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  1. Have you tried/checked high temperature 3D printing? There’s some really interesting stuff going on right now with 3D printing technology and ULTEM, PEEK, PEKK and other filaments. Prototyping should be way cheaper and faster.
  2. I've used vaseline and it doesn't work nearly as well. It's too low viscosity and the knob ends up moving when the motor is running. I've found this substitute for the Klubber Paste: http://www.cx80.pl/en/products/greases-cx80/cx80-smar-silikonowy-detail.html The specs are pretty much the same and it's also food safe. It's also much much cheaper (500g for ~20€).
  3. Nice to see the portuguese coffee community growing!
  4. Yes, i bought a pressure gauge for the group head a while ago. It let's you check what your puck pressure is in real time. It gives you a lot of info regarding your grind size, puck prep, puck erosion, etc. And it's cheap as peas... https://www.elektros.it/pt/en/equipment/pressure_gauge_la_pavoni_5530011.html
  5. New, just arrived, goodies!
  6. Check/replace de anti vacuum valve. It’s a simple diy job.
  7. See if this helps https://clivecoffee.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010740468-ECM-Synchronika-Hot-Water-Valve-Seal-Inspection-Replacement- I replaced the steam valve and spring on mine and it was a simple enough job.
  8. I've also switched from a HX (Rocket Appartamento) to a Dual Boiler (Synchronika) for the same reasons (cooling flushes, water wasting and lack of exact temperature control). Going back, i would never have bought the HX and would have gone straight to a Dual Boiler.
  9. Well... one and a half years after EKspresso, a return to a more... tradicional espresso Still readjusting to the slower and shorter extractions.
  10. It depends on the hole diameter. Below are 3 steam tips from my Synchronika. The most powerfull is the larger two hole. The less powerfull, and much more controllable, is the smaller diameter 2 hole tip. The 4 hole sits in the middle of the two, powerwise ie.
  11. Meanwhile, i decided to order a new original steam wand for my Synchronika, for wanting to return to a no burn wand. Ordered part P6005 from here: https://www.kaffeenudel.de/Dampfrohr-III-IV where, curiosly, they say: “ECM article number: P6005 (corresponds to item no. P6002, but with new union nut design and with no-burn design)” and, in fact, there are some design differences. The wand on the left is the one that came with my 2018 (pid updated) Synchronika. The one on the right is the new wand. The steam tips are also different. The left one is the new wand one. The mid
  12. Curiosly, i’ve just received a new 2 hole steam tip, that came with a new complete steam wand, and the hole diameter is a lot smaller than the one that came with the my Synchronika (updated 2018 model with the new pid and 2 bar steam boiler pressure) Left: new (to me) 2 hole steam tip Middle: original 2 hole (that came with the machine) Right: 4 hole steam tip bought later This smaller tip is a bit slower frothing but... it’s so much more controlable and the microfoam is amazing!
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