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  1. Thanks hotmetal and MWJB, truly appreciated. I'm determined to stick with the v60 I think. Would I be better off with either the Swan SF16020N (Blade) or the Rhinowares (Burr) grinder? Can I be safe to assume that whilst they are relatively cheap they will still produce a good quality grind for V60?
  2. This is a useful consideration, thank you. I've only recently got my v60 setup sorted and have been loving it and think he would enjoy too. I haven't got an aeropress myself. Is there much difference in grinder requirements between the v60 and aeropress? I (naively) hadn't imagined there was really any.
  3. Yes, which is the main reason for a budget grinder. The kit will almost undoubtedly be the cheapest bit of the lot! I may have to see if anyone else wants to contribute for the full package but I'd prefer to pull together the bare bones together myself, just to get him started so he can see whether he wants to pursue the interest. Thanks all for the replies so far [emoji106]
  4. Looking into getting my brother a v60 kit for Christmas and want to couple it up with a cheap grinder (ideally £30-£40). Does anyone have any recommendations / does such a thing exist? I'm hoping it's easier to get cheaper grinders that only have to go as far as filter fineness. Thanks in advance.
  5. I've personally enjoyed Curators (near Fenchurch Street or Oxford Circus) and Blighty (Finsbury Park)
  6. Regarding your second point: I had a crack with Excel, my pros/cons: + if data is captured properly, you can report / analyse it quite well + compatible with most devices (phone/tablet/pc) + no risks of splattering coffee all over your pristine notebook + can do some of the brew ratio calculation for you if you set up simple formula and weigh (and capture) input / output - not very intuitive to use on handhelds (Samsung S8 / iPad for me) - not very effective for Word processing (formatting is restricted and input can be a bit clumsy) - no physical record to showcase - all digitalised A standard spreadsheet looks a bit dull but they can quite easily be spruced up to look a bit nicer (like an app). I'd be interested if there are any other CFUK members using any other apps. Hope you find something that works for you
  7. Me too! I picked up the same bag. Went to the one by Oxford Circus today and the one by Fenchurch Street during the week. I'm always happy with whatever I get (beans & a coffee) whenever I visit. It's not a bad deal for when you're out and about.
  8. Using a bottomless portafilter with the basket that came with it from HappyDonkey for a Gaggia Classic. I don't know why I've never noticed it as obvioisly as I seem to be noticing it now. It certainly seems especially oily recently but I don't think that's down to bean alone. Is it most likely the basket that's causing the oilier output?
  9. I've noticed that I often get coffee droplets retain on the side of the cup as I drink, what is this attributed to? They tend to 'tear' as well (flow back down into the cup). Almost looks a bit oily. Sorry for the silly question.
  10. I've been using the length of a pen / fork handle to date to distribute across the breadth of the basket. I could definitely take a better approach. I'll take a look into a better DIY tool option at the weekend
  11. They are indeed, thanks. I have a much finer grind generally now. When I was first increasing the fineness (quite drastically), it was a bit disconcerting as the pump was running for 8-10 seconds yet there were no drops of espresso. However, I then get a nice dark thin streak that gives me a much better (lower) ratio out than the fast-pouring shots before. I probably get 30g (14g in) in about 35 seconds now and I've actually found I prefer the taste of a much slower extraction. The original outputs I was getting were fine but I'm certainly enjoying the new ones more. I'm always adding my espresso to 8-10 oz of hot water as I never gravitate away from a black Americano. My tamping technique feels much more natural and consistent now too (I got myself a tamping mat which helps balance the portafilter flat). Either way I am very happy and loving the weekends or the occasional day working from home as I have great coffee on tap! Thank you (and everyone else on the thread) for your help
  12. I agree with @jimbojohn55 on all counts. You should take a look at this thread if you haven't already - it's been a good point of reference for me and my MC2: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?t=444
  13. Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's English for stop a horse Allow me to explain:
  14. All this coffee nonsense! You get all these coffee people, don't you? Coffee this, coffee that. Let's have a bit of French press, let's have a bit of espresso. Ooh, that's a floral aroma. Oh, this smells of, I don't know, basil. Sometimes you just want to say, sod all this coffee, just give me a cup of...mineral water.
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