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  1. It depends on the hole diameter. Below are 3 steam tips from my Synchronika. The most powerfull is the larger two hole. The less powerfull, and much more controllable, is the smaller diameter 2 hole tip. The 4 hole sits in the middle of the two, powerwise ie.
  2. Meanwhile, i decided to order a new original steam wand for my Synchronika, for wanting to return to a no burn wand. Ordered part P6005 from here: https://www.kaffeenudel.de/Dampfrohr-III-IV where, curiosly, they say: “ECM article number: P6005 (corresponds to item no. P6002, but with new union nut design and with no-burn design)” and, in fact, there are some design differences. The wand on the left is the one that came with my 2018 (pid updated) Synchronika. The one on the right is the new wand. The steam tips are also different. The left one is the new wand one. The middle is the original one. The one on the right is a four hole tip i ordered after i bought the machine. Notice the hole diameter difference between the two hole tips. Performance wise, the 4 hole is the faster, followed by the original 2 hole and last the new 2 hole tip. Best microfoam comes from the new 2 hole tip. A bit slower but so much more control. Excelent microfoam everytime with the no burn wand is a breeze now! (PS: I have no idea if the new steam wand design is better than the previous one because i have no means to test it now. All can say is that i’m extremelly satisfied with this new “updated” one)
  3. Curiosly, i’ve just received a new 2 hole steam tip, that came with a new complete steam wand, and the hole diameter is a lot smaller than the one that came with the my Synchronika (updated 2018 model with the new pid and 2 bar steam boiler pressure) Left: new (to me) 2 hole steam tip Middle: original 2 hole (that came with the machine) Right: 4 hole steam tip bought later This smaller tip is a bit slower frothing but... it’s so much more controlable and the microfoam is amazing!
  4. 400ml in 7-10 secs
  5. I've got the 4 hole tip and switched back to the 2 hole because it was too much power. It's a lot slower, and with that it adds a bit more water, but i prefer the control
  6. Check the milk splitting stuff here. Helped me a lot
  7. The horror! What about the "in cup" results?
  8. That's actually pretty tidy. You should see the mess an EK43 does...
  9. Yeah, but those come from Hong Kong. I’m trying not to have to deal with customs. Cafelat also has a .de webassdree (https://www.cafelat.de/) but their portafiltar isn’t listed here and they also don’t reply to emails, it seems...
  10. Great! Any european distributors with them? I can’t seem to find them...
  11. Continuing the quest for better coffee, i'm interested in a stainless steel portafilter for my Synchronika, or E61 group heads. Reasons are: - Deeper VST baskets (22g+) - Easier to clean and maintain - Not worrying about chrome plating, teflon coatings, etc After investigation, options are: - La Marzocco (needs grinding to fit E61 group head) - Pesado (Where can i get them in Europe?) - Decent (Where can i get them in Europe?) - Cafelat (i think they don't make them anymore) Anyone knows of more options available, or how to get the Pesado or Decent ones hre in Europe?
  12. ...and then you pay a visit to Tim Wendelboe's coffee shop and have reassess everything you think you knew
  13. Have you checked the Profitec 300 ( small footprint, dual boiler) I had an Appartamento, liked it a lot but replaced it with a dual boiler machine (ECM Synchronika) because of the temperature stability/flushing/water wasting/etc. Looking back now, i would go for the Profitec 300 instead of the Appartamento. I think their in the same price range.
  14. mikas

    Gas BBQ

    I think i can chime in as i have WeberQ 2200 gas bbq. My findings are: It’s not bad but it’s not as good as a traditional charcoal bbq in the results it produces. The main difference between the two is not being able to achieve temperatures nearly as high with gas and you’ll have to rely on convection cooking using the lid down. Everytime you open it, you’ll loose a lot of heat, so you’ll have to try and keep it closed as much as you can. Because of the lower temperature, it’s also harder the get a good sear. Those two, imo, are the main differences between gas and charcoal. Practicality wise, it’s much easier to set up, easier to control it’s temperature, cleaner because you won’t have to deal with coals, smoke, ash, etc. But... you’ll also have to clean it from time to time as all the fats acumulate on the walls and wont char/burn with the heat, as it would on a charcoal one.
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