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  1. MrBenn

    1 € Espresso

    Yeah, I did try one of Rave's Italian blends, but wasnt that taken with it unfortunately.
  2. MrBenn

    1 € Espresso

    Essentially the reason I've spent silly money on having great coffee kit is to recreate that caffeine hit I had when touring the cafes in Rome over a weekend a few years ago. Standing at the bar and spending 1 euro on a beautiful espresso was an absolute joy! My own machine makes a great shot, but I've yet to find beans that give me that "Roma cafe" taste. Can anybody reccomend beans (preferably no more than £20 per kg) that would do the job? Thanks Mrbenn
  3. Hi @izzimg. Thank you but I have just purchased an Andreja Premium machine from a forum member (I'm convinced it looks great in the kitchen, my wife not so much...but that's another story!) Thank you anyway
  4. Thanks @SlingFBarista but I think it's a bit too big for the space I have.
  5. Hi @Shorticus. Thanks for the reply. Would be great if you could post or PM some photos if that's ok? Could well be interested if age, condition, price, and most importantly the espresso is all good! I'm based in South Dorset, so not sure if that's do-able?
  6. Hi all I am on the lookout for an HX machine in the region of between £500 and £600. The smaller and shinier the better, due to limited kitchen surface, (a Lelit Mara would be ideal, but beggars can't be choosers!) which will replace the space that currently occupies my La Pavoni Europiccola (that will soon appear in the For Sale section). Thank you
  7. The bonus to the Europiccola is when you take it apart for a good old clean, it's very easy to put back together again. I say this as a total novice to anything DIY (I have issues putting pictures up!). I had a few similar teething problems with mine and cleaning it seemed to help a lot.
  8. Thanks all. Looks like I just needed to use the PTFE a bit more, as it seems to have done the trick. Great forum!
  9. Yes there is an olive on the pipe. I'll put some around that too and give it a go. Thanks
  10. Hi all So I've been having a real problem trying to fix up my heavenly with a new pressure gauge, and the pipe that goes from that to the boiler, without the pesky thing leaking. The leak comes from the point in that second pic where the pipe screws on to the gauge. I've wrapped some ptfe thread around it but to no avail. I'll probably head by the local diy store to see if they have any ideas, but hoping that somebody here may have a tip? Thanks for any help Ben
  11. And just to clarify, the nut on the heat exchange pipe (that connects to the boiler) is the one that needs to be undone? HEA147 is the heat exchange pipe in this diagram..
  12. Thanks Simon So the solution was: To remove airlock: * Machine up & running, unplug machine, remove lid, stuff old towel under the HX pipe, take good spanner & slowly undo the big compression nut at the boiler end. Let any air escape until just water escapes. Tighten up nut, etc..... I'll give that a go... Thanks for your help
  13. Hi all I've a question regarding what to check regarding the temperature of the coffee from my machine, and hope somebody can steer me in the right direction. I have a Fracino Heavenly, and from what I can tell all the other temperature related things on the machine once it has been heated up for at least 30 minutes; tap, steam wand, pressure, heat of the grouphead, are all working as they should. The espresso that it pulls looks and tastes great, but is coming out warm instead of hot. Any ideas of what I should be checking? Thanks
  14. The parts from Fracino arrived in less than 24 hours, so my first experience with them is a massive thumbs-up. I replaced the parts last night and made my first espresso this morning. I was very impressed with the results.
  15. MrBenn


    Thanks! Yes I do have a grinder, but not an amazing one as I used it for my old Gaggia. I know I should be investing in a new one as I've upgraded the coffee machine, but that can wait for a bit. I did make my first espresso today though, after having to tinker around with the machine for a few days, and I was very impressed with the result.
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