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  1. There seems to be a trend away from homogenized supermarket milk in plastic bottles and back to the old school ways of supplying and consuming it. https://www.theguardian.com/food/2019/sep/21/dairy-farmers-turn-back-clock-customers-take-fresh-look-at-milk
  2. Has anyone tried milk from The Estate Dairy? They were ostensibly set up to produce the best possible milk for coffee and focused originally on supplying cafes, but you can now get their milk - both whole and semi-skimmed - online. It seems to be a blend of 80% Jersey and 20% Holstein milk; you can easily get either of the above from a supermarket, but I've never seen or tasted a blend before. The Estate are a bit expensive, but I'm tempted to give their milk a whirl to see if it makes any meaningful difference in the cup. https://sprudge.com/estate-dairy-milk-coffee-uk-95990.html
  3. I have a Cherub - I posted a pic of it in the "show off your setup" thread a while back - and it slots under my kitchen cupboards easily, even with cups on top.
  4. I thought I'd quickly report back on my coffee experiences here in Guernsey. Sadly, I haven't discovered *anywhere* to really recommend to a lover of artisan coffee- despite seeing an article in the Condor Ferries' magazine, on the journey over, discussing Jersey's burgeoning coffee scene. Obviously the bigger island has a bit more critical mass. It's a shame because there is a local roaster, Bean14, whose beans are stocked in the island's Waitrose stores and Guernsey's unique milk is excellent for coffee. If anyone can give me a last-minute coffee shop recommendation out here it would be
  5. Alleyway is indeed an excellent little coffee shop - a quirky joint with its record player & vinyl collection, serving great coffee and decent food. It's slightly out of place in the west Wales market town of Carmarthen, which has more farmers than hipsters, but it's great to see coffee culture spreading even to my part of the world.
  6. Hi everyone, I tend to make two lattes / flat whites every morning, and I steam the requisite amount of milk. I've managed to improve my steaming technique to the point where I can get enough of the right 'wet paint'-consistency milk for latte art on the first drink, but by the time I hit the second, I'm left with a load of froth at the bottom of the pitcher which is only good for a cappucino. Is this state of milk normal, or poor technique on my part? I don't want to be throwing away a ton of milk every morning if I can possibly avoid it, I'd like to use everything I have in the pitch
  7. I'm taking a trip to the Channel Islands soon- are there any decent coffee shops worth visiting on Guernsey?
  8. You're right - didn't occur to me that I've been overloading the basket (I'm revealing my noob stupidity with every post). I've only gone with 18g on the basis of the recommendation on a coffee 101 website... time to dial back that dose.
  9. The standard double espresso one that comes with the Cherub.
  10. Just checked - you're absolutely right! Taking a second look, the calcium value is slightly lower for Volvic but the dry residue is also higher on the latter.
  11. So I upgraded from a Sage DTP to a Niche Zero - I couldn't resist the lure of a discount through the Indiegogo campaign. Generally, I love the design, quietness and functionality of the Niche, but I'm struggling to find the ideal grind setting for good espresso. The adjustment ring on the Niche has espresso marked as a grind setting in the range
  12. Only recently, after a few misadventures with an Aqua Optima filter, have I realised the need to fill my Fracino Cherub with bottled water. Most of the talk on the forum seems to be about Volvic or Tesco Ashbeck (which I can't find here in Wales - just a locally-branded Tesco own brand alternative). However, what about Asda's offering? As I understand it, the critical variables for reducing scale are calcium and dry residue. Asda's own brand seems better than Volvic or any others I've seen in that regard - calcium is only 13mg per litre and dry residue 92mg. Is this the best bottled water
  13. Clifford

    Boun Beans?

    Any thoughts on London-based roaster Boun Beans? I saw their appearance on BBC Dragon's Den a while ago - IIRC their owner claimed to be exclusively focused on grade 1 beans, especially from Ethiopia, and he took some heat from one or two of the dragons because of his "high" prices (however, as far as I can see they don't seem too far out of line with most other speciality roasters). I've seen no discussion of them in the forum to date and would be interested to hear if anyone's tried them, and if so, how you rate them.
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