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  1. H thanks Green Bean, I have changed the valve and the wand is totally dry now. Not a a drip or wisp of steam until I want it. Is Kilrock a good de scaler? I.e. better than citric acid?
  2. Thanks Ashcroc, it went better than hoped. You know what it’s like when you attempt something like this. Usually there is a bolt that won’t come undone or you get a leak afterwards. But it went great. I would encourage anyone else, don’t be put off.
  3. Hi Peeps, Lets see if I can upload this post in its entirety. A year ago I brought a Classic with the intention of upgrading after a year if we used it and felt we were getting good use out of it. Well on average we use the machine three times a day. I make SWMBO a flask to take to work. Coffee when we get home and a decaf after tea. At weekends it’s more. The thing about the Classic is the simplicity which really came home to me today. The steam valve was leaking and after advice from the forum I purchased a replacement from Gaggiamanualserv who has his own web site and is on the forum. Great source for parts 👍 There Is a wealth of videos showing how to replace it on YouTube. But Whole Latte Love have some good ones and I subscribe to them. With an intake of breath I delved into the the guts of it to replace the valve which was straightforward enough. However I could see through the hole into the boiler quite a lot of scale. I’ve got to be honest. Although using Ashbeck water from Waitrose, I have not been regular with my descaling. So I took the bull by the horns. Punched up another great video which showed how to take the whole thing apart, descaled it and put it back together. It took me the afternoon but got it back together, fired it up to temperature with the top off to test for leaks, all ok, and pulled a couple of shots after tea. No leaks despite reusing the original o rings and seals. I had big intentions of upgrading to a rocket or something similar. But I love the way that these machines can be rebuilt. I think we are going to stick with the Classic for the time being (never say never) and invest in a PID from Mr Shades to take it to the next level.
  4. Thanks for your advice, I will contact GMS to purchase a steam valve.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I did buy the Classic with an intention of upgrading it after a year. We use at least twice a day, so now I’m thinking of upgrading it and keeping it. I had a look at the videos on line and am sure I could manage that. So the plan is to replace the steam valve and fit a PID kit from Mr Shades. Thanks again.
  6. Had my Classic for a year now and love it. Brought it from a forum member. The steam wand dripped when brewing but progressively has got worse where at times it’s almost a jet of water. When getting steam up to temp it also is starting to emit a jet of steam, which if not careful is quite hot for skin 😮. I would appreciate any thoughts.
  7. I have considered a naked PF. I am a little apprehensive about covering the kitchen
  8. I'm getting a respectable coffee out of it. 15g of beans for a double shot, eg 70ml for two 150ml cups, then topped with milk. Managed a couple of almost ferns. But for some reason I cant upload photos. got to say this operating system is not user friendly.
  9. Hi I sent you a pm, are these still available.
  10. Btw just stick five random posts on so you can get on the for sale area, it’s like Aladdin’s Cave!
  11. LOL! I was exactly in your situation before Christmas. We have used a French Press and used to have Francis Francis X1 many years ago. Over Christmas I was set on buying a Sage Barista Express. But it did seem over complicated. My budget was about £500. In my opinion a lot of money! I did a bit of googling and came across the forum. After reading the advise on the forum I totally changed direction. I went second hand off the forum and purchased a Gaggia Classic for £150 and Eureka Mignon Mk2 for £220 with money left over to buy extra items. I feel I now have a good set up with some longevity. Although I am already looking enviously at a Francino Cherub, but that will have to wait. I would echo the advice already given, soak up the info on the forum and go second hand. You will get a better set up for money. One thing, the Classic need to warm up, advice is 20-30 minutes, you might to plan Road that before going to gym. Get a timer plug so it comes on before you wake up and it’s ready to go. I am still a newbie but the difference in startling. I’ve got a lot to learn and fine tuning, but I would say I am getting a coffee to rival any high street chain. Good luck.
  12. Had my setup (Gaggia Classic and Eureaka Mignon) for a week or so, but just seemed to hit the sweet spot to generate some foam today. I have been reading up on the forum and watching videos on YouTube. Not only that, the coffee was certainly better than our French Press and that’s with Waitrose beans, can’t wait to try some fresh roasted. Still getting to grips with the site, hence photo orientation.
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