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  1. So.....what's the consensus on spanner size here then? Are all E61 standard spanner sizes? What sizes are needed for brew lever removal for eg.? Just removed my assembly the other day but used, carefully, an adjustable wrench.....no marks. So....is it 22mm and 34mm 9even though I read that some guy needed a 26mm.?) Wouldn't mind buying a few for this eventuality. Cheers.
  2. So......my grease arrived about 10 minutes ago......and being a tad cack handed at things, I put it aside and looked at a few more E61 "take aparts" videos. I'm not one for lol lol lol'ing but hell............took about 5 minutes, off, lower part off, wiped, greased and put back. Machine back on to test. The lever feels soo smooth!!
  3. Along with my micro plastic consumption.........I'll probably (hope to) last another couple of years.....😃😃
  4. @MediumRoastSteam •Silicone grease is a water repellent, non-melting silicone grease lubricant •Commonly used to lubricate plastic and polythene water pipes, rubber washers and other fluid pipework during assembly •Working temperature range is between -50°C to 200°C •This item is non-toxic •Acting as waterproof or air tight seal Frequently asked questions & answers Is this silicone toxic to humans? No, this item is non-toxic
  5. Last January hmmmm...... So I obviously didn't buy any grease...yet. Came across this, https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/greases/0494124, In a nutshell, non toxic, -40c to 200c. Seems OK?
  6. Very nice. I'll see your Dallah and raise you a grinder. That grinder nearly got me put in the "klink". Bought it down the souk from the Bedouins, it was an auction, group of people around, something out of an Indiana Jones movie. I flashed some "coin", the rozzers were on the way over so my mate pointed out. Outta here quick like. It wasn't appreciated that foreigners were muscling in on their dealings, which was fair enough. Dust..........
  7. @Drewster......when in Rome...... I used to drink the local tar also and cup after cup after cup af..... of sweet mint tea. Liked it, and since ('86-'95) I do not put milk in my tea, prefer it black. Great memories of the place. Travelled with my mate once up to Damascus by bus, for the craic, for a week (Hajj). That was an amazing place. Loved it. Could have travelled by plane in 45 minutes but for the adventure, went by bus, about 24 hours. Random checkpoints close to Iraqi border and rebels toting AK47's boarding your bus in the middle of the night and finding to white lads......t
  8. From when I worked in Riyadh in the 80's.......
  9. BBC Radio 4 News. Harry et al. Coffee after a 6k run. Just started running again.....
  10. My Appartamento is a few months old. After 45 minutes.....or so......it will enter sleep mode. Pressure will go to zero. Temp will drop right back. It's an EU reg. on electrical machines of this nature.....safety feature. I sent mine back to dealer when this happened. They contacted Rocket. New machines will sleep after 45 or so. Recommend you also buy a E61 thermometer, https://coffee-sensor.com/product/digital-coffee-sensor-thermometer-and-adapter-for-e61-groupheads-pro-version/ Not cheap but a real bonus when cooling flush is required. Critical imo.
  11. I'll buy the Molykote 111. It's necessary. It's akin to shelling out a few grand on good hi fi separates and then, for example, skimping on cables/connects. It's in the detail. ?
  12. Pricey....... Are all silicone greases, food grade, this pricey ......for the amount that's used.
  13. Hi, Give me an example of what food grade grease to buy for my Rocket squeaky (not any more though) brew lever assembly and other selfie jobs. Any silicone food grade would be good? Cheers.
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