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  1. The top is a ball head with a standard 1/4" screw thread on a quick release plate. Or you can just remove the head completely
  2. Ah yes, the hydrostatic ball head, I had one of those and sold it with the carbon 055 legs. I just wish i stop changing my mind about cameras. now i use a gear hear just because of the size and weight of the medium format behemoth that sits atop it
  3. Love my E5, I have now settled on one bean (as i suck at dialing in) and never change the grind or the time. The output is always within .5g and normally .2 ish which im ok with. Also i have no clumping issues anymore, not that it was really bad....but i like moaning
  4. Mine has also settled down nicely now, although my only issue (not a grinder issue) is it takes me 6-8 shots to dial in a new bean im sure it will get there but i think ill just settle on the italian job by rave .
  5. might have to give BB a ring and ask their secret
  6. ^^^ i do this also. i dont have a problem with it at all, its a great grinder. interestingly though the one i saw in action at BB was completely clump free which i put down to mybe something like stable temp/humidity whereas my kitchen is cold in the morning and humidity is all over the place.
  7. That should give you a decent edge, just dont expect a mirror finish. The other thing about this kind of sharpener is not to use the coarse/medium parts soo much as they have a tendency to remove more material than you would like. I agree with others, you need 3 knives...4 if you plan on being all fancy and filleting fish
  8. So, unfortunately caravan do not stock the EVO model and they only sell with saucer (but singles). MY buddy got me 2 280ml cappuccino cups with saucers over the weekend and when i asked him how much I owed him, the response was £30 (2 cups and 2 saucers) Hope that helps....nice cups though
  9. The steam boiler takes a couple more minutes to get up to temp from the brew boiler. I turn mine on, once the temp indicator hits 94 (what mine is set to) all the lights indicate its ready....for brewing. if i pull the steam i get those 3 beeps until the steam boiler has hit temp, which is another 1-2 minutes. pull the steam then and no beeps and the steam light illuminates.
  10. its possible, but they have the new evo designs, whereas the outlet doesn't. Also I dont need to buy 6
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