's what you have to pay! At Christmas I like to get something special that I wouldn't normally (well I'm sure everyone does!) that really nice bottle of wine, those fancy chocolates, or that 10 kilos of cheese... and one of the great things about my coffee hobby/addiction is that it costs less for a weeks worth of one of the rarest, most exclusive and delicious coffees in the world than it would for a round in the pub! When you think of it like that it's a bargain ? All year round the coffee I drink is fantastic, what would I do at Christmas without Panamanian Gesha!!!??? At least that's how I justify it
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