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  1. @mfsl I can’t pm you until you delete some messages Thanks
  2. Only used this tamper briefly and has been sat in the cupboard since. It is in great condition. Asking for £15 plus postage. Thanks
  3. monk

    Eureka Olympus 75e £650

    Your kind words are appreciated [emoji16]. Hope you enjoy the grinder. Many thanks.
  4. monk

    Eureka Olympus 75e £650

    Yes let's move to on
  5. monk

    Eureka Olympus 75e £650

    Hi You would need to up your offer to £600. Whereabouts in Cornwall you visiting?
  6. monk

    Eureka Olympus 75e £650

    This has now been listed on eBay.
  7. Can this post be moved to sold. Many thanks.
  8. I am selling my grinder as I have just sold my espresso machine and will be drinking brewed coffee for the time being. So I don't have a use for the grinder at the moment. The grinder is in good condition as shown in the pictures. It was purchased from Bella barista in march 2018 and has had around 17kg of coffee through it since then. It came with a 2 year warranty which doesn't expire untill march 2020. I don't have the original box and so would be reluctant to post. Collection would be from Cornwall although I am regularly in Exeter so could potentially meet somewhere. Thanks for looking
  9. For clarity I have now listed this on Ebay Thanks
  10. I'm planning on getting a van for work so I need to raise some funds to buy one.
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