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  1. Kenyan Muiri AA from Drop as V60. Mmmmmm, all the juice! 15g/250ml, 2:4 on Feldgrind, Volvic at 94: 125ml in in the first 10 seconds, second 125ml at 1 minute 10, within 10 seconds as the first pour. Dry bed at 2 minutes. Leave for 20 before drinking.
  2. 🤞🤞🤞 Hope to hear back soon!! No probs, thanks anyway I remember that, he asked for recommendations for silly expensive beans and I gave him the heads up on those, think they were from Caravan if I remember correctly. I absolutely love Gesha, and particularly Gesha from Panama, I don't think it's any better than other types of bean just different. Unfortunately it's ridiculously expensive so if you want it that's what you have to pay! At Christmas I like to get something special that I wouldn't normally (well I'm sure everyone does!) that really nice bottle of wine, those fancy chocolates, or that 10 kilos of cheese... and one of the great things about my coffee hobby/addiction is that it costs less for a weeks worth of one of the rarest, most exclusive and delicious coffees in the world than it would for a round in the pub! When you think of it like that it's a bargain 🤣 All year round the coffee I drink is fantastic, what would I do at Christmas without Panamanian Gesha!!!??? At least that's how I justify it
  3. Form a queue guys!! 🤣😂🤣
  4. I'm thinking of getting some of this Panamanian Gesha from Origin. Ideally I'd like to try both processes but hard to justify 70 odd quid on just over a 1/4 kilo of coffee... https://www.origincoffee.co.uk/collections/special-edition So I was wondering if anyone fancied going halves? I could get one process, someone else could get another and we could swap half of each! Or, if it's easier, I'm happy to order both lots and send on half of each. Anyone up for some crazy expensive Christmas coffee?? Come on you know you want to!!
  5. Had this as flat white yesterday, works really well for me, lovely syrupy sweetness! I'm pretty sure it's a washed coffee and I think it's a central American. I'm gonna say Nicaraguan but it's a bit of a punt!
  6. That's why you should never post before you've had a coffee Cheers man, corrected
  7. I've been going 15g/250ml using the April method, volvic at 94°, feld at 2-2; still using just 2 pours, 10 seconds each, second pour when the bed is dry (around 1 minute 10 seconds) dry bed after second pour at around 2 minutes. Leave for 15/20 minutes before drinking. I don't have a refractometer so I can't give any data based feedback but tastes great to me! Very clean and really brings out the unique profile of the bean.
  8. 1. Abs 2. Ghostrider 3. AmandaH 4. MildredM 5. HBLP 6.Ratty 7.MinesABeer 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16
  9. I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted but I've just finished some Drop Ana Sora and it's fantastic, they really are amazing roasters!! I would definitely advise getting on board!
  10. I'm away at the mo, having this in an aeropress. 18g at 2:2 on the Feld. Aeropress inverted, 270g water 10 seconds off boil. No stir, leave for 20 minutes, flip and slow press over about 20/30 seconds. I'll be honest, I just forgot to stir the first time but it was so good that's how I've done it since. Really delicious, very sweet stone fruit. Juicy banger!
  11. Don't know about the Airspeed but I love my Feldgrind. If it's a similar spec I'd definitely recommend it!
  12. I've been using a bastardised version of the Alice method with my V60 for the last couple of weeks. Working well with these beans. 15g at 2:2 on the Feldgrind (or slightly finer than my usual V60 grind) 125 ml water straight in, pretty aggressively, in 10/15 seconds. At 1 minutes 10 seconds another 125ml in over 10/15 seconds. Dry bed at 2 minutes. Only had a couple of brews but I'm thinking it's something south/central American. I'll make a more specific guess after a few more... Edit: Link to Alice method
  13. Well they've taken the step to get people's delivery addresses so I can't see it being too much longer. Did you get contacted by them @ashcroc ? I'm still waiting to hear...
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