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  1. Didn't know that actually but don't think I've got enough room in the freezer 😂 Splitting is a good idea though... shame I'm a long way from being local!
  2. Aah I see what you mean. I'm staying nearby so I'll definitely pop in for a brew even if I don't pick up any beans... you never know though, if it's really good it might twist my arm
  3. That's a good point but I've seen lots of recommendations for The Barn, Koppi, Gardelli, Coffee Collective, etc in spite of prohibitive shipping costs... Makes me wonder if that's because the quality of those roasters makes it easier for people to take the postage costs on the chin Won't be in Utrecht this time but I'll bear that in mind for the future! Cheers
  4. I thought it was a little suspect that I'd not seen them mentioned on here... The guests at the Scandi Embassy are always so good... I'll probably stick with whatever they've got going on! Thanks man
  5. Anyone tried these guys? https://www.bocca.nl/shop/ I'm heading over to Amsterdam in a few weeks and I'll bring a few bags back (OF BEANS ). Last time I picked up some Coffee Collective beans from Scandinavian Embassy (they don't roast themselves, they use top Scandinavian guest roasters) but thinking it'd be nice to try out a Dutch roaster
  6. Thanks for this I switch between your method, the Hoffman method and the 4/6 method so this is all really interesting to me. I see that you mostly had your Lido set at .75, do you know where that would be roughly on a Feldgrind? I typicallly have mine around 2:4 but go a bit coarser for the 4/6 method.
  7. @catpuccino Just saw the below post from @mwjb and thought of this thread
  8. The 2 Ethiopians at Square Mile are fantastic, had them as part of the cupping they did. They're filter roast though so not sure if that's any good...?
  9. This is what's so cool about LSOL, I probably wouldn't have bought a coffee from Myanmar... Now I know how good they can be! Thanks again to @Hairy_Hogg and @Daren for organising, @coffeechap for liasing and @mdeyn93 for coming up with the goods
  10. It's a slippery slope, you start off with an Aeropress and 3 years down the line you're a part time dairy farmer.
  11. I use Ashbeck with my Classic and don't have that problem so I doubt it's that to be honest. I only use organic whole milk, it definitely behaves better than semi or non organic...
  12. That's perfect, I'll PM now, thank you!
  13. Thanks so much, your googling skills outstrip mine!!
  14. Me neither... That's what's giving me doubts... Thanks again though, I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of it!!
  15. Thanks @Step21 my jug is the maxtra + rather than the maxtra, do you know if they take different filters? Before using the BWTs did you use these? https://www.amazon.co.uk/BRITA-MAXTRA-water-filter-cartridge/dp/B071FJ6FBW/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1E1L30UW2GQJZ&keywords=maxtra+plus+filter+cartridges&qid=1570619505&sprefix=maxtra+%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-5 Thanks again
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