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  1. I'll try and explain again. The Appartamento has just one dial on the front and it shows boiler pressure I believe. Normally if you turn the machine on, the pump comes on for a couple of seconds then stops (obviously this is with the lever down). Then you can hear it starting to heat up. After 5-10 mins the pressure is at 1bar and the machine is hot to the touch. You can then get steam out of the steam wand, water out of the hot water wand, or lift up the lever and get hot water out of the brew head. When I turn it on now (with lever down and no steam or water valve open): -pump starts to whir for 2 mins -pump stops -guage still reads zero -machine doesn't get hot. It will just sit like this with it's green light on all day. -If I lift the lever nothing happens and no water will come out of the brew head. There is no water going either on the counter top or into the drip tray. The reservoir in the back is definitely about 3/4 full. -If I turn it off at the switch and on again, the same happens. Now the interesting thing is, both yesterday and today if I turned it off and on again, the same thing happened but it did actually start to get hot and I've been able to use the machine perfectly normally to make my coffee and steamed milk. That's why it's confusing me. Yesterday when it did it I put it down to the fact it'd been in storage and figured it was sorted now but when it did it again today I was more worried. I managed to make a brew with it but then when I tried @MediumRoastSteam's suggestion it happened again and now I don't see to be able to get it to get hot at all. It just keeps doing the long pump thing then eventually stops and stays cold.
  2. When I turn the machine on and the pump whirs for 2 mins then stops the pressure gauge doesn't budge from zero. It's so strange. Why would it not work then work yesterday, then not work, work again, then stop working again today? It's driving me bonkers.
  3. Sadly that didn't work. I tried what you said. Let about 500ml through the group head because at that point the machine was hot and working. Then I turned it off and drained about 500ml out of the hot water wand. Turn the machine back on the it made the pump noise for about 2 mins then didn't do anything. Didn't start to get hot again. I dug the manual out of the attic and it said on first use you should open the steam wand and turn it on, the pump will fill the boiler then stop when it's full, then you should just turn the steam wand off. I tried this too but it just made the pump noise for about 2 mins then stopped. It's on but not getting hot. Any other ideas?
  4. Old post I know but for future reference, with the Appartamento if you run low on water it will (or at least should) just shut off and the green light will start flashing even if the lever is up and pumping. I've had it happen mid way through a shot before now and it's pretty annoying knowing there is easily enough water in there to finish off my little shot but I can see why they do it that way. You have to fill it about half way up at least to get it to start going again, oh, and put the lever back down and up again. It will not just start when more water is added.
  5. About 6 months ago I gave up coffee (I know, strange right?!) and hence wasn't using the machine any more. I emptied the tank (and possibly allowed the water to flush out with the valves open can't remember) and cleaned the machine ready to not be used for a while. I've started to drink a little coffee again now so yesterday I filled it up with water and switched it on. The pump started and didn't seem to stop, after a while I got worried and turned it off at the switch. I then did some googling and it says the pump might go for 2 mins when you first turn it on. So I turned it on again and this time waited. It pumped for a long time again then stopped but didn't get hot. I tried a 3rd time and this time it pumped for about a minute then stopped and started to get hot as expected. I made a couple of coffees during the day and it worked fine, then I turned it off for the night. Today I turned it on again and got the long pump noise for about 2 mins but it didn't get hot after. Only turning it off and on again (1min ish pump noise this time) is it now starting to get hot. In the past I seem to remember you might get about 2 or 3 seconds of pump noise when it first came on in the morning (on a timer so don't really remember cos I was usually asleep). I can't remember there being any specific way to purge the pump of air or prime the boiler on this machine. Does anyone else know what could be happening? It certainly never used to do this before I gave it a 6 month break. Should I not have tried to empty the water out of it before storing it?
  6. I think this post got resurrected from months ago due to some spam that was pretty quickly cleared. Cheers for following up though.
  7. Yep I sure did. It only cost me £800 too. I bought a 2nd hand Rocket Apartamento Sadly I never got to the bottom of the leak, the Gaggia is in the loft waiting to be donated to a friend of sold for parts.
  8. I know this might seem like a wild out there suggestion. Have you tried just using up the bag without freezing at all. Still split it into 4x 250g bags and put in an airtight tupperware but just use them up over about a month or so. Does this taste significantly worse than freezing? I get through about 1kg in a month so maybe I'm using more than you but it seems like there a greater risk in freezing and getting it wrong than just using it up over time. I remember reading about how freezing is really bad for coffee because the cold temps mean that moisture forms on the beans as soon as you bring them out.
  9. You'd be better grabbing something like Italian Job for about £13 per kg from Rave. That way you'll get more beans from one batch so your not just getting dialled in on a 250g bag only to have the next bag be different. I think pretty much any super market coffee is going to be inferior to freshly roasted beans. A good guide I heard the other day was, "Look for the bag to have a Roasted on date rather than a best before date" if the bag is saying it's best before a years time, you never know when it was roasted and you want to be aiming to use it about 7-14 days after roasting otherwise you're probably dealing with stale beans. They will usually always run fast.
  10. I've recently got back into photography again after a bit of a break. I used to have a Canon 60D but it was just too big to carry around so I treated myself to a Sony A6300. I'm doing one of those photo challenges where you try out 30 different styles of photography over the course of a few months. I've probably tried most of the styles and techniques before but I'm doing it to relearn some stuff as well as get my creative juices flowing. The first theme is Self Portraits. Here's one I call "Under Pressure". It ties in nicely with my lovely new (to me) Appartamento too.
  11. Films films and more films for me Always start off with National Lampoons Xmas Vacation Home Alone Gremlins Die Hard Batman Returns Elf Bad Santa Trading Places Harry Potter Empire Strikes Back
  12. Try Nigela's slow cooked ham in ginger beer. I did it the other day for a party and it was amazing. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/slow-cooker-gammon-sticky-ginger-glaze
  13. Why 2 tamps? I'd say you might be disturbing your original tamp by trying to do it a 2nd time. One should be enough.
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