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  1. I have a new Rocket......couple of months old. New versions (Appartamento) have a sleep mode after 90 minutes, machine cools down, pressure drops etc. Triggered from sleep mode by flicking the brew lever. This was an email from Rocket Italy to the dealer where I bought it.
  2. Where can I get these bar towels? Bit late to the party.
  3. That's fine........give or take a fraction but.......it will be lower to a πŸ˜‚degree or so. Pun intended. It will err on the lower which is what I was hoping. That's fine n dandy then. πŸ˜‰
  4. Reading a few years(?) back on here, old post, that it was suggested that the thermometer reads 2c above what is actually going into the coffee at the PF. ie. if the thermometer is reading for eg. 98c it's really 96c.? True?
  5. Just read that......needs reading a couple of times to put it mildly......πŸ€”πŸ€”
  6. Ideas / options of "great" non digital grinders.....maybe phrasing that wrongly, but good grinders that don't have digital displays timers etc. I'd be a fan of wired headphones, wired hair trimmers etc if you get my drift, as opposed to wireless this wireless that. 😲 Coming, currently from a Compak K3 Touch. ( have had a Baratza Encore then Rancilio Rocky)........and I don't/never have used it's timer. PS. I got rid of my smart phone about 6 years ago.....the Luddite that I am. So.....good or great non digi grinders?
  7. That was the only model I used........suppose I cannot compare but it was fine for me as a beginner machine. Made decent espresso but not / never too hot.
  8. I had and recently sold the Gaggia Classic 2015-2018 dreaded Romanian build machine. Never had an issue with it. Performed as advertised. Actually, if it didn't sell for my advertised price I would have kept it as a back up. I didn't budge on price and it sold quick enough. Nothing wrong with that era machine if looked after and serviced/cleaned.
  9. Yeah....briefly looked at but what a faff. Just going to tap it as I pass by. First world problem πŸ˜€
  10. Won't be disabling anything. What I'll be doing is just turning the steam wand or brew lever for a second. That'll keep it awake. No issue really.
  11. Latest πŸ˜‰β˜˜οΈ, So, agents/dealers contacted me this morning. They'd contacted Rocket Milan. What's the story. Apparently, I've got one of a new batch/production line which have a, as I thought, built in Eco switch off/energy saver/EU regs. la di la di la. 90 minute and she falls asleep. I told her, not her fault of course that they should consider amending the owners manual to save me and others the trouble huh??? It'll be delivered back to me this arvo.
  12. Nope. Gone back to dealership today. No joy. Pressure failure constantly. I'm gutted as it's my first decent machine, however it's fully covered as it's only a couple of weeks old.
  13. Three hours and pressure etc perfect. No, I think I didn't seal the thermometer tightly enough. 4 coffees later, missus incl. Dealer was notified the last two days and updated as to progress.
  14. This is embarrassing 🀭.....pressure went again yesterday, took off E61 thermometer this morning and fired up. Outer, M12? nut wasn't tightened sufficiently (I reckon). A few hours now and with original bolt back in, all is well, but no thermometer. This must've been the problem, but I didn't want to tighten the M12 down too much, should I have done? Would think so. I'll go at it again soon. ps. I'm new to this lark 😧😭
  15. 2 X 500gr bags free with my new machine. Brazil. Campo das Vertentes. Going through it. Darkish roast, small bean. Decent. Colombia. Next bag. Medellin, Antioquia. Medium body, orange acidity yada yada yada. In between subscriptions but most likely will go back to my Bailies Microlot light roast sub. I prefer light roast coffees. More fruity flavour. Not pushed at all on espresso roast beans. But since the kilo above are free........hey.
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