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  1. Wild camping in Wicklow. On a Trangia spirit burner, mountain top.
  2. I have always sauteed onions, garlic......bang in a tin of tomatoes, seasoned well....add a pinch of either oregano or mixed herbs. Sugar. I don't feel like it and might just puree a tin of tomatoes, simmer them down to thicken instead? My dough is "up". Does it make that much difference? Should I keep adding all the bits n pieces or go lazy?
  3. Well.....I fluffed that up this afternoon, frothing milk. Didn't really froth. I think I had too little milk in the jug. Needs more practice. Tip too far under surface in initially also. Milk heated up too fast. Got good froth the other day all the same. Nice cappuccino for 'er indoors. More milk in jug though, I seem to remember. Needs work.
  4. I find there is a very big difference between AP and Esp. grind size. If I use a fine grind on my AP, I'll be waiting till the coffee goes cold before it filters through. I let the liquid "Fall through" the filter. Opposite of inverted???
  5. So.....I imagine, like alot of people, I do Aeropress coffee at work and Espresso based coffees at home. I'm still swinging the dial around come Monday morning and then swinging it back again for my espresso machine come Friday. Not ideal but does it do any harm to my burrs etc etc. It's a fairly big shift on the dial. Compak K3 Touch Adv. Cheers.
  6. Compak K3 58mm burrs v Faustino 50mm burrs.
  7. It seems fine. Have it since December 2017 from BB @£375. No......as I'm in Dublin they didn't show me the Faustino. Is it good/better unit? Any excuse to upgrade 🤭 Oooooo......just looked up the Faustino.......sweet looking grinder alright. Damn!!!!
  8. ....and Compak K3 Touch complete with dirty hopper. 😮
  9. It's still a great machine for your first venture into coffee brewing. Have one for the last four or so years and really loved it. Just upgraded but still have it. Temp of coffee not really great but good enough. Could froth for milk drinks..again not great but sufficient. For the price, a great starter. No regrets here.
  10. OK, that makes sense. Thanks.
  11. My query is about "how fine can you grind" without "going over the edge"? For example, with my Gaggia Classic, if I went too fine the machine would let you know with the portafilter uncoupling. This doesn't seem to happen with my Appartamento.....but I don't want to push it. Just getting used to a new machine......just asking a few questions.
  12. Yeah......I'm good for new beans, have a good sub. Do my weighing, timing etc. 😉
  13. Then again........I don't buy a specific espresso bean/roast. Which would help I assume?
  14. Playing with my two day old Appartamento. It's slick. Espresso, Long black, Cappuccino etc etc. all working out it appears. Not a huge fan of espresso but about 50% of my drinks are espresso (that doesn't make sense 😶).......how do I know if I'm grinding too fine? Bar the obvious, I assume, that the water will not flow through......I was looking at some guy on tinterweb showing how he can rest some sugar on the crema before it slowly sinks into the drink. I'm trying to aspire to that but....... no go. I get a good crema but not that dense. Should I be bothered trying to reach this level? Cheers.
  15. Correct.........one would want to empty a couple of times a day, depending on your fruit/vegetable consumption, now that we're all going vegan (cough). We fill a scraps bin quite fast with pieces of paper, skins, eggshells tbags, dogs hair, two of them 😁. I've got a good big compost heap going, more than a sq. metre so I love my scraps, grinds etc.
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