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  1. Yep I sure did. It only cost me £800 too. I bought a 2nd hand Rocket Apartamento Sadly I never got to the bottom of the leak, the Gaggia is in the loft waiting to be donated to a friend of sold for parts.
  2. I know this might seem like a wild out there suggestion. Have you tried just using up the bag without freezing at all. Still split it into 4x 250g bags and put in an airtight tupperware but just use them up over about a month or so. Does this taste significantly worse than freezing? I get through about 1kg in a month so maybe I'm using more than you but it seems like there a greater risk in freezing and getting it wrong than just using it up over time. I remember reading about how freezing is really bad for coffee because the cold temps mean that moisture forms on the beans as soon as you bring them out.
  3. You'd be better grabbing something like Italian Job for about £13 per kg from Rave. That way you'll get more beans from one batch so your not just getting dialled in on a 250g bag only to have the next bag be different. I think pretty much any super market coffee is going to be inferior to freshly roasted beans. A good guide I heard the other day was, "Look for the bag to have a Roasted on date rather than a best before date" if the bag is saying it's best before a years time, you never know when it was roasted and you want to be aiming to use it about 7-14 days after roasting otherwise you're probably dealing with stale beans. They will usually always run fast.
  4. Love those cold crisp mornings
  5. I've recently got back into photography again after a bit of a break. I used to have a Canon 60D but it was just too big to carry around so I treated myself to a Sony A6300. I'm doing one of those photo challenges where you try out 30 different styles of photography over the course of a few months. I've probably tried most of the styles and techniques before but I'm doing it to relearn some stuff as well as get my creative juices flowing. The first theme is Self Portraits. Here's one I call "Under Pressure". It ties in nicely with my lovely new (to me) Appartamento too.
  6. Films films and more films for me Always start off with National Lampoons Xmas Vacation Home Alone Gremlins Die Hard Batman Returns Elf Bad Santa Trading Places Harry Potter Empire Strikes Back
  7. Try Nigela's slow cooked ham in ginger beer. I did it the other day for a party and it was amazing. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/slow-cooker-gammon-sticky-ginger-glaze
  8. Why 2 tamps? I'd say you might be disturbing your original tamp by trying to do it a 2nd time. One should be enough.
  9. 2 advantages as I see it. a) You get more height for a bigger cup/scales etc b) They look bloody lovely. You never tire of watching the first bit of coffee come through after about 10s
  10. I had a 250g bag with my last order and it was it was fine this time.
  11. I'm from Sheffield so will definitely give them a try. I just stuck a bag in my basket and they want £6 P&P They do offer free collection which is fine for me but can imagine that might put quite a few off unless you're buying serious quantity.
  12. I chucked a bag of it on my recent order. Now I've tuned my grinder a bit and got a new machine I'll give it another shot.
  13. Wasn't there another post about this a few days ago? Deja-vu I thought I'd give it a try this time too
  14. I did almost exactly as you have done. Needed to replace my trusty Classic after many years of faithful happy service. Kind of decided on Silvia as an "upgrade/sidestep" then found a great condition 2nd hand E61 Rocket Appartamento. Couldn't be happier with it to be honest and so glad I skipped the Silvia. I'm sure they're good but you'll never be sad when you come down in the morning and see all the lovely chrome of an E61 looking back at you
  15. I had a bag of something from them a month ago I also just couldn't get it right using my classic. Think it might have been this bean. I was having a slight leak at the time with my Classic so sacked the whole machine off and bought a new one. Slight upgrade to a Rocket Appartamento. Haha. I've since re-calibrated my grinder as I think part of my issue was I wasn't getting fine enough and under-extracting. I've since had my regular 1kg of Itallian Job from Rave and have no issues at all. Makes me wonder if they just had a bit of a dodgy batch, a bad day, etc? Almost tempted to try again with it next time as I did used to like this bean.
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