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  1. Absolutely loving this, just came on to say I was going to take a punt at a Burundi natural so good to know I wasn't a million miles away!! Big thanks to @[email protected] @Hairy_Hogg
  2. That sounds pretty much exactly how I look at it tbh, if I can support individuals I like without breaking the bank then for me that's value. 😊 £2 is great! I pay £4 and £5 for the other 2 I do. 👍
  3. Nice one, cheers, that sounds busier than I expected! I'll have a look at the sub costs... Do you feel like you're getting value? Are you going to keep the sub going do you think?
  4. Yep, I'm certainly in the wrong business (unemployment)!! 😂 I would imagine that the giveaways, the equipment needed to record to such high production standards and the time involved in producing the videos wouldn't be insubstantial but either way fair play to him, good to see cool people doing well 👍
  5. Hey people, I've got a couple of Patreon subs and I'm thinking of signing up to the James Hoffman one, I always enjoy his books and vids on YouTube and I'm interested to check out the Discord server. The 2 Patreon's I'm already signed up to have quite different discords, one is very populated with lots of subs and lots of chat, the other is a bit of a ghost town if I'm honest! Is anyone here a member? Would love to know how you're finding it? Worth a sub? Cheers
  6. It's a really pressurised time right now, even if day to day things are relatively normal, the uncertainty going forward is bound to have an effect even if it's subconscious. Try to look after yourself and talk to someone about it. Sending best wishes.
  7. I'm usually between about 16-20 on mine for espresso. The starting point for calibration will depend on how tightly you can wind the burrs in... I imagine that everyone will tighten it relatively closely but it's always going to vary depending on how strong your wrist is! I wouldn't worry about it, the numbers are good for personal reference but I don't think they're particularly useful person to person/niche to niche
  8. Sorry to here you're having a rough time @Jony I'm sure there will be better days ahead. Hope you're not too bad today and able to speak to someone.
  9. Is that just a funny face bean you've made or a little stone..? (Or maybe it's a real little magic bean dude 😍🙏🤣)
  10. Could get better in a few days but it's 10 days past roast so I'm sure it'll be fine 👍
  11. Just had a little V60, lovely, pretty sure it's a natural or some type of funky process... I'll just have to have a few more cups to work it out.... Either way it's definitely a Justin Bieber 👍🤣
  12. I'm in but I'm rubbish, someone can use me as a warm up
  13. Oh no my freezer is already rammed and I got my LSOL today... Hope there's some left for me next month 🤞
  14. Thanks chaps, I've not used it a huge amount since I got it but you've inspired me to get it out on the weekend and have a play
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