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  1. Thanks man, I was really enjoying the V60s but I had it as french press and aeropress for a few days and can't seem to get them quite back to where they wee before... I'll have a play tomorrow... Thanks again dude
  2. J_Fo


    I loved this bit, trying to unpack the thought process of a fly. To seek safety you must travel to the heart of danger. Very Mr Miyagi! 🤣
  3. I had this crazy local drink in Barcelona where they mix a spro with lemon and sugar... It was surprisingly delicious but I can't be sure how informed that was by the whole experience....
  4. Have you settled on a particular pourover recipe? My last couple have been a bit off (definitely down to me...) so I'm thinking I should maybe try a different recipe... 😊
  5. J_Fo


    I saw this thread yesterday morning and assumed it must be a wind up but now it's turned into an earnest fly discussion. Love it 🤣
  6. I love this! That's a Ten!! 👍😆
  7. J_Fo


    Lovely book, it's taught me nearly as much as @MWJB has 😁 Really helped me to identify the lsol beans over the years, I even got it right one time 🤣
  8. J_Fo


    Talking of having to be seen, this is your 16h post on the subject. 🤣
  9. Had this using the Hoffman french press method this morning. It really is delicious, my fav type of coffee... A very juicy banger! Getting Tropical fruit and brown sugar this morning, I fear I'm gonna be over caffeinated for the next week or so... 😆 When I've run this in a V60 it's been quite fast so I'm veering away from Ethiopia and I'm gonna go with a Burundi natural. Look forward to finding out it's not. Thanks as ever to @Daren and @Hairy_Hogg for organising.
  10. J_Fo


    Aah nice one, that went up while I was posting, it was these that had made me (incorrectly) assume you had an issue with him earning money. Gutted you don't have a new economic system up your sleeve tbh @dfk41 but maybe you can see where my confusion sprang from.
  11. J_Fo


    I think he's great and I can't really see what the issue is with a person earning money? @dfk41 I remember you saying that the BBC was a communist organisation, so I took it you were not a fan of communism? But you seem to be have an issue with capitalism too? Genuinely fascinating. I love the idea of alternative ways society could be run. Through what economic system do you think people should be able to earn money? Or should we just get rid of money altogether?
  12. So commissioners need to be of the same class as the people in the shows they commission? That's one of the maddest idea's I've ever heard. Fair play man! Mockumentary was a term coined by Ron Reiner for his documentary Spinal Tap. One of my fav films. It was an off the cuff comment, I really don't think it's that deep.
  13. Had these as a V60 yesterday, lovely and boozy but maybe needed a little more rest. Had them this morning as a long steep Aeropress. 18g/240, 1.10 on feld, inverted steep for 20 minutes. Really delicious, sweet candy and lots of juiciness... I think this could be a banger guys, repeat, this could be a banger First (not final..) guess is an Ethiopian natural. Natch. Shoutout to @Hairy_Hogg and @Daren for organising and also to @fatboyslim for the shift he did when I first started LSOL a few years ago. Thanks for all your hard and selfless work chaps, we need more like yo
  14. The Eagle Has Landed Thanks as ever to @Hairy_Hogg and @Daren for organising and to @North Star Coffee for coming up with the goods. Can't wait to get stuck in.
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