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  1. Hey @Nick1881 1: Set the grinder to 50. 2: With grinder set to 50 put A SECOND mark at 0 (I just used a blob of tippex).  3: You should now have 2 markers; the original marker at 50 and a second (tippex) marker at 0. 4: now set the second (tippex) marker to 20 (for reference the original marker will be around the back of the dial around where the allen key socket is). I've not done side to side tests but tbh I can't really tell the difference. I only use my Knock when I'm away now, it's so easy to change the grind on the Niche that I use it for spro and pour over now.
  2. Really looking forward to this one! Thanks so much @fatboyslim for all your hard work, it's very appreciated.
  3. Hey @TheHToadIf you look at page 83 of this thread there's info about where to set Niche for V60
  4. No probs man, forgot to mention I use a leveling device (knock off OCD) before tamping as well
  5. That's brilliant, thanks @Tait
  6. Hey @kennyboy993 Quick vid here, had to do it on my own so it's pretty basic! And please excuse my boy doing train announcements in the background!
  7. Hi @Tait thanks for all your hard work with the forum rework, I'm trying to upload a video but it's too big so I've uploaded it to Youtube but can't work out how to embed it anymore. A little help would be v appreciated! Thanks again.
  8. This is the exact journey I had Kenny, started out mixing in the pf, then moved on to mixing in the grind cup which felt more efficient but sometimes gave me an uneven pour... Took me a while to find the best routine but now I mix in cup with a chopstick, transfer to pf, then (and this is what made the difference for me) I tap each side of the pf to level the grinds. (I'd seen it in vids but hadn't realised how important it was). I also have a technique to transfer the grinds from cup to pf, I'll make a quick vid over the weekend if I can but basically I have the cup upright with the pf upside down on top, then I flip just over 180 degrees so the top of the cup points to eleven o clock, 2 sharp taps down, rotate cup clockwise so it points to 1 o clock, 2 sharp taps down again and finally level the pf and 2 sharp taps down. This gives the grinds a good distribution before you start tapping around the pf. This sounds like a massive mission but in reality it takes about 5/10 seconds... But I'll deffo try and record it to make it a bit clearer!!
  9. Oops sorry replied to wrong post, don't know how to delete!
  10. For espresso I've been going 18 in 36 out in 30 seconds. Still good towards 35 seconds but I prefer the brightness I get at 30 (maybe it's brighter BC it's slightly under extracted but tastes good to me!) That's on a Gaggia Classic paired with a Niche.
  11. I usually take a bag out, use some for a shot/pour over straight away and then just put the rest into an Airscape container ready to use as normal. Not had any problems so far...
  12. I've always just ground them straight out the freezer...
  13. I haven't opened my envelope but I had a quick look on their website to see what they're offering at the mo and now I'm pretty sure what the origin is at least... Anyone else that's had a butchers will know what I mean
  14. Got it! I haven't opened the box yet but it's definitely a natural
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