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  1. Only had it as V60 so far. I definitely think it's a natural. Really reminds me of a Natural Ethiopian Suke Quto I had from Horsham a couple of years ago so I'll go for that!
  2. The eagle has landed. The eagle has landed.
  3. I've got a Niche that I use with a Gaggia Classic/V60. Of course there are better grinders out there but for me going from a cheapo grinder to a Niche was a HUGE change. One day I'd love to have a lever machine and a large flat burr grinder but I'm just starting up on my journey to coffee nirvana and the set up I have now gives me much better coffee than 99% of coffee shops. I'm very happy with it 😊 (although I will take a £500 ZM when you can source me one @coffeechap) 😜
  4. I'd love to get a ZM for the price of a Niche! I'm sure I'm not the only one but if one ever comes up please let me know!!!!
  5. That's great, thank you! 😊
  6. On the subject of emails I have no problem with them if they help you guys generate custom, they're certainly nowhere near as invasive as ones from the big companies out there (Not coffee companies... I mean Adidas or whatever...). Quick question re your reward system. I notice that when you get the £10 voucher (for example) it says minimum spend of £10. Does that mean you have to spend £10 cash to use your voucher (making an order of £20) or just that you need to order £10 of coffee to use the voucher? Hope that makes sense...! Looking forward to getting stuck into some Rocko Mountain again. 😊
  7. Good advice from @MrBoots2U re Ethiopian naturals. I'd recommend trying Rocko Mountain from Foundry roasters. My go to for milk drinks but great as espresso or for going longer.
  8. Costa Rican Geisha from Cartwheel as a V60. Bursting with tropical fruit and a lovely floral quality. Very clean and light. Delicious!! Obviously not cheap but at £20 delivered for 250g certainly very reasonable if you dig Geisha. I'd definitely suggest getting on it! 😊
  9. Nice one @fatboyslim love Crankhouse 😊
  10. I've been going 20g into 300ml using the 4/6 method (deets in the brewing forum). I've had to really open up the grind (85 on the Niche). Really clear and floral, bursting with fruit.
  11. I have a natural Nyamasheke district Rwandan from Cartwheel at the moment that I find quite similar so I'll go Rwandan Natural! Thanks for sorting this @fatboyslim and @daren 😊 Absolutely delicious!
  12. Is that small screw the pressuriser thing? If so, then yeah leave it out. I'd suggest getting one of these though, you can use it with your VST basket. https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/Gaggia-Bottomless-Naked-Portafilter-21g-Black-Handle/m-m-1988.aspx?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt7box-aK4wIV1fZRCh2NKQupEAAYASAAEgLBDPD_BwE
  13. Hey @Nick1881 1: Set the grinder to 50. 2: With grinder set to 50 put A SECOND mark at 0 (I just used a blob of tippex).  3: You should now have 2 markers; the original marker at 50 and a second (tippex) marker at 0. 4: now set the second (tippex) marker to 20 (for reference the original marker will be around the back of the dial around where the allen key socket is). I've not done side to side tests but tbh I can't really tell the difference. I only use my Knock when I'm away now, it's so easy to change the grind on the Niche that I use it for spro and pour over now.
  14. Really looking forward to this one! Thanks so much @fatboyslim for all your hard work, it's very appreciated.
  15. Hey @TheHToadIf you look at page 83 of this thread there's info about where to set Niche for V60
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